Sprint Offers Loyalty Discount To Customers Who Ask For It

Michael wrote in to let us know that in spite of Sprint’s customer service shortcomings, the company is happy to give a discount to those customers who have remained with the beleaguered wireless provider. Here is the email exchange Michael had with Sprint…

I have been a longtime loyal customer with SprintPCS. I have friends that have gotten loyalty discounts of 10%-15% and 500 free text messages a month for being long time customers.

I would like to know if I can get a loyalty discount and free text messaging.

Again I have been a long time loyal supporter of Sprint. A customer appreciation discount would also help offset the cost to me when I add a line in the near future for my daughter and son.

Thank you for your help.

Soon after, Sprint emailed Michael, and after promising to “surely resolve [Michael’s] concern to [his] satisfaction,” they did just that:

Thank you for contacting Sprint about the loyalty discount and free textmessages. I will surely resolve your concern to your satisfaction.

Yes, you have been a long time customer since 2004. In fact, you have been a long time member of Sprint family. We do appreciate your loyalty and long association with us. Now, it is our turn to offer something for your loyalty and long association with us.

I am happy to confirm that a 5% Employee discount has already been added to your account as of March 11, 2008. Going ahead, I have also added a 10% loyalty discount on the account effective March 11, 2008. Now, you will receive a 15% discount in total, from the next invoice onwards.

I have also added 500 text messages pack to the line number xxx-xxx-xxxx. Please be assured, It is absolutely free for you.

To avoid the additional charges for sending and receiving 6 text messages, I have also added the pack from the first day of the current bill cycle. I would like to assure you that the account will not be charged for any additional text messages on line number xxx-xxx-xxxx.

We always love to assist our valuable customers in every possible manner. Therefore, I have made the necessary changes on the account to receive the discount of 15% and free text message option on line xxx-xxx-xxxx.

We appreciate your business and look forward to assist you.

We have mixed feelings about Sprint. Although they are the subject of stories discussing customer service meltdowns, being sued for illegally extending contracts, and inviting them to die in a fire, they also tend to listen when you complain, so much so that they set up a hotline just for Consumerist readers’ problems. The lesson with Sprint appears to be that you get what you ask for. Has anyone else been successful getting loyalty discounts with Sprint or other wireless providers?
(Photo: Spidra Webster)

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