Sprint Offers Loyalty Discount To Customers Who Ask For It

Michael wrote in to let us know that in spite of Sprint’s customer service shortcomings, the company is happy to give a discount to those customers who have remained with the beleaguered wireless provider. Here is the email exchange Michael had with Sprint…

I have been a longtime loyal customer with SprintPCS. I have friends that have gotten loyalty discounts of 10%-15% and 500 free text messages a month for being long time customers.

I would like to know if I can get a loyalty discount and free text messaging.

Again I have been a long time loyal supporter of Sprint. A customer appreciation discount would also help offset the cost to me when I add a line in the near future for my daughter and son.

Thank you for your help.

Soon after, Sprint emailed Michael, and after promising to “surely resolve [Michael’s] concern to [his] satisfaction,” they did just that:

Thank you for contacting Sprint about the loyalty discount and free textmessages. I will surely resolve your concern to your satisfaction.

Yes, you have been a long time customer since 2004. In fact, you have been a long time member of Sprint family. We do appreciate your loyalty and long association with us. Now, it is our turn to offer something for your loyalty and long association with us.

I am happy to confirm that a 5% Employee discount has already been added to your account as of March 11, 2008. Going ahead, I have also added a 10% loyalty discount on the account effective March 11, 2008. Now, you will receive a 15% discount in total, from the next invoice onwards.

I have also added 500 text messages pack to the line number xxx-xxx-xxxx. Please be assured, It is absolutely free for you.

To avoid the additional charges for sending and receiving 6 text messages, I have also added the pack from the first day of the current bill cycle. I would like to assure you that the account will not be charged for any additional text messages on line number xxx-xxx-xxxx.

We always love to assist our valuable customers in every possible manner. Therefore, I have made the necessary changes on the account to receive the discount of 15% and free text message option on line xxx-xxx-xxxx.

We appreciate your business and look forward to assist you.

We have mixed feelings about Sprint. Although they are the subject of stories discussing customer service meltdowns, being sued for illegally extending contracts, and inviting them to die in a fire, they also tend to listen when you complain, so much so that they set up a hotline just for Consumerist readers’ problems. The lesson with Sprint appears to be that you get what you ask for. Has anyone else been successful getting loyalty discounts with Sprint or other wireless providers?
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  1. scoobydoo says:

    To me Sprint is one company that actually seems to be “taking things seriously”. It’s almost unthinkable that a mobile provider could actually improve things, but they really do seem to be trying.

  2. FromThisSoil says:

    I’ve been a Sprint customer since 2001, I pay ~$34.00 a month for my Samsung A900, which has 500 free texts, free Sprint to Sprint, 200 adjustable anytime minutes (never go over because most everyone I talk to has Sprint), unlimited internet, unlimited picture mail, nights and weekends starting at 7PM.

    How? 10% volume discount from a job I no longer work at, 15% customer loyalty discount, and the above items I listed as free (put in as credits on each bill).

    My contract is up in May and I plan on asking for a discounted phone and SERO plan.

    All I ever did was just ask for everything.

  3. MrEvil says:

    I’ve been pleased with the regular customer service I get from Sprint. They’re quite fast in addressing all of my billing concerns and not once balk when I ask for a credit. Of course the 13% employee discount I get sure sweetens the pot.

  4. BrianH says:

    This poor son of a gun probably just got signed up for another 2 years.

    Sorry for the negativity but unless I have proof that those were given without any kind of handcuffs, I’m very skeptical.

    Seriously, can the subject of these spoils confirm that he/she can leave at any time? I’d love to know.

  5. Zero9 says:

    @ FromThisSoil I should have read your comment before sending off my request for a discount and some free texting. I’ve been a customer since 2001 and don’t have any of that stuff (free unlimited Internet, etc).

  6. CaptZ says:

    I read all these Sprint horor stories in disbelief. I have been with Sprint since 2001 and have 0, zip, nada, absolutely no problems with their customer service.

    As a matter if fact, 2 years ago I got divorced and the ex and I waited until out joint contract was up to go on our of service. I stayed with Sprint and and called customer service and figured I would have to choose a new plan, a single line plan, whcih would not be to my benefit as together we were paying $99 a month for 2 lines of service with 2000 shared mnutes and unlimited text and data.

    I decided on a cheap 700 minute package and 500 txt messages and no data. I told the rep and she said that she could just split what we had on our recnet package for $49.99 a month. The only difference would be 1000 minutes. WHAT A DEAL! Saveing me about $20 a month. Of course I took her up on it.

