Facebook Takes Letting The Whole World See Your Private Photos Seriously

WHO: Facebook
WHAT: A security lapse made it possible for unwelcome strangers to peruse personal photos posted on Facebook, circumventing a recent upgrade to the Web site’s privacy controls, says the Associated Press
WHERE: Security lapse exposes Facebook photos [CNN]
THE QUOTE:“We take privacy very seriously and continue to make enhancements to the site,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

“Taking it seriously” is a phrase companies use over and over again in public statements whenever they have bad PR. Our series of posts on occurrences of the phrase is our attempt to question how seriously companies are really taking these matters if every time they trot out this phrase by rote. To see more examples of how companies are “taking it seriously” click here.

(Thanks, Kim!)


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  1. Coder4Life says:

    um this was resolved within an Hour of being found… This is why they are letting these companies go in and try to find loop holes and errors. Give’em a break.

  2. Bladefist says:

    i hate his face

  3. Shadowfire says:

    @Coder4Life: Also, insert “expectation of privacy on the internet” line here. Really, if you post your photos online, even if they’re in a “friends only” section, expect them to get out.

  4. lasereric41 says:

    hmmm… Yeah I’m not shocked here. But really if you’re on Facebook and worried about your info getting out, isn’t the best idea to not put private stuff on there?

  5. warf0x0r says:

    I totally upload all my pictures even ones I don’t want people to see. Then I expect the internet tubes not to suck them up and spit them out at random…

    Someone needs to explain to this person that tubes don’t understand that certain images are not public…

    Only dump trucks know how to tell the difference.

  6. kenblakely says:

    This is so F-ing dumb.

    News flash:
    1) If you want a secret to stay a secret – DON’T TELL ANYONE
    2) If you want your private fotos to stay private – DON’T POST THEM ON THE INTERWEBS

  7. Mr. Gunn says:

    You ever notice how any story about him always includes a picture? Worth a thousand words, they say…

  8. Mr. Gunn says:

    Also, I’m pissed that my Myspace private photo viewer isn’t working anymore.

  9. Superawesomerad says:

    If your photos are really so private that you wouldn’t want the whole world to see them, it would seem logical not to put them in a place where the whole world can potentially see them.

  10. Jesse Pink says:

    So, isn’t the “taking it seriously” tag meant for stories that…well…the company in question didn’t actually show that they were taking it seriously? The bug was fixed in an hour, how much more seriously are you expecting them to take it?

  11. ChickenSangwich says:

    The bug may have been fixed within an hour after reporting, however the hole was open for months: