Best Buy Offers $50 Gift Cards To Those Who Purchased HD-DVD Players

Best Buy is offering $50 gift cards to people who bought HD-DVD players before Feb 23. say CNN.

The retailer said it will identify customers through its Reward Zone program, performance service plans and through online purchases and will mail out the gift cards to those individuals by May 1.

Customers that feel they won’t be identified through these measures can call the company and provide a Best Buy receipt or credit card information for proof of purchase.

Best Buy is also offering some sort of “trade-in” program starting on the 21st of this month, though if we had to guess, we’d say that your HD-DVD player is probably worth more as a nice DVD player than what Best Buy will give you….

Circuit City is currently offering a 90-day return window to anyone who bought a HD DVD player before the abrupt death of the format last month.

Those stuck with HD-DVD players getting gift cards [CNN] (Thanks, Andrew!)
(Photo:William Hook)


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  1. oakie says:

    “your gift card will arrive in 90-180 days, if at all”

  2. Pro-Pain says:

    Wow, I’m beyond impressed with this move and I can’t stand Best Buy.

  3. oakie says:

    i think Pontiac should do this for the 3 people who bought the Aztek.

    honestly though, i think people need to be responsible for their actions, including purchasing a product that ends up being discontinued due to lack of interest.

  4. oakie says:

    @Pro-Pain: i’m not. i’d only be impressed if it were a partial return in the same form of payment that was used for purchasing as this only ensures Best Buy still gets your money regardless.

  5. Parting says:

    @oakie: It will be replaced by a box of tiles

  6. oakie says:

    it’s not a “trade” if you get non-monetary “best buy bucks” in exchange for something tangible.

  7. Pro-Pain says:

    I’ve been corrected. It’s just a nice scam to get more money. Once again, Best Buy sucks…

  8. oakie says:

    maybe they’ll put them in PS3 boxes and try to resell them as such. i hope the “Sony-Best Buy conspiracy theorist” chimes in on this one.

  9. Bladefist says:

    Why people shop there when there is a tigerdirect, newegg, amazon, woot,, etc, is beyond me. Can we send out a memo?

  10. oakie says:

    @Pro-Pain: werd. at least circuit shitty is doing an actual refund with real money.

    even funnier is best buy is only providing this to the people who have been scammed into paying for the “reward zone” club card… for anyone who begs to differ, just try pushing your receipt to BB corporate thru your phone handset.

  11. oakie says:

    @Bladefist: i dont shop there, but i do like to put my grubby little dick-beaters on stuff i’m gonna buy that costs more than $200.

    but of course it depends on the product… if i can get it significantly cheaper and i dont need it yesterday, i’ll buy it online. but if i’m in impulse mode, i go to small, dedicated stores, preferably locally owned, and will pay for better service and a place i can walk into should the high-dollar item i buy crap out on me.

  12. Pro-Pain says:

    It seems like even after all the posts and negative web blogs people still shop @ Best Buy. I was in there the other day while I was having my car serviced next door. I saw a woman and I guess her daughter getting straight up ROBBED by the salespunk putting all sorts of cables and stuff in their cart. It was really, really sad. I almost wanted to say something.

  13. B says:

    @Bladefist: I’d rather deal with Best Buy than tigerdirect, thank you.

  14. Bladefist says:

    @B: umm, you’re welcome? I buy everything from tiger and never had an issue. Also I enjoy the pricing. Chill-lax

  15. qwickone says:

    @oakie: you expect too much. I’m always loathe to admit BB did something right, but this was a good move.

  16. oakie says:

    @Pro-Pain: “It was really, really sad. I almost wanted to say something.”

    i usually do.

    and yes, i go in there to peruse new stuff and rub them all over my body before i go home and buy it elsewhere or online. i wouldnt dare mishandle demo product at a place i respect.

    and once in a while, i’ll take time out to rescue a MILF and her hot daughter from the clutches of a pimply-faced geek who speaks at a 3rd grade level. usually i’ll recommend the places i go where it’s not only cheaper, but ensure they’re sold what they want and not told what they want.

  17. oakie says:

    @qwickone: “you expect too much. I’m always loathe to admit BB did something right, but this was a good move.”

    i only expect them to meet their competitors’ offers. circuit city’s extended RETURN policy, for example.

  18. Bladefist says:

    @oakie: lol nice.

  19. doormat says:

    Is this time limited? I know most of the rumors of the Circuit City HD-DVD exchange was 3 months vs 30 day standard return warranty. I bought a 360 HD-DVD add on from CC when they first came out so I’m out of luck for their deal. I wouldn’t mind trading it in for a $129 discount on a PS3 though…

  20. PirateSmurf says:

    @Bladefist: I shop mainly for DvD’s when they get released or are on sale, its cheaper then anywhere unless circuit city has it cheaper.

  21. Bladefist says:

    @PirateSmurf: probably cheaper on amazon, group them together, get the free shipping. Even better,, get’em used, with controlled shipping fees

  22. Javert says:

    @oakie: Reward Zone card costs money? News to me as I have never been charged. As for the gift-card, it is true that they could have matched CC’s deal but then again, they did not have to do anything and the zombies will still stream in. I am surprised they did anything.

    Actually, I don’t think anyone owes any person who purchased an HD-DVD player anything and they should be grateful for anything. Everyone knew that the format had a 50/50 chance of not surviving. That is the price of being an early adaptor.

  23. picshereplz says:

    @Bladefist: So what did tigerdirect, newegg, amazon, woot, and do for people who bought HD-DVD players from them?

  24. saint44 says:

    I work at Best Buy Consumer Relations, the department that will be handling situations where the customer paid cash and there is no identifying factors that show that you bought the hd dvd player in our systems.

    For those people, if you have your receipt, we will be able to look up the receipt with a number that is on your receipt. After verification that there is no proof that it was purchased by someone else, we will make sure the gift card is sent out to your address. Also, if you purchased multiple players, you will recieve multiple gift cards.

    I tend to agree that this may be a little late for Best Buy to step in and say they are going to do something, but ultimately, they don’t HAVE to do anything, and the fact that they are offering EVERYONE (not just people within 90 days of purchase) who bought an hd dvd player a gift card, and then allowing for trade-in later on top of that, shows that they are trying to do something for customers that didn’t have the foresight to wait for the winner to be decided before buying.

    If you have any other questions, make a post, I’ll keep checking this site today.

  25. Bladefist says:

    @picshereplz: I don’t know. And more importantly, don’t care. Thats the risk of early adopting. I guess its nice they are doing this, but it’s not their responsibility to. I guess they are eating this. Me thinks they are winning some how. That cost is being replenished somehow.

  26. picshereplz says:

    @Bladefist: “Thats the risk of early adopting. I guess its nice they are doing this, but it’s not their responsibility to.”

    Exactly. There are plenty of reasons to hate Best Buy, but, please, this is clearly not one of those reasons.

  27. ThomFabian says:

    Its a nice gesture. And, just like all nice gestures done by for-profit companies, it is being done for some business reason.

    In this case it is probably in the hopes that it will stimulate their business or at least improve the consumer’s opinion of them.

    One thing I find odd is the criticism of BB on this one. The customer bought something from them for an agreed upon price and DESERVES nothing else. BB is simply making a nice gesture (again for business reasons) where they didn’t need to.

  28. PirateSmurf says:

    @Bladefist: you are right when its free shipping, the problem is that shipping usually pushes it over the regular (nonsale) price.
    I also take into account the get it now factor rather then waiting a week or so. Still that is about the only thing I buy from Best buy now.

  29. Kricket says:

    once this gift card comes in – that will give a lot of people:
    – one toshiba hd-a3 hd-dvd player
    – the 2 hd-dvds it came with
    – 5 hd-dvd’s that were chosen at the store
    – 5 hd-dvd’s from the mail in promotion

    all for $50 – no matter which way you look at – a LOT of people got (at the very least) an excellent upscaling dvd player and 12 hd-dvd’s for $50

  30. smartmuffin says:

    I don’t understand why anybody should be rewarded for making an unwise purchase? Everyone knew there was a format war, and nearly all objective statistics were pointing towards Blu-Ray from day one.

