As a way of saying sorry to Guitar Hero III customers whose discs only supported mono sound, software maker Activision is sending out free faceplates to attach to your electronic axe. Not sure if that makes up for the 3-4 weeks people had to wait for a replacement disc, but good on ya, Activision. [Infendo]


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  1. DrGirlfriend says:

    Well, that’s nice. I’m a GH junkie and am not happy that I have to be without the game for a month in order to get a replacement disc (I just mailed mine in last week). I hope I get one too.

    If the USPS loses my game… (grumble grumble, shake fist, grumble)

  2. whitjm5 says:

    Waiting for mine, too…

  3. Moosehawk says:

    Rock band is 100x better.

  4. SimonSwegles says:

    @DrGirlfriend: I was only without for 13 days. I have not received the faceplate yet, but I am rocking the hell out again. And isn’t that what really matters?

  5. JRock says:

    I’ve been without it for 5 and a half weeks. ActiVision won’t even tell me if they’ve received my disc. :'(

  6. firefoxx66 says:

    So it is safe to buy GHIII in stores now or is there still a fair chance you’ll get one of the mono disks? Is there any packaging indication that anyone knows about that guarantees I’m not getting a mono disk?

  7. whitjm5 says:

    That was relevant.

    About the faceplate, I got mine today – same as the one pictured on It’s good that they’re not hyping it too much. Just a simple apology with something to back up the words. Rare, but good.