BMW Dealer Refuses To Honor eBay Sale

UPDATE: Facing Online Onslaught, Dealership Honors eBay Sale

15 minutes after Ken won a no-reserve eBay auction for a new BMW 3 Sedan for $60,000, he says a salesman at BMW of Lincoln nervously called him up and said that the price was a “mistake.” “When I pressed the issue and raised the possibility of legal action,” Ken wrote on the forums, “this guy had the nerve to condescendingly laugh and say we are a multi-billion dollar company, ebay will definitely side with us.” Actually, that’s not how eBay works. eBay says its sales are legally binding contracts. Ken has already started the dispute resolution process and eBay seems inclined in his favor. If the dealership loses the appeal, they will also lose their eBay seller account.

BMW dealer auctions new M3 for $60K on eBay, doesn’t want to honor the deal [AutoBlog] (Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)
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