    Anyway, late last year, I decided to add another line for my daughter. I never go over my minutes so I just added the line and 300 txt messages for her. No big deal, $15 more a month to add her. Anyway, before I could even get the line added, the CSR said that they could grandfather my txt and data plan (unlimited on both) from my line to her line for $5 a month. Yeah, not much, but remember, that is for UNLIMITED DATA AND TXT. Sprint has always been helpful and always go beyond to make my experience with them extremely pleasant.

    BTW: My ex decided to go with ATT….she came back to Sprint before the first 30 days was up….she hated them. The service sucked and the customer service was non-existent according to her.

  7. Gadgetgirl says:

    I called up Sprint as well and eventhough I have SERO plans (3 500min plans) I was given the 10% “loyalty” discount on all lines eventhough my last 2 lines I had under a year. The oldest line I was able to upgrade the phone online with the rep and received the online discount.

    Now, that’s not to say that it was easy, as I was reminded that since I had a SERO plan, I was already receiving a monthly discount (true). I was placed on hold for a few minutes, then granted the 10% off. Yes, all lines were renewed but I am happy with my service.

  8. azntg says:

    Looks like Sprint is making an effort. Waiting to see the follow up article!

  9. spidra says:

    Oi. Do you lot no longer credit your Consumerist Flickr Pool photographers when you use their pics with a story? (nudge, nudge)

  10. Davan says:

    I love sprint – thanks for the 1250 minutes, unlimited internet, unlimited texting, unlimited tethering, first incoming minute free and free picturemail (wtf is that??) — all for $40 a month!!! Ill definitely be extending my contract in a few months and getting a new (heavily discounted) telephone.

  11. rolla says:

    yeah, sprint is really good with the extras. Thats why i’m with them.

  12. Alex Chasick says:

    @azntg: What kind of follow up article?

  13. Alex Chasick says:

    @spidra: Oops, my bad. Thanks for letting me know.

  14. NeoteriX says:

    Since 2004? 3-4 years of service is a “long time customer”??? Shoot. I’ve been a customer since 2001. What kind of perks do I get?

    ps – it seems like everyone’s been here since 2001. Weird.

  15. dangermike says:

    I’ve been a lurker around here for quite a while now, and this article irritated me just enough to register and vent a little. I was a sprint subscriber from 2002-2005. The account had previously been in my sister’s name (2000-2002) and before that, my brother’s (1998-2000). It was a long-established account, had started on a contract basis but when that contract came to term, it remained a month-to-month usage plan. The bills were always paid in full and on time, and for what it’s worth, the signal quality in, between, and around Orange County, CA to Santa Barbara, CA, was excellent. The handset, while rather aged when I had it, was also an excellent piece of hardware. However, it age did start to come to bear, and the battery pack wouldn’t properly seat into its slot. I managed to wedge some paper in to force contact, but it was sketchy (no pun intended). If I wasn’t careful in how I held the phone, it would shut itself off. Figuring that my account had been around and in good standing for 7 years, I went to a sprint store to see what we might be able to replace it with, figuring a contract wouldn’t be too much of a problem since I was totally pleased with the service anyway. The best anyone would do for me was a $100 voucher for a new phone. But they told me this standing no farther than 3 feet from a 6 foot tall poster advertising $150 discounts, which were also marked off all the phone prices in the store. But those were for NEW line activations. I could only get them if I were to cancel my existing service, lose my phone number, and start a new account. I tried calling the customer support line and asking why, in light of my (or rather, my account’s) long standing good relationship with sprint, they would only offer me 2/3 of what some random joe off the street would be offered. They didn’t have much of answer. They also didn’t have much of a customer after that, either. Why squeak when you can just shop instead?

  16. nonzenze says:

    I’m already on SERO.

  17. tenaciousblender says:

    I just got free 300 txt messages

  18. richtaur says:

    The discount is great of course but the scripted response is a little robotic — not the kind of message a loyal custom should get. “Thank you [CUSTOMER_NAME] we are pleased to [DO_WHATEVER].”

