Borders, the second largest bookstore chain, may try to sell itself to someone. [NYT]


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  1. teh says:

    *crosses fingers* Amazon?

  2. SpenceMan01 says:

    This post just BEGS for an Elliot Spitzer joke.

  3. azntg says:

    Posted at the exact same time I was at Borders today making a purchase LOL.

    For a B&M bookstore, Borders ain’t so bad…

  4. Lazlo Nibble says:

    I’m not surprised they’re in trouble. Their CD selection has gone from “decent for a national bookstore chain” to “Your Midline Greatest-Hits Compilation Headquarters” over the last year or two. Now I’m starting to see the same thing with their book selection — they’re noticably reducing the number of titles they keep in stock. I’ve made two or three trips there this year looking for specific, reasonably recent in-print titles and come out with squat.

    Since Borders generally can’t match Amazon on price or selection, their only real selling point is being able to go in and take home what you want immediately. Cutting back their in-store inventory just reduces the chance that I’ll find what I want — which means a lost sale, since there’s no reason to special-order through them. (Let’s see: wait a week or two for it to show up, go BACK to the store to buy it, and pay list price for the privilege…or have it arrive as quickly as I’m willing to pay for, have it waiting for me when I get home, and get the whole thing at a discount…ooo, tough call!)

    If they want to compete with Amazon, they need to increase their selection, not slash it.