HP Won't Issue New Drivers For Leopard, Tells You To Buy A New Printer

Matt’s Officejet 6110 scans perfectly under Ubuntu, but won’t play nice with Leopard. When Matt called HP for support, he was told that the company has no plans to issue new drivers so he should just buy a new printer. To soften the blow, the tech mentioned HP’s trade-in program, which would give Matt a whopping $16 for his printer.

He writes:

I recently ditched Windows XP at my house, and have moved to the Macintosh platform (and converted my PC machines to Ubuntu)

I’ve had zero issues with the conversion, except for my HP “all in one” scanner/pc/fax machine. Although I can get it to work just fine with Ubuntu, I cannot scan from OS X Leopard.

After some googling, I contacted HP support who informed me that there are no plans to update their drivers for Leopard. This is not an old printer, I bought it 4 years ago and I’d think it’s in their best interest to support the segment of the market that’s moving to Mac.

Instead of solving my problem with a new driver, they’re trying to solve it by offering me a “trade in / trade up” program where they want me to buy a new HP printer. The only thing this will serve to do is to kill any brand loyalty I had to HP and cause me to never buy another HP product again.

I find it funny that the open source community can get scanning working just fine on Ubuntu, but a company like HP can’t tweak their drivers to get it to work on a mac. C’mon HP, get it together!!!

Here is HP’s response-cum-sales pitch:

Hello Matt,

Thank you for contacting HP Total Care.

With the Officejet 6110 & the Leopard OS, you will be able to print dew to the pre-installed print driver with the OS. For scanning, there is no software and drivers that will support this. There will be no software updates for this product and the Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard). We do have a program called trade in trade up. This is where you can trade the older unit in on a newer model. If you would like more information about this program, please reply to this email. Thank you

If you need further assistance, please reply to this message and we will be happy to assist you further.

You may receive an e-mail survey regarding your e-mail support experience. We would appreciate your feedback.

For information on keeping your HP and Compaq products up and running, please visit our Web site at: http://www.hp.com/go/totalcare

Scott W.
HP Total Care

Matt might want to tinker with unsupported solutions. Try using drivers that aren’t necessarily intended for the old Officejet.

Can anyone think of a way to translate the scanner’s outdated language for Leopard? Suggestions in the comments.


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  1. snoop-blog says:

    this is how the world works. i don’t see the big deal. that’s like saying, “how dare you stop making parts to my 30 year old car and suggest i buy a new one!”

  2. redhand32 says:

    The HP greedy response is exately why I only use Canon printers and other Canon products. EVERY call to Canon customer service or tech support has been a positive experience for me.

    I had an incompatibility issue with a Canon printer. After an hour on the phone they could not resolve the issue, they sent a new printer to me overnight FEDEX and I returned the old one.

    My out of warranty Canon digital camera had a recall just before Christmas 2007 because of defective sensor. It was sent back before Christmas, repaired free of charge. I would ditch HP and go with Canon printers and scanners.

  3. nequam says:

    Have you tried using Image Capture (included in Leopard) for scanning?

  4. nequam says:

    @nequam: I should add that certain TWAIN scanners do not work properly with “universal” apps in Leopard if the manufacturer has not updated its drivers. There is a work around by setting the app to “Open with Rosetta,” which can be done by right-clicking the app icon and selecting “Get Info” — click the corresponding check-box.

  5. vatechtigger says:

    Try vuescan at [www.hamrick.com]

    It got my old scanner working on osx. There is a free trial but costs $40. Might be cheaper to buy a new one, crappy as that may be.

  6. ChewySquirrel says:

    Now I’m confused. I thought Mac’s “Just worked?”

  7. NickRB says:

    Classic “This is not an old printer, I bought it 4 years ago”. Sorry, but yes it is an old printer. It’s unfortunate that HP doesn’t want to support a printer they haven’t sold in 4 years. (the 6110 actually came out 5 years ago)

    It’s just not economically feasible. The cost of developing new drivers just isn’t worth it. HP understands they may lose customers, but the very few they lose won’t offset the expense of creating new drivers.

    Now, you should definitely try using a similar driver or a generic GIMP driver. You may be able to get it working. Also have you tried OSX Image Capture? I’ve found it to work on scanners that did not have supported drivers.

  8. Aphex242 says:

    @ChewySquirrel: heh. Driver support for the Mac is pathetic in some cases. If you’ve never heard of the concept of buying drivers, you’ve never owned a Mac.

  9. phil237 says:

    I had the same problem with an HP scanner when I had to replace my XP computer with one that ran Vista, no Vista drivers for my recent model scanner, and no plans to offer upgraded drivers. HP did offer a generic driver that would let it run with limited function.

    I bought a Cannon scanner and printer, never to use HP again,companies want you to be loyal to them,but never want to return the favor.

  10. EricaKane says:

    HP is wortheless. Did the same thing with most of their printers with Vista..of course I dumped HP a long time ago

  11. nequam says:

    @ChewySquirrel: Sadly, HP “just doesn’t”

  12. sirwired says:

    @snoop-blog: If this was some 10-yr-old antique, I could understand this stance. But a printer usually has a lifetime well beyond four years. It is not unreasonable to expect it to be supported for that long. Especially since printers do not become obsolete as quickly as the computers themselves. There are still plenty of LaserJet 4’s in the field.

    @EricaKane: My final straw with HP was two separate incidents. In the first, the battery for my laptop died under warranty and it took them two months to decide that it was out of stock. When they realized this, they simply canceled my warranty order. The second was when I went to buy replacement screws for said laptop. A tiny little ziploc bag of five screws was going to be $48 each.

  13. topgun says:

    Macs may have a lot going for them, but this is a prime example of what makes Apple a risky choice.

  14. ckolony says:

    I juat had a similar experience with HP. I have a 3 year-old printer/scanner that won’t feed paper. This is apparently a common problem with these models as there are a bunch of people on the web with the same issue. I called HP and they insisted that I pay for a $60 kit to fix the problem, or buy a new printer. I was very angry. I used to buy HP products all the time, and actually was an HP investor for a while. No more. I refuse to buy any more products from them. What a terrible company.

  15. @ckolony:

    They’re the most successful (in terms of volume sales) printer and computer company in the world, precisely because they care fuck-all about complaints like these. Consumers themselves and their lust for new, constantly-updated gadgets have created this environment. Lay in the bed you’ve made.

  16. homerjay says:

    He’ll be able to “Print dew?”
    And here I am buying it by the can like a sucker.

  17. wildness says:

    That’s when you say, thank you, I will… but, it will be an Epson.

  18. thetango says:

    “This is not an old printer, I bought it 4 years ago and I’d think it’s in their best interest to support the segment of the market that’s moving to Mac.”

    Newsflash — this _is_ an old printer by today’s standards. Bottom line, you can’t expect every OS to support your Hardware…

    HP is committed to supporting 2 OSes — Microsoft and Linux*. I’m willing to bet that Apple is an afterthought.

    * /me thinks Scott W. needs to install Fedora. If his printer doesn’t work there at least they’ll make it work ;)

  19. MaelstromRider says:

    I really don’t think there’s a problem here. You shouldn’t expect HP to keep updating software and drivers on obsolete products. If you got 4 years out of a $200 printer, consider yourself incredibly fortunate. These low-end officejets usually break after a year or two.

  20. btdown says:

    dude…buy a real computer and maybe someone will support it with drivers…

  21. DeleteThisAccount says:

    @snoop-blog: @MaelstromRider: I agree with you guys. Find a creative solution. If the printer was not intended to run on your OS, then why are you so pissed off? You bought it knowing what it Would and Would Not work under. You changed the operating system, deal with it yourself.

  22. snoop-blog says:

    @NickRB: @thetango: agreed. a printer that is four years old, is old compared to tech standards. if your pc can become outdated in 4 years time, guess what that means all the hardware you bought will be outdated as well. and from what i read, the printer worked fine until he decided to switch to mac so how is this hp’s fault? everyone knows mac’s have compatibility problems, and i’m sure hp never advertised it to work with the system the op set up. i’m not saying hp is so wonderful, just that this guy has an unwarranted complaint.

  23. Taed says:

    Only semi-germane, but one of my favorite purchases ever was my Samsung ML-2010 laser printer about 2 years back for a mere $25 after rebate. I had to refill the ink last year for only $10 including shipping on eBay. I’ve printed around 3000 pages so far, and while it doesn’t print as darkly as my laser printer at work, for such a lower price, I’ll certainly live with that.

    I still see them for sale for $50 or so occassionally — highly recommended if you’re just looking for an inexpensive laser printer.