  19. kalmakazee says:

    I LOVE SPRINT!! I have been with them i believe since 2004. Before that I had AT&T and before that Nextel. The only complaint that I have with Sprint is that they can never seem to get the billing correct. You have to call up each month and argue for them to correct the over charged bill. Besides that i am VERY satisfied with Sprint. I believe that I have the LOWEST cell phone plan with Sprint then anyone has ever had. Sprint is a GREAT company but their customer service people definitely are’nt VERY bright!! If you get a lousy Sprint Rep then have no fear hanging up your phone and calling them back again. Keep doing that until you find that perfect rep. There are some AWWWESOME reps with Sprint. it just takes a couple of calling backs to find ’em. :-)

  20. kalmakazee says:


    I have been with them i believe since 2004. Before that I had AT&T and before that Nextel. Which both REALLY sucked!!

    The only complaint that I have with Sprint is that they can never seem to get the billing correct. You have to call up each month and argue for them to correct the over charged bill. Besides that i am VERY satisfied with Sprint.

    I believe that I have the LOWEST cell phone plan with Sprint then anyone has ever had.

    Sprint is a GREAT company but their customer service people definitely aren’t VERY bright!! If you get a lousy Sprint Rep then have no fear hanging up your phone and calling them back again. Keep doing that until you find that perfect rep. There are some AWWWESOME reps with Sprint. It just takes a couple of calling backs to find ’em. :-)

  21. oakie says:

    i recently came back to Sprint on a SERO plan since their unlimited data offering for EVDO Rev. A was my best overall option for broadband service in Las Vegas. It is also truly unlimited, unlike Verizon’s 5gb monthly cap. I also picked up a voice plan with Sprint as well as T-Mobile, of which I have been a customer since 2003.

    never. been. happier.

    despite all of the crowing against Sprint i have read on here and elsewhere, i have never had a serious issue, not one complaint about their CSR’s, nothing. i had an oddball charge attributed to a java download that was advertised as free but ended up being charged, which was promptly taken care of after a single call. i also love their customer support live chat tool and now forgo the phone calls and simply login to chat with them.

    i also take the time out to give direct praise via e-mail to their supervisors, as their level of support comes very close to the support i get from T-Mobile, which is faultless, to say the least.

    i’m starting to realize that most of the issues stem from faulty consumers, and not faulty CSR’s. people just seem to expect a company to get on their hands and knees to serve them in return for signing up for service. not so.

    i would like to cancel my T-Mobile service and just get a second line added to my Sprint voice plan, but the excellent customer service i get from T-Mobile is what keeps me with them. it costs me about $15 more to keep my phone line situation as is, but it’s worth it.

    and of course that long-shot chance that Sprint may live up to their negative reputation encourages me to keep my tenure with T-Mobile just in case… and the only reason i signed up for Sprint was because T-Mobile still doesnt have a 3g internet solution.

    i’ll be in a real dilemma when T-Mobile gets 3g AWS/HSDPA up and running in Las Vegas and their prices are competitive.

  22. missdona says:

    I have the $30 Sero with a 15% loyalty discount and I’ve had 500 bonus minutes on my account for 4 months now. I’m afraid to ask for anything more.

  23. missdona says:

    @Davan: Picturemail is sending cell pictures through text messages. It sends a link to your pic hosted on the Sprint network.

  24. Mantichora says:

    I was with Sprint for over ten years, 4 lines/2 connection cards, almost $200.00 a month. Auto-Pay from day one, never late.

    When I needed a a phone, I bought one, full price, no deals.

    When the iPhone came out, I called Sprint and asked what we could do together to keep me as a customer. The lady must of had a bad day. Nothing, Nada, Zilch!

    So I went to ATT and got two iPhone’s. Called Sprint, Adieu, Sayonara, Bye-Bye.

  25. kc2idf says:

    Any time I have raised the question with them, I’ve been blown off. Certainly I have been a customer for longer than that … since 1997, to be precise. Obviously, I need to have a word with them.

  26. Mike_ says:

    Hey! That was my “threatened to cancel” discount! If I’d known I could get that stuff just for asking, I would have asked for more from retentions.

  27. evenkevin says:

    I was excited about this, but then I remembered that the last time I negotiated with retentions I received the “loyalty discount.” (I’ve also been with them since 2001.)

    I did just get a call yesterday though from Sprint offering the “lowest promotional price” for a new phone, months before my “new for you” period starts. It couldn’t have come at a better time as I’m fed up with my crappy Q.

    But since we’re going over plans, I’ve got 750 anytime, night and weekends at 7, free pcs to pcs, unlimited internet and texts, all on two lines for $38 a month. My reception isn’t always the best, but I can’t justify doubling (or even tripling in some cases) my costs for marginally better service.

