I wanted to write about an experience I have had with CompUSA’s TAP group.  Now that all the stores are closed, I had an issue with my MacBook Pro’s battery no functioning correctly.  When the store had announced it was closed, I immediately ordered the “replacement battery” that came with the extended plan.  Now, My Apple battery finally died.  Opened my battery that they had sent me, only to find out that it was DOA.  Great.   I immediately called the TAP Group, only to find out that they cannot do anything because “it is outside of the re-work” policy.  I had talked to four different departments in total, all of them told me that there is nothing they can do.  Now I am stuck with two dead batteries, and no service plan that will cover it.   Also, just for a laugh I asked him about the “two broken screens” policy, as they had told me that even if you crack the screen, or even put a knife through it, it was covered.   Turns out that CompUSA stores were using a loophole in the system to cover this.  I just wanted to share my story, in hope of maybe this will enlighten other people to never trust a service plan again.