How To Find Executive Contact Information Using Google Finance And Your Brain

People often write to us and ask “Hey do you have such and such a company’s email address? I didn’t see it on your website.”

The answer is almost always “No.” When this happens we have to guess.

Here is one method of guessing that often yields results. Instead waiting around for no reason, you can do it yourself!

You will need:

1) Google Finance

2) The Company’s Website

3) Your Brain

Step 1) Figure out the email address format. Either

a) Type * in Google and see what comes up in bold in results to figure out what they’re using as a format. This post has more on this technique.

b) Go to the company’s website. Find the place where they post their press releases. Open a press release. Look for an email address that ends with the company’s name. Do not email this person.

Step 2) Go to Google Finance.
Enter the company’s stock symbol or name. Scroll down to where the top executives are listed.

Step 3) Using your brain, apply the email address format from the press release email to the names of the executives listed in Google Finance. It will probably be something like “”

Step 4) Send a very short, very concise, very polite email
to the executives explaining that your problem is not being dealt with adequately through the usual channels and that you would like someone with more authority to contact you to discuss the situation. Feel free to CC: so we can listen in.


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  1. Orngbliss says:

    OK, people really didn’t know they could do that? I’ve done that a few times. It usually works too.

  2. Kevin Cotter says:

    Just Google it work for just about everything!

  3. oakie says:

    i cant believe people can be so lazy and/or dumb that they couldnt figure this out on their own. sad, really.

    and here i am reading the same website as them. ugh.

  4. ludwigk says:

    @Kevin Cotter: Man, doesn’t even have an embedded google search window? Man, that site is useless!

  5. BigBoat says:

    -And- my brain? No deals.

  6. ShortBus says:

    When all else fails, is an awesome resource too. The site is intended to be used by sales weasels who want executives’ contact info, but it works for Consumerist-like uses too.

    I very effectively used it last week to locate the VP of customer service at a large home goods company. Sent an email, and the problem was resolved two hours later. This was after spending over three hours talking to various phone droids who assured me that I couldn’t talk to anymore more senior.

  7. Ben Popken says:

    Chris writes:

    “Thought I would share a few tips that you might want to share with readers in response to your “How To Find Executive Contact Information Using Google Finance And Your Brain” article. In the past 6 months, I have used this method to get in touch with Citi Cards, Macy’s and Costco when I have had problems. If the company is publicly traded you can easily find contact information (by phone or mail) for executives at the company.

    By clicking on the link below it leads to a search box for companies and you can search by names in the top box or ticker in the second box. For example, to contact Costco you can type costco in the first box or “cost” (costco’s ticker) in the second (you can easily find tickers by going typing the company’s name in google and the first result will usually have the ticker at the end of the description). When you get the results you will see a list of filings made by the company with form on the left and formats right next to it. Click on the HTML link of any thing that is not form 4 and you will see the business address written in blue. Under that is the phone number for the company’s corporate offices. If you choose a form 4, which is the filing information for an executive, corporate employee, or insider you will get a phone number for their lawyer or accountant usually.


    Click the link above, type “COST” in the second box and hit enter. The seventh entry down is an 8-K, a generic news update for the company which could be an employee agreement, a press release or a few other items. On the left side is the phone number 425.313.8100, the corporate offices for Costco, you can then ask for Jim Sinegal the company CEO. You will then get his secretary.

    Some people are more helpful than others, but you can always ask to speak to Investor Relations as well who can help point you in the right direction. Even if you are not a shareholder you can tell them you are thinking of purchasing shares or just lie and say you are a shareholder, they arent going to check.

    If you dont get the results you want, use the google finance method to find executive names and write them a letter at the address listed on the results page above the phone number. Make sure to CC everyother person you wrote on each letter.

    I received a $100 gift card from Macy’s when they delivered my new mattress, but failed to deliver the bed frame 3 times. I received a $100 gift card from Costco when they called me to their tire department twice even though they only had 3 of the 4 tires I ordered and, if I can brag, I received $100 rebate and one year at 0% interest when they failed to accurately credit my account for the year-end rebate.

    Sorry for the long email, these will be the last tips:

    Every large bank has a CEO or president of the Credit Cards division, find their name (you can search in the 10K, Annual Report, or Proxy on the companies website or on SEC search above) and contact them directly.

    Never take the first offer they make (hopefully the make one), just respond “I don’t think that accurately compensates me for the time I have had to spend correcting your company’s mistake” – first offers from above situations ($10 gift card, $15 gift card and $50 rebate, the final offer was the second one made each time)

    Remain polite”

  8. Norskman says:

    I feel stupid after reading all these comments, including the original post. I’ve been looking high and low for these kinds of e-mail addresses for Linksys corporate specifically.

    So far I’m willing to give them a prize for hiding any useful e-mail contact info with great skill!