Tell Starbucks What You Want: More Free WiFi, Plugs For Laptops, Better Coffee…

Starbucks has launched a social customer feedback site that asks you vote on and submit your own suggestions to improve Starbucks. The most popular suggestion right now is (unsuprisingly) “give loyal customers the occasional free drink.” After that, free WiFi is suggested:

Starbucks needs to make ALL stores have free Wi-Fi. In Seattle I go to Tully’s, because of the free Wi-Fi, not superior service.

There are some seating requests:

More of the comfortable-type chairs (cushion) – fewer tables and hard chairs. Offer the bar-type seating in more stores.

And a suggestion for people with ordering anxiety (I love this one. I order “large coffee” and the people at Starbucks always say “What? Large coffee? What?” It’s like I’m ordering a Taco Salad.):

Starbucks should enable customers to encode their usual customized drink orders on their Starbucks cards and have a scanner available in the front of the store so customers can walk in the store, scan their cards and automatically have the orders 1) paid for off of the card, and 2) sent directly to the barista so the customers can bypass the traditional order line and are ensured that their orders are received correctly.

The best part of this website is the message from CEO Howard Schultz:

So, pull up a comfortable chair and participate in My Starbucks Idea. We’re here, we’re engaged, and we’re taking it seriously.

Oh Howard, of course you are!