  24. chemmy says:

    Shoot when I went to buy ink for my old printer, I discovered it was cheaper to buy a new printer (yes, both HP) so I did that. And I now refill my own cartridges. Anymore, they’re designed to be “disposable”.

  25. StevieD says:

    HP = Greedy ????

    For not writing new drivers for a 5 year old product?

    Oh grow up.

  26. SpaceCat85 says:

    This is nothing new for HP and OS X, unfortunately.

    I used to have issues with an old HP deskjet 5550 with an add-on duplexing unit that would “break” every time I installed a major upgrade. Even if I set it to do portrait duplexing, it would still do landscape duplexing. After two separate OS upgrades (10.3 and 10.4, I think?), I wound up eventually having to manually remove all of HP’s inkjet drivers from /Library/Printers and install the stock drivers off the OS X install disc.

    More recently, I got a (used) LaserJet 1320 and found out that they have no working printer utility bundled with the current driver! The stock drivers will print fine and do duplexing as they should, but if the yellow light starts blinking and there’s still paper in the tray it’s anyone’s guess as to what it’s trying to tell me is wrong.

    Now I’ve got a vastly-superior Canon inkjet to replace the deskjet, and the next time I get a laser printer I’ll probably go Samsung (which I deeply regret not doing at the time I decided on the used laserjet).

  27. SpaceCat85 says:

    Forgot to add: I’m talking about the driver HP has for the 1320 on their own website, not just the one bundled with OS X.

  28. myasir says:

    I don’t see what the issue is. Maybe he should have made sure the all in one had leopard drivers before making the switch.

  29. ORPat says:

    It used to be that if you needed a extra workhorse laser printer, you looked for a used HP. There are thousands of 5’s and 6’s still out there. They still update the drivers, still make parts, and they still make toner.
    Guess they learned their lesson.

  30. SacraBos says:

    @ChewySquirrel: They do. HP scanners, however…

    @Taed: I also like the Samsung printers. I have a little black/white I’ve used for years.

    For scanning, I just use a cheap Canon LiDE25 using xsane.

  31. evslin says:

    Non-issue. Next time you decide to completely change your OS environment like that, do your homework first. Oh, and go buy a new printer.

  32. SacraBos says:

    @snoop-blog: My only complaint with that it is a PRINTER. You shoot Postscript or PCL4 to the thing, and you should be rewarded with a nice piece of paper. We’re not talking about memory or video cards which actually differ physically in how they attach or magic API’s to access the GPU’s.

  33. BrentNewland says:

    Try looking up hplip info – apparently it is supposed to compile on OS-X, and it does support your printer.

    BTW, if you need a new HP printer, get toe OJ Pro 7680 or the Officejet 5610 (with the number 56 cartridge). They’ll save you a ton on ink.

  34. randombob says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, a REAL computer, the kind that’s a worthless copy of Apple’s OS, riddled with security holes, malware, & virii.

    Ha. Yeah, a REAL computer…

    Thanks for that laugh, I needed it this morning. phew!

    You must have missed the posts about the same thing happening w/ Vista upgrades? Yeah… I’m sorry, I grew up on macs, “switched” to Windows, and after I almost threw my computer out of a window in frustration, “switched” back in 2003. Computing’s ‘fun’ again, thanks, and yeah with a rare exception it does “just work.” I love reading about people knocking macs, and they always cite some stupid shit that doesn’t matter to most folks, usually along the lines of some more “high-tech” goodies… Sadly though, missing the point that if they were so “high tech” it wouldn’t matter what OS you’re on, you’d be “High-tech” enough to do it yourself (write that program, goodie!). When in actuality, you’re just upset that there’s no Kazaa client for you to d/l ripped porno & shit.

    For the rest of us that just want our computers to work, doing average everyday stuff, and aren’t concerned w/ Kazaa & malware & viruses? Yeah thanks, I’ll be sticking w/ my Mac, Anti-virus-free (and virus free, oh my!) since 2002 and still going strong.

    Yes gaming sucks on a Mac, don’t bother telling me. Thankfully, I actually use my computer to compute. If I wanted to play games, I’d get a PS3 or Xbox360. Both’re pretty sweet gaming machines, and much cheaper (and cheaper to maintain) than a winblows rig.

    haha. a REAL computer he says….

  35. randombob says:

    Here here on the Canon printers.

    I started w/ epson, switched to HP after too many failed cartridges and shitting printing, only to experience the same shitting printing and crappy failed cartridges. PLUS, at least w/ epson you don’t have to install their CD of crappy programs that lay everywhere on the system and fail to do what you ask them to do (No gawdammit, I don’t want you in my dock now leave!), they WILL just work as a printer & with image capture as a scanning port.

    Canon though is leaps and bounds better. I have not had one, repeat ONE issue with my Canon products, be it camera or Printer. the cartridges are a little more expensive, BUT since they work and print perfectly every time, that means I don’t have to buy a new printer as often to get prints, actually SAVING me money.

    Bottom line: IF YOU’RE IN DOUBT WHICH PRINTER TO BUY, SHOP THE CANONS. THEY WILL WORK BETTER FOR YOU, EVEN IF THEY’RE A LITTLE PRICIER (save $30 now spend an extra $100 later, guys & girls).


  36. dasunst3r says:

    Set up a CUPS + SANE server using Linux and have Leopard print using that. As for scanning, here are just a few frontends you can put to use: [www.sane-project.org]

  37. snoop-blog says:

    @SacraBos: i thought he could print, just not scan. at least that’s is the way the article read right? rta!!!!

    update, i read it once again, and yeah i’m pretty sure the op said it would print, just not scan.

  38. snoop-blog says:

    to me this seems more like a mac vs. pc problem more than hp’s problem. lets face it, pc is more widely used, and therefore has more hardware that supports it. PERIOD. you have no legit complaint, in fact it’s more of a bitch and moaning of how uncapatible macs really are. that’s your real bitch, it’s just you stuck too far up steve jobs azz to admit anything that is a con of the mac system. i like windows better, but i’m not afraid to admit there are things i don’t like about it. mac users are like living this lie that macs have NO problems ever, in fact it’s not mac’s fault, it’s hp’s yeah that’s it.

  39. btdown says:


    At least my printer works in Linux, too.

  40. SuperJdynamite says:

    @snoop-blog: “i don’t see the big deal. that’s like saying, “how dare you stop making parts to my 30 year old car and suggest i buy a new one!””

    Careful (or any) reading of the article shows that the printer isn’t thirty years old, it’s four years old. So it’s like saying “how dare you stop making parts for my 4 year old car and suggest I buy a new one!”

  41. eskimo81 says:

    I agree, 4 years old is not something that HP has to support anymore, but while searching some other tech support sites, many users are reporting that other drivers work fine. Try:

    1. Using the drivers for the Officejet 6210 ([h10025.www1.hp.com]

    2. Using the drivers designed for OS X 10.2.8 ([h10025.www1.hp.com])

    3. If you’re willing to pay for it, try VueScan ([www.hamrick.com])

    4. Try this file: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software9/COL21156/mp-55656-1/HP_Installer_PSC7100_v9.7beta.dmg others are reporting success with it too.

  42. SuperJdynamite says:

    @SacraBos: “I also like the Samsung printers. I have a little black/white I’ve used for years.”

    I agree. I have a Samsung ML-1710 personal laser printer which I picked up for $80 about five years ago. I’ve seen similar models for as cheap as $50. Yes, the toner is $70, but it seems to last a long time (haven’t replaced mine yet), doesn’t dry out, is waterproof, etc.

  43. Starfury says:

    4 years is not new for technology, including printers. I have an old HP 5550 inkjet and they haven’t put out new drivers for at least 3 years on it. I don’t expect them to keep supporting my old hardware every time a new OS comes out.

    My next printer will be Epson or Canon; while my printer works ok, the drivers are buggy and sometimes cause it to freak out. Plus the HP ink is WAY too expensive.

  44. Karmakin says:

    I find a major issue is a problem of nomenclature. Quite a few people think that it’s like going from SP1 to SP2 or something like that, a gradual increase, when actually the jump from Tiger to Leopard is more akin to 95>98.

    There have actually been substantial changes to the PDF/Print/Preview system in OS X with each decimal version (at least since 11.3. I dunno before then). Driver support for such older printers when going up a version have always been kind of fleeting.

    The problem isn’t just HP either.

  45. SuperJdynamite says:

    @StevieD: “HP = Greedy ????”

    Inkjet ink costs several hundred dollars per ounce. Some manufacturers also place logic in the cartridge so that once it’s empty it can’t be refilled with cheaper ink.

    So, yeah, the inkjet cartel could fairly be labeled “greedy”.

