On The Radio, FiOS Free TV Promotion Changed To Free Gift Cards

Further distancing itself from its problematic free TV promotion (which for some customer has so far been lacking in free TVs), a reader in the Bronx reports that Verizon FiOS triple-play bundle ads on the radio are now offering $200 gift cards for Circuit City. As previously noted, the TV ads are now touting free Samsung digital cameras.


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  1. aquanutz says:

    Don’t buy into this. I was promissed $50 for signing up with FiOS and have yet to get my gift card, this was almost 4 months ago. Also, I was promised 3 months free for my fiasco (that was posted on here) and I have yet to get those. Verizon sucks so hard.

  2. Murph1908 says:

    When I signed up for my FiOS, the rep had that time (mid Feb) that I could choose the TV or a $200 BestBuy gift card. Since I didn’t have need for a 19″ TV, I was pleased with the gift card option.

  3. jonathan. says:

    I don’t think this is Verizon trying to make bad on their tv deal or have people believe their getting a TV having run the ads for months and then bait and switch, the TV promotion was clearly really problematic for them. I think the gift card option is much better, anyway, because many (most?) don’t need the 19 inch tv.

  4. Steve Trachsel, Ace says:

    @jonathan: I just got a flier in the mail for a $100 gift card. I know my father signed up under the TV deal recently and was told it would be a month or two.

  5. crabbyman6 says:

    Also, the TV deal is/was set to expire on March 1, but they extended it to March 15th, this was installation by, not ordered by. The ordered by date was sometime in February. This is probably just the next phase, not some evil plot.

  6. PeteyNice says:

    FiOS sign up offers keep getting crappier. Last February, when I still lived in NJ, I signed up for FiOS and got two $100 Visa gift cards (one for signing up for their TV, one for phone IIRC). A much nicer deal since you can use those gift cards practically anywhere. The gift cards didn’t show up until May but they did show up.

  7. gwallace says:

    I work for FiOS and, the deal changed on February 17th. We ran the free tv promotion for 3 and a half months, then it switched to the Gift Card. And really, the gift card or tv are great, but even if I didn’t work for Verizozn you couldn’t pay me to switch back to Charter or Cox.

  8. mad_hatter_md01 says:

    Its not just the Bronx. Ive heard this deal here down in Maryland on the radio about a week ago. I laughed when I heard it because I figured now theyre just trying to loose as less money as possible now.

  9. I would do unspeakable things for the ability to pay for Fios internet.

    Are you listening Verizon? I don’t want a signup bonus, just hysterically fast internet.

  10. evenkevin says:

    Don’t go for the $200 card or the camera; it closes you off from other deals.

    I just signed up for a FIOS triple play bundle, and found that regional sales office can offer more discounts than the national. I live in Maryland, and was able to sign a 1-year contract (versus 2-year for the gift card), and I got a standard def. box free ($6/month) along with an extra $10/month off of the bundle price. That’s $192 in real dollars saved. But the rep. was also able to give me a $100 AMEX gift card. So that’s $292 saved on a 1-year contract.
    These were each separate discounts that can be doubled up on eachother, but not the $200gc/camera offer.

  11. azntg says:

    Heh, by the time Verizon does anything in our neighborhood, all the offers will be long gone and we’ll be stuck with an inferior plan.

    Hell, I can’t even get the 3.0/768 DSL which is now standard for those paying in the same price tier that I am right now.

    Verizon, you guys have a supply depot in my neighborhood. Now, upgrade the damn infrastructure in Sunnyside and Woodside, NY!

  12. Rachacha says:

    How much do I have to pay Verizon to KEEP their Circuit City gift card?

  13. painfullyblunt says:

    I’m not getting the point of this thread. They had a promotion. It had a specific end date. After that, they ran a new promotion featuring a different incentive for signing up. Regardless of their (obvious and well documented) problems with the tv, why is it news that they are now having a different promotion? Wireless companies change what phones are on sale all the time. And there always an option of taking the tv or the $200 gift card, so this is not news.

  14. dscherck says:

    I just got my FIOS free tv. Took me about 2-3 weeks after the install to get the pamphlet in the mail, and about 2 weeks after that to get the TV. I must admit to being a bit weirded out by all the complaints. It seemed pretty quick to me. That said, the only thing I could complain about is that the pamphlet with my details to redeem was pretty thin and looked like a regular promo mailer. So I can see that maybe people are just accidentally throwing them out.

    The TV is pretty good though, small, but with HDMI and 720p res. And it has VGA, Component, svideo and composite as well.

  15. Invisobel says:

    @dscherck: Just got my TV as well, in about the same time frame. Love the service, *shrug* well you’ll really only ever hear the complaints, I’m sure the majority of people have had decent experiences. Good luck to all of those still waiting.

  16. rweinstein says:

    I am surprised to hear people got their TV’s this quick. Here is my situation and all that I know from my hours on the phone with them. I live in New York.

    I signed up on 12/31/07, the last day of the original 19″ SHARP TV promotion, install needed to be by 1/15/08. My install was 1/10 so I qualify for the promotion. They advertised a SHARP TV and 8-10 weeks for delivery. It is now 4/12 and I haven’t even gotten the letter with the promotion. They did extend the promotion as others have indicated, but it was not a SHARP 19″ TV.

    When I talk to them, they just give me the run around and refer me to the company they outsourced for the free offers. That company can’t do anything until Verizon sends them the offical note that I am a customer.

    I have refused to pay them 1 cent for 2 reasons. First, they can’t even send me a bill for all 3 of my services at the contracted rate of $94 plus the add-ons. They keep telling me that it takes a couple months for the cycles to line up and that they are in the process of merging their systems to get everything on one bill. I say fire the VP of Operations.

    They sent me a nasty gram saying they will shut off my service if I don’t pay, but I called up and said if they do this I will go back to Optimum Online – cablevision – they are begging me to come back and will pay the disconnect fee. They extend my account and have not shut off service. Again, I was connected on 1/10, it is 4/12 and I have not paid one red cent. In the meantime, I have had them credit my account for all of these troubles and they will have more hell to pay since they were not good on their offer of the TV in 8-10 weeks. For me as a consumer, I need to be able to reconcile a bill and what I signed up for is actually what they are charging me. If I pay them any partial amount, it will be even tougher to reconcile.

    Why can’t they send me a single bill that is corrected 3 months later? Why is this TV offer such a hoax and taking so long? Also, why is their customer service only open from 9 to 6pm M – F when they are sich a big company? I just don’t know.

    Again, I am surprised some people have gotten TV’s so fast. I can’t get a straight answer from them as to why they can’t approve the offer for me.