If you’re on SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and used Taxcut Online from H&R Block to file for your stimulus payment, it may have told you to print out the wrong form. The right form is 1040A, not 1040EZ.


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  1. poornotignorant says:

    Are recipients of SSI eligible for stimulus payment? I haven’t filed a tax return since 1985, due to working as a full time volunteer before being disabled. I guess I would have to decide to file.

  2. wring says:

    Taxcut is full of bugs. They failed to efile my return and blamed the IRS. Thank god for chargebacks!

  3. katyggls says:


    Unfortunately no. I too am on SSI (I became disabled when I was 19; I hadn’t worked enough to earn SSDI) and I went looking at the IRS to see if I was eligible. See this article: [www.irs.gov]

    “Supplemental security income (SSI) payments are not considered Social Security benefits and thus cannot be included. Because SSI is not taxable, it is not reported to you on Form SSA-1099. [New 2/27/2008]”

    I think it’s ridiculous since even people who get SSDI who aren’t normally required to file can get the rebate. What’s the difference? I thought the point of the rebate was actually not to relieve the tax burden but to stimulate the economy.

    I pay just as much in taxes as someone on SSDI who doesn’t normally file (sales tax, tax figured into my rent, etc.) so why do they deserve the tax rebate and people on SSI don’t?

  4. katyggls says:


    Unfortunately no. See: [www.irs.gov]

    “Supplemental Security Income (SSI) does not count as qualifying income for the stimulus payment.”

    I don’t understand why they chose to leave SSI recipients out of the economic stimulus plan. Especially since even SSDI recipients who don’t normally pay taxes are eligible. What’s the difference?