    I’m surprised they don’t spend the relative little cost to support the printer, though, since the printer is pretty much a vehicle to get people to keep buying the ink.

  46. randombob says:

    who says my canon printer doesn’t work in linux? And how is that relevant a) to the OP issue, or b) your previous comment, or c) mine? Yeah I think you’re missing all the points, mang.

    All I’m saying is that (A) my Mac is indeed a real computer. It has issues same as your Winblows computer has issues, it’s at tradeoff (I get a computer that generally “just works” but doesn’t have “program A” or some shit you’re going to complain about; and you get games, malware, viruses & BSOD’s, yay!), and also (B) HP and Epson printers both blow donkey b*lls, get a Canon and you’ll printer longer, better, and actually have support from the manufacturer.

    To the OP: Dude, I feel for you, but in all reality 4 years is an eternity for a printer, and as you can read in the posts, BOTH new OS’s are having the same issues. It IS a manufacturer problem in a sense (HP not supportive w/ new drivers), but others are right to say that you can’t expect them to expend resources forever supporting old models… is 4 years “forever?” Yeah, maybe in the printer world it is. 30 years for a car = 4 years for a printer? I’d say that’s probably fair. So uh, get a Canon and get to work!

    (For the record, I’ve got an Canon MP510 w/ scanner and it’s working for me on 10.5 every which way; $120 or so new a year ago and not a problem to report, and Canon DID upgrade their drivers when 10.5 came out, what a concept, huh?)

  47. JohnMc says:

    snoop-blog, in the pecking order of printers, even when it was new, the 6110 was a dog. Cost per print was too high compared to the competition. The fact that the unit is still working for this guy is a testament to how well this guy treated the printer.

    As an aside, the 6110 is not really a HP OEM designed device. Its offshore third party with an HP nameplate. So when the Taiwan developer moved on so did HP. Sorry that is just the way it is. Fact most of the inkjets sold are now OEM’d from overseas. Only the high end models are built by the likes of HP/Lexmark/Xerox.

  48. scoosdad says:

    @ckolony: You’re angry because you have a 3 year old printer with a worn out part, and they want to charge you for a replacement part that will fix it?

    Be happy they’re not telling you “out of luck, buy a new one” like they’re telling the OP. At least you have an option that doesn’t involve the local landfill.

  49. digitalgimpus says:

    A good example of why you shouldn’t buy “all-in-one” devices. They generally suck when it comes to drivers and support.

    Want something that lasts forever? Look for the “business” or “enterprise” version of a product. Sometimes costs a few bucks more (often same price), doesn’t come bundled with garbage “trials” and silly features.

    I’ve been doing the whole business thing for ages, and it works well.

  50. Nick says:

    I purchased one of my HP printers (wide-format 9650) new in spring of 2006. Vista came out in spring of 2007, and instead of supporting it, they told me to buy a new printer. I’ve rigged something up to get it to work, but it isn’t perfect.

    If HP doesn’t want to support their low end $50 printers, fine. But I will not drop another $350 because HP is lazy.

  51. lasciate says:

    I find this very sad, knowing that HP has put out 10.5 drivers for 10 year old printers and not for this 4 year old model.

  52. eighth_note says:

    People still print? I kid, I kid. Try MacRumorsto see if there is a solution for your problem.

  53. Tallanvor says:

    Unfortunately consumer level equipment isn’t really designed to last all that long anymore (and small business equipment is the same, as far as I’m concerned), so not releasing new drivers for a 4 year old device doesn’t make HP that bad of a company.

    If you want a printer that will be supported for years, buy enterprise level. My LaserJet 5 was several years old when I bought it, and it’s still supported over 7 years later because it’s designed for businesses. –A few mac users who are upset isn’t as big of a deal as several companies that spend millions on HP equipment every year.

  54. myasir says:

    why are people bringing up reliability in printers? This is a driver support issue and I can’t fault hp in this case. Maybe the 6110 didn’t sell well so its not worth it to them to add support for osx. I’ve got a 4 year old microsoft wireless adaptor that has no new drivers for vista. Then again, its an 802.11b device so I got a new adaptor and moved on.

  55. JohnMc says:

    digitalgimpus, not everyone can afford the enterprise cost for something. I subscribe to the BICTIA model — Buy It Cheap, Throw It Away. But even here you can be discerning. The 6110 was a bad choice for the simple fact it was a inkjet platform. Per page costs is too high. I picked up a used 2yo Lexmark mono laser MFP from a dealer. Still have it works great. Got it for what this gent paid new.

