Round 6: Starbucks vs United Airlines

This is round 6 in our Worst Company in America 2008 contest, Starbucks vs United Airlines.

Starbucks: Blankets the landscape in coffee shops and gets accused of putting small coffee shops out of business (However, if you open a java joint next door, you’ll profit from their spillover traffic). They also sue the beejeezus out of you if you have a vaguely similar logo. As in, you also have a green circle in your logo. They’ve been accused of union-busting, and filthy stores. Oh, and crappy coffee. At least they’re no longer using milk spiked with Bovine Growth Hormone.

United Airlines: Is one of the top most-complained about airlines, according to Department of Transportation statistics. Like most legacy carriers, they’ve been finding ways to make your frequent flier miles expire and hard-to-use. Sometimes their flights are strewn with garbage, other times, mice wantonly frolic, or they lose your cat in the cargo hold for 3 weeks (unfortunately the last two can never seem to coincide).

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