    This promotion basically boils down to, “We’re sorry you’re an idiot. Here’s a gift card to make you feel better about it.”

  31. Michael Belisle says:

    @Bladefist: Allow me to settle the case of Best Buy over all of your suggestions:

    I want the works
    I want the whole works
    Presents and prizes and sweets and surprises
    Of all shapes and sizes
    And now
    Don’t care how
    I want it now
    Don’t care how
    I want it now

  32. thetango says:

    Since the HD-DVD player will play standard DVDs you could donate your now defunct unit to a hospital, a local homeless shelter, etc., and get a tax break.

    Add to that the $50 gift certificate, you might come a close to breaking even?

    $50 gift certificate + ~$75 (for a used player) break on taxes …

    Just a thought.

  33. Counterpoint says:

    @ThomFabian: At least someone has a basic understanding of economics on here.

    People were not scammed into buying HD-DVD players. They chose to, thinking that it was the best format and that it would survive. It didn’t. Best Buy didn’t cause that to happen.

    They are now generously offering free gift cards to the poor souls who had purchased (basically) an expensive DVD upscaler. No reasonable person would expect this or anything more.

    Of course there’s a business reason as to why they’re also doing this. Not only for the PR rub, but they are hoping many of those people apply the $50 towards a Blu-Ray player since they obviously wanted HD movies in the first place. So they “lose” $50, but ensure their customers come back to their store instead of ordering a Blu-Ray player online or going to CC, Walmart, etc.

  34. Part-Time-Viking says:

    Jeeze, some of you people are either impossible to please or you’re unjust hatred for the company is blinding you to the extent that you just can’t see when Best Buy is doing something good.

    Anyways, continue with your corporate anarchy.

  35. Michael Belisle says:

    @Part-Time-Viking: Yeah really:

    @Bladefist: Me thinks they are winning some how. That cost is being replenished somehow.

    A convincing argument, all it needs is some evidence. Any evidence will do. Wait, maybe… I know. Got it: The cards can only be used at Best Buy! I cry foul! I want $50 in cash and a blow job from Best Buy!

  36. saint44 says:

    Wow, some people really can’t be pleased. They give people $50 gift cards (that you can use on 5 cd’s that BB doesn’t hardly make any markup on), when they have no real obligation to and they’ll still find a reason to get upset!

    DOWN WITH THE MAN, right guys?!

  37. koath says:

    @saint44: So if I bought an HD-DVD player attachment for the 360 over a year ago from Best Buy on credit card they should be able to find me or should I call in? I’m sure I still have the receipt filed away.

  38. Part-Time-Viking says:

    @koath: Yeah, should be no problem bringing up the information, either call up or talk to a customer service rep with the credit card handy.

  39. saint44 says:


    If there was some sort of identifying factor to the purchase (i.e. Reward Zone card used, order information, etc), like the credit card you used, there shouldn’t be any problem finding you and the gift card should be on it’s way within a few days.

    The main group of people that should be concerned and calling in to Best Buy are the people that paid with cash and didn’t use a RZ membership and in no way provided any information to Best Buy. They would need to call in to get their gift card.

    If you don’t get your gift card by June, Koath, give us a call as all cards should be to their destination by then.

    Another thing, DON’T WAIT UNTIL AFTER DECEMBER 31st to call in if you need to. Best Buy won’t be honoring this rebate after the year 2008 is over with.

    Best Buy created a department dedicated to handling this situation at the corporate office, so they really want to be efficient with this, but it’s ultimately the consumer’s responsibility to ensure they recieve the rebate and we can’t account for people that didn’t give us information to work with. If you don’t get your gift card by June, call immediately.

  40. Shizznid says:

    I purchased my HD-DVD player online, and went to the local Best Buy store to pick it up about an hour later. There was a problem with the order, and it had to be cancelled and re-written in the store. But…..

    I received an email last week from Best Buy, alerting me that I may be eligible for the 50$ gift card. I just called the supplied phone number (1-888-237-8289) and got my gift card.

    The whole process took about 5 minutes, and was totally painless. Thank you, Best Buy, for retaining me as a customer. Very very cool…..