    But you are right, you do get what you pay for.

  56. Michael Belisle says:

    @Tallanvor: Oh to imagine a world where “OfficeJet” implied “commercial-grade.”

  57. m4nea says:

    “it’s not an old printer. I JUST bought it four years ago.”

    …Are you KIDDING ME???

  58. eblack says:

    This is kind of an OSX problem too. Awhile ago I got a used scanner from a friend and spent the better part of three hours trying to make it work in OSX. I finally gave up and started a virtual copy of XP (this was before bootcamp), it detected and installed the scanner with no problems at all. I’ve had similar experiences with several pieces of hardware.

    HP has terrible support in general, and their drivers (both PC and Mac) are utter crap. If they built their hardware with a little better common architecture it would be trivial to release updated drivers. No sympathy for them here. None for the submitter either, as he should know that getting OSX drivers out of HP is like pulling teeth.

  59. bluebuilder says:

    I don’t understand why this is on the comsumerist at all. Do you know how much it costs to have a development team work a driver for a new OS? It just doesn’t make business sense, I run a dev team and I would have told this guy no too.

  60. Trai_Dep says:

    Well, strike HP from MY list of future purchases.
    If they made a generic driver that limped along w/ 90% of the features, that’d go a long ways to making folks shrug and say, “Well, it IS a 4-yo printer…”
    Instead, any smart customer will say, “HP leaves its customers stranded every time MS or Apple updates their drivers?! See ya!”
    2-for-1 by alienating the Green crowd, who’d just as soon not clutter the Earth with the toxic carcasses of their tech goods every two years.
    Brilliant marketing, folks. Almost as good as the (No Longer) Plays4Sure fiasco.

  61. Trai_Dep says:

    Change “HP leaves its customers stranded every time MS or Apple updates their drivers?! See ya!” to “HP leaves its customers stranded every time MS or Apple updates their OS?! See ya!”

  62. ju_ju_eyeball says:

    @SpaceCat85: You had an old HP that did not work correctly with your updated OS. So you bought a new Canon and it works great!

    Well duh! A new printer will have new drivers and work well. Had you bought a new HP printer, it would have worked just as well.


  63. DJC says:

    And I thought it was only Vista users complaining about driver issues. Guess its not Microsoft’s or Apple’s fault your AIO doesnt work.

  64. fluiddruid says:

    @randombob: Man, you Mac nutcases make me sick. It’s a consumer product, not a religion. And, frankly, the Mac user viewpoint of malware risks on Windows is overstated — to say the least.

    Plus, if “Winblows” sucks so much, why are Apple users running out in droves to upgrade so that they can run Windows on their Mac?!

    Neither Windows or the Mac OS is perfect. I use Windows as I enjoy computer gaming, but if I was looking for other applications (like video editing) I’d buy a Mac. Frankly, the only reason why Windows has more malware is that they have a great deal more marketshare. If that changes, then rest assured, the adware and viruses will target Macs. The vast majority of Mac users don’t even use antivirus software – there’s a security hole for you.

  65. Wirehead says:

    After my last HP driver support issue sometime around 2001 or so, I haven’t bought HP since.

  66. Boberto says:

    If you can get it working in linux, you should be able to get it working in OSX via gimp print.

    I have an old (1994) HP laserjet 6L printer that runs great on OSX through a wireless print server.

    What’s so great about that? Ink cartridges last over a year, they are refillable/recyclable AND they are cheap ($12).

    I shall hang onto this printer like grim death.

  67. nequam says:

    @fluiddruid: Running Windows on a Mac is not a “want to” proposition. Nobody is denying Windows its market share, and most computer users don’t have an operating system preference — they merely get for their home what they have at work. Which is Windows in most cases.

    But the more important point is this: Apple users are not running to upgrade as you describe. Those throngs at the Apple store are Windows users looking for a way to get Leopard without having to give up the Windows software they already own.

  68. RISwampyankee says:


  69. Trai_Dep says:

    @fluiddruid: hey, troll – your post has to do with HP drivers how?!

    And WinBlows?! Does anyone use such a LAME term? Really, seriously, that’s something a third-grader would get laughed at for using. Step it up a bit next time, hmmmokaaay?