  28. toddvm says:

    I recently left Sprint. We had moved and they kept telling me we had good cell phone coverage at our house, according to their map of coverage. We didn’t have coverage at all, so I wanted my contract cancelled without fee and they wouldn’t citing that we had “good” coverage. After about 4 months of fighting with them and having a tech guy come out to our area and check the tower (supposedly) and still no service, I got in touch with technical support. Tech support told me that the tower in my area was down and Sprint was building a new one and it wouldn’t be available for some time. After that conversation I got in touch with customer retention and they back peddled on everything they told me about “good” coverage and informed me I was on the border of their coverage map and I could cancel if I wanted to without penalty.

    They flat out lied to us about coverage, repeatedly. And when they sent the tech support person out to check the tower, they never got back with me. Not until I had proof from their own tech support did they agree that I didn’t have coverage. They then waived the cancellation fee. I had been a loyal customer since 2000 and had two cell phone lines with them.

    I am now a happy Verizon customer. It has been a complete culture shock talking to the Verizon people from how I was treated so poorly at Sprint after being a customer of Sprint for 8 years. Verizon pro-rates their cancellation policy and any change in my contract terms (add new features, remove features, etc.) DOES NOT extend my contract another two years as it did with Sprint.

  29. backbroken says:

    OK…so what email address did the OP use? The regular dump box you can get at Sprint’s website or some super secret Consumerist email?

  30. The Cooler says:

    @kc2idf: Yeah, I’ve asked about it more than once and I’ve always been rebuffed. (Going on 8 years with Sprint.) And new the customer discounts are still always better than the “loyalty” offers.

  31. vastrightwing says:

    @kalmakazee: Ditto. I have the exact same experience and thinking. I just know to be prepared to get on the phone at least 3-4 times to clear up my bill.

  32. grlzero says:

    I didn’t even have to ask for the discount. I’ve been with Sprint since 2000. Last year I got a letter from them saying they were going to apply the 10% loyal customer discount, just because they appreciate my business.

  33. liemster says:

    well, I been a Sprint customer about seven years; while I loathe their private seller store, I do love the CS I received when I call them. Almost at all times, their CSRs tends to resolve my problem or comply to my request such as discount for over-usage or even as recently gave me a discount on a phone and some extra credits to my account. By the way, I’m locate on the Northeast so I don’t know if that makes a difference in the service I receive.

  34. ingenieur says:

    Worked for me, word. They asked whether I was considering cancellation, which I confirmed; figured it’s the rationale for the loyalty discount. Wound up getting my SMS’ & in-network calls free. Thanks, internets!

  35. ShockTerminal says:

    I caught them in a mistake they made after signing up for a plan under false pretences, I get %20 off.

  36. Azazel024 says:

    I have my concerns with Sprint, I talked to a customer service rep asking when my contract is up. Well apparently when I dropped my phone last year and was made to buy a new one, they renewed my contract at the same time for another two years. Is this legal? Just because I bought a new phone means I have to be with them for two more years? Anyone have any suggestions?

  37. Azazel024 says:

    I dropped my phone last year prompting the purchase of a new one, and they signed me up for another two years. Is this even legal? Can I do anything about it?

  38. missdona says:

    @Azazel024: Did you get any discount on the phone or did you pay retail?

  39. Azazel024 says:

    I paid retail.

  40. joshthephenom says:

    I used to be with Spring too. Then I moved to Vermont for my wife to go to school, and we couldn’t get a signal. I was on month to month at the time, so I called to cancel, since I couldn’t get a signal where we live. I was told that it was taken care of, they asked me for my address to mail a refund check, and I thought everything was fine. Two months later we hadn’t received the check, and we came to find that they were still pulling payments from our checking account (we left it open, and weren’t actively checking it since there are no US Banks in VT). I called them and asked what was going on, and they said that I didn’t cancel. They claimed that I had just called to change my address, and that they had no records showing that I had canceled my account. After 4 calls, and finally getting through to a supervisor, I was told that there was no way I canceled (essentially calling me a liar), and that there was no proof, so they wouldn’t refund me the two months’ bills. I asked him to check and see how many minutes I had used on the phone in those two months, after a long silence, and a sigh, he said you haven’t used any minutes. I asked him why I would call to just change my address, and then go from talking 500 minutes a month to 0. They ended up sending me a check, though it was for only one of the two months. I had such a hard time with them, I ended up giving up, and I’m just glad to be done with it.

    I actually LOVED Sprint before this happened. They were the only cell phone company never to mess up my account (until the end of course), and I was fully planning on using them again when we move from Vermont. Now I don’t think so.

  41. Azazel024 says:

    @missdona: I paid full retail.

  42. missdona says:

    Fight it. Start opening cases to get it changed. Tell them it was unauthorized, and it was error and you need it to be switched. Give regular CS and supervisors a chance before you call the Consumerist help line.

  43. Loker says:

    I have been a long time customer of Sprint (not continuously mind you…) I always end up coming back to them…support can be a nightmare but if you can take the time to deal with them and know you are gonna have support issues going into a Sprint contract you generally come out quite happy with the service!

    I pay $40 a month and I get 500 anytime minutes, nights and weekends at 6, unlimited text and data, roadside rescue, and the phone insurance….try and do that with any other carrier!

    As an aside…I think their customer service has been getting better over the last couple of months and I have yet to find anyone who has not had an issue resolved…Sprint does listen more so than most companies…it just takes some time and patience!

  44. Loker says:

    @toddvm: thats true with sprint as well now…its a recent change that most carriers have been making…

  45. Azazel024 says:

    I am gonna fight it today, I have a sprint store a little ways away, and will put up a stink if I have too.

  46. missdona says:

    @Azazel024: Don’t be surprised if the folks at the store can’t/wont help you. You might have to take it up with regular CS.

  47. Azazel024 says:

    @missdona: This is what I assumed when I had problems in the past. Will update later on to let everyone know how it went.

  48. ingenieur says:

    Having trouble posting comments…anyway, this post worked for me, much obliged. Sprint comped my SMS & in-network call add-ons, saving me $10/month.

  49. Alex Chasick says:

    @backbroken: Regular dump box.

  50. J_in_Tucson says:

    We had Sprint for almost a year; initially calls dropped sometimes, over time that got worse. Their map shows our home in a less than good signal area. Getting billing straightened out took some doing, even when proof of credit card transactions was offered, Sprint denied the “case” and it took hours with various people to get things right. Over time, we used the phones less and less due to the increased number of drops, even while roaming. Sprint replaced the phones with upgraded models (Katana 1 replaced by Katana 2) that didn’t remedy things. There are other places we’d travel in our area where we’d lose signal, so I started a single account with a competitor, Verizon. Verizon’s coverage map indicates great service in our home area and places we travel and their service has been excellent. Not understanding an item on the first bill, I was talking to a rep within a minute of calling, the item was explained, when she asked if there was anything else she could assist me with I laughingly said there was a major function my prior provider offered that I missed…the drops and incompleted connections. She laughed. Honest truth, not ONE drop. Our VZ plan has more minutes and costs a little more than we paid Sprint, but the bill is accurate, the service is excellent and we can’t be happier. Sprint’s customer service has improved greatly under Dan Hesse; I hope they continue to improve as we need competition to help moderate prices. Sprint was once a good if not great company and for many it probably still is…perhaps they should consider not selling a contract to someone residing in a weak signal area and avoiding follow on customer dissatisfaction. Perhaps that’s the next step they’ll take.

  51. xamarshahx says:

    got corporate, loyalty discount, free txt, and discounted vision along with discounted phones. all depends on the luck of the person u call in the cancellation department.

  52. tvmitch says:

    Sprint, as a company, might be taking customer service seriously. That certainly hasn’t filtered down to all their reps yet, most of whom have no clue. I am dealing with them right now about a $100 service credit…made 8 phone calls so far…might have to break out an EECB.

  53. krez says:

    What number are you guys calling or who are you e-mailing? I’ve called Customer Service twice and then asked for Cancellation once and no luck. They say I’m not eligible because my contract isn’t up until 2009, even though I’ve been a customer since 2003.

  54. The Rural Juror says:

    Just pulled this off today. Got an email back saying I will be getting 500 Free Text Messages and a 10% “Loyalty” discount. Fingers crossed that is shows up on the next statement.

  55. topeka says:

    Sprint still has a serious customer service problem. There are good outsourced CSR. There are some terrible CSR in the U.S. They need to fire bad employees from the top management to CSR, Team Managers, Trainers, Quality Assurance, …. There are many people who treat Sprint customers and employees badly.

  56. Azazel024 says:

    Well, I called to talk to a rep/store reps didn’t know what I was talking about, says I have to talk to hotline employee, so basically, got signed up for two years without knowing about it. Called customer service, they couldn’t do anything about it. So I called the consumer hotline she said she would investigate it and get back to me. That was at 12 o clock, which was 10 hours ago. SO I will have to wait to see what happens tomorrow.

  57. toddvm says:

    @Loker: As of 1 1/2 weeks ago it wasn’t so.

  58. Morton Fox says:

    Thanks so much for the tip. I left a message for Sprint and within a few hours, they replied and gave me a 15% discount!

  59. kalmakazee says:


    Glad someone agrees with me, lol. :-)

  60. kalmakazee says:


    GLAD someone agrees with me, lol. :-)

  61. kalmakazee says:


    GLAD someone agrees with me, lol. :-)


    Call the Sprint Consumerist/Consumerist Sprint Complaint Hotline #. The # is (703)433-4401


    Call the Sprint Consumerist Complaint # I just posted and ask to speak to or ask the rep to email Latricia Jackson. She is an executive with Sprint and she is AMAZING!! She helped me out with my phone bill and she gave me a free phone as well. Please update and let us know what happens. Thanks and good luck. :-)

  62. sonic.boom says:

    I’m posting this comment to encourage Sprint customers to ask for a loyalty discount– I did, and Sprint really did pony-up to retain me as a subscriber.

    I was really and truly going switch carriers. I called them to ask a question about porting my number, and was transferred to Retentions. Having read the post by the former Retentions person on The Consumerist, I kinda knew what to expect and what I might ask for, but not exactly.

    After I asked a couple of basic questions about my expiring contract, the Rep asked me why I was thinking of switching. I said, “I dunno. I think I can get better service elsewhere. I’ve been a loyal customer of Sprint for a lot of years (7), but I think it’s time to try somebody else.”

    He asked, “Can I try to offer you something to keep you as a customer?”

    “Sure,” I said.

    Just so this is clear: I have a 400 minute/$40 plan (formerly “Fair & Flexible”). No texting or web browsing plan, no insurance– no extras at all. I’ve always chosen the basic “free” phone along with my 2-year contract. I say this to emphasize I’m NOT by any means a high-dollar, high-profit customer.

    With no further discussion, this is what the Rep proceeded to offer me:

    $10.00 per month discount
    200 additional Anytime minutes
    Nights starting at 6pm (instead of 7pm)
    Free Sprint-to-Sprint
    100 free monthly texts
    Free “Pick 3” service, which is a new service like T-Mobile’s “Faves.” The Rep took down my three numbers right then.

    I asked if this would require signing a new 2-year contract and he said no, only a a 6-month extension. After 6 months, the price would go back up to normal, but the new services would stay intact.

    I thought about this offer for about 10 seconds, and I bit. I think Sprint (or this Retentions Rep at least) showed me they still want my business.

    So, here’s proof you sometimes get what you ask for (or more).


  63. toobadsprint says:

    I would be skeptical that that would entail a contract extension.. Sorry to be the bearer but I would definitely ask on this one!!

  64. toobadsprint says:

    It is all based on the ARPU spent on the account.. If youdon’t spend more than at least $60 per month then the discount is at minimum discount of $5-10 per month.. ARPU is Average Revenue Per Unit spent which can be calculated per unit and divided by number of cells and that is your basic ARPU on your account. If you spend more than $80 per unit then you get a chunkier discount from retention

  65. YorkPhoenix says:

    From this Soil
    Let me know how things turn out for you when you renew, I am also renewing in May.

  66. Anonymous says:

    I have been with Sprint since 1999. Traveled about everywhere across the USA with very good service at home and where I traveled until 2006. Something happened to to at home area coverage because ” can you hear me now” conversations were the most common. My phones were running down the batteries “Searching for Signal” . My Sprint said I needed to Update my phones, then gave me new phones to no avail. I used less minutes per month, reduced my plans to minimum and Sprint “Retention” gave me 15% off and gave me their lowest plans and even free 3rd line. Well just two months ago they split my family plan so I could go to another company if I wanted, and gave me a 300 min,free Roam, 7-7 nights/wknds for $7.50 each line. I will not complain about Sprint with that deal ever. I’ll keep it for each phone even if I get a Data Smart phone down the line some time. I plan to try the Sprint Blackberry or Instinct for 30 Day trial at least. Go Sprint just add a new tower closer to my home.
    No Checha