Morning Deals

  • Skybus: $10 airfares
  • HandHeldItems: AIM Studio Professional Photo Light Kit With (8 FREE) 27watt 5500k Daylight Balance Light Bulbs for $119
  • HomeDepot: Tool Clearance Sales
  • Highlights From Dealhack

  • Casio Exilim Z75 7.2MP Camera $110 & Free Shipping
  • Amazon: AT&T Blackberry 8310 Curve Smartphone -$75 AR
  • CompUSA: Logitech AudioStation Speaker System for iPod $30


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  1. outinthedark says:

    Has anyone been able to book one of these $10 flights?

    I keep getting an error in Firefox not allowing me to continue…with IE it will allow me to continue on but says their security certificate is not valid…

    I’m not about to put in my info/cc number and seeing as they don’t even have a call center I don’t think I’m going to Florida to see my friends for $20 [+ $16 fees] any time soon…

  2. Ben Popken says:

    @outinthedark: Their server is getting slammed right now.

  3. cothebadger says:

    *Does not include taxes and fees of up to $8.00, and September 11th Security Fee of $2.50. Tickets are nonrefundable. Any changes will incur a $60 change fee. Limited availability per flight.

    What the hell is a “September 11th Security Fee”?

  4. Doc Benway says:

    Ok, isn’t there some weird and twisted irony here. This site spends a lot of time bashing stores like Best Buy and then you advertise specials at the very same stores. Consumerist – a blog of two minds?

  5. outinthedark says:

    This is my breakdown for 2 people from Richmond to Jacksonville…

    Sept 11 Security Fee (4) $10.00
    Passenger Facility Charge (2) $9.00
    US Flight Segment Tax (4) $14.00

    Total $33.00

    For a grand total of $73

    Here’s another thing interesting…they charge $10 per bag per segment of the flight…according to their site…

    Baggage Prices
    (Per passenger, per flight segment)

    One carry-on + a small personal item (for example, a laptop bag or purse) = free

    Up to two bags = $10 each
    Each additional bag = $50 each

    So now my flight is $93 their and back with one bag [I hope she can fit everything in one bag…! All I need is one carry-on]

  6. outinthedark says:

    @Ben Popken:

    Thanks for the update…I still don’t think I’m going to put in my CC number in until the security certification is up and running properly…

    And for my last comment *there…geeze it’s an early morning…

  7. @Doc Benway: Am I missing the Best Buy deal above? Also, savings at a store are completely different than the employees at a store. If a bank was giving 7% interest, but exclusively hired jerks/douches, then there would be horror stories about the people working there and dealing with them, but you can’t argue that the interest rate is great.

  8. mopar_man says:

    @Git Em SteveDave:

    I think Doc was referring to the Home Depot, CompUSA and deals.

  9. orielbean says:

    It was added by the airlines to offset the supposed extra security put in place after 9-11 – more screeners, locking cockpit doors, etc.

  10. Doc Benway says:

    @Git Em SteveDave: Steve, let me reframe it this way. The consumer creed is that we vote with our dollars. Now if you are willing to forget some trespass or shady dealings to save yourself $10 go right a head. I am merely pointing out that the Consumerist Blog’s bread and butter is reporting on the shady and questionable dealings of stores like Best Buy and Home Depot, etc. . . At the same time, the Blog will also run announcements on deals that these very same stores are running at the moment.

    It is like running Jenny Craig commericials after running commercials for Dairy Queen and McDonalds: the message sent is a bit ironic, don’t you think?

  11. orielbean says:

    Bad car analogy Doc. It’s like saying Jenny Craig was targeting ads at fat children or doing shady finances, while showing that the meals were on sale and a good deal. Not apples & oranges like you posit.

  12. cashmerewhore says:


    I got my $20 RT flight to “Hartford” this morning around 7:30. It ended up costing $73 for two people for an extended weekend away. No complaints from me. The website was laggy, I had to hit the buttons to move to the next step of checkout no less than twice each.

    This is my third skybus purchase and my second skybus flight (Couldn’t make one of them because of a class exam that weekend, the flight was booked before I had my class schedule). It was more to change the tickets than the flight iteself.

  13. Doc Benway says:

    @orielbean: How is this for an analogy? It is like Jenny Craig handing out coupons for McDonalds. Does that fit better into your analogy box?

  14. @Doc Benway: Is consumerist saying fight with your dollars, or become a smarter consumer so you don’t have to resort to trying to boycott a store. I think a stores WORST enemy is an informed customer. They would rather you boycott their store so some idiot walks in and buys all the whistles, than to have you come in and cut into their bottom line.

    And I think a better analogy would be a place like Curves having ads for McDonalds and Dairy Queen inside their gyms, b/c let’s face it, who watches commercials?