    Oh, and if the Win malware risk is so “overblown”, I dare you to strip off your virus protection and all the other 3rd-party crap (since MS takes its customer’s data security VERY seriously!) that’s required to stop your computer from spontaneously combusting, for two weeks. Because, y’know, your OS is so advanced.

  70. miran says:

    I’m going to second (or third) the motion to get Canon next time. I’ve an old multifunction (at least 3 years old) that has updated drivers for Vista and Mac 10.5
    It also “just works” with Ubuntu as well. (Was I ever surprised). I’ve always bought Canon printers (and cameras).

    It’s nice to have that choice validated by others though.

  71. Trai_Dep says:

    @RISwampyankee: Well, it used to be “RISC-y”
    Sorry, geek humor. Couldn’t resist.

  72. czarandy says:

    It’ll cost some nontrivial amount of money to fix the drivers. If HP doesn’t make the printer anymore, fixing the drivers cannot possibly improve sales, so they have little incentive to do it.

    You should have checked compatibility before upgrading.

  73. czarandy says:

    @Trai_Dep: Neither of my Windows machines have gotten a virus in the past 4 years. Of course I only know this because I *do* run an antivirus.

  74. Theoutlet says:

    I love how Apple is at fault here for HP not updating their drivers. I understand why they didn’t do it because it’s an old” printer and they know they canmake you buy another by just making it obsolete. And you’ll blindly obey and blame apple for updating their OS. But, you’re right, apple’s the bad guy here. Damnit apple why don’ you know how to run HP better?

  75. SAugsburger says:

    Most OJ 6110s I have encountered were broken so I can say that it wasn’t a terribly reliable device. I have seen other much older HP inkjet models that are still operating. I would be surprised to see many of these still in operation.

    Driver support for older printers is a fairly similar situation on Vista as with Leopard. Creating print drivers with basic support came weeks and even months before scanning support for some older all-in-ones. There are some AIOs where HP has no plans on ever implementing a complete set of drivers for Vista so it isn’t like HP is biased against the Mac OS.

    Even now I meet a lot of people with old scanners that have no Vista support, so a lack of Leopard scanning support is hardly surprising. In that respect this is almost not even a news story to me.

    “This is not an old printer, I bought it 4 years ago and I’d think it’s in their best interest to support the segment of the market that’s moving to Mac.”

    For an inkjet that is fairly old. I hate to chime in with others, but most old OJ 6110s are broken or otherwise out of service. Only HP obviously knows exactly how many OJ 6110s were sold, but between that and the number of people who have contacted them for out of warranty repair I think HP can safely say that less than than 10% are still in use anymore. Even if I were kind and said that ~10% of those users were using it with a Mac that still is less 1% of all the units sold. Creating Vista drivers might make business sense, but creating updated Mac drivers makes little sense.

    “Instead of solving my problem with a new driver, they’re trying to solve it by offering me a “trade in / trade up” program where they want me to buy a new HP printer. The only thing this will serve to do is to kill any brand loyalty I had to HP and cause me to never buy another HP product again.”

    I am sure that if you were willing to pay an HP engineers time for it they would be more than willing to do it, but other from you how many people would they really be writing this driver for? As I noted earlier the percentage of the total sales for this model that are still working where someone wants to use it with 10.5 is pretty low.

    While Matt may be offended at HPs offer to buy his printer from him for $16 the reality is that their credit towards the value of a five year old printer is actually not nearly as much of a low ball figure as Matt implies it to be. The same model is selling for less than that on ebay right now. With a little luck could you find a sucker to sell this old AIO for $50? Sure, but most people wouldn’t. I don’t know what Matt would find as an acceptable trade in value, but I would venture to guess that $16 is closer to the real market value for that printer than whatever Matt would accept as a better counteroffer. People seem to forget that it doesn’t matter how much you spent on the unit originally, but how much is it worth now.

    I can buy a new multifunction for under $100 that prints faster and has a higher maximum resolution. Comparing this thing to a modern AIO like so I am guessing people are trying to do wouldn’t be right since the newer models print faster and have higher resolutions.

    I can say in HP’s defense that they have good driver support for most of their Laserjets. I recently encountered a functioning Laserjet 5si and there are still drivers for both Vista AND Leopard for it. I’ve never seen any inkjets that got any use that lasted that long! I have met people who gone through a new injet AIO almost ever year for 4-5 years. Different vendors didn’t make much difference.

    In the vast majority of cases it isn’t cost effective to fix most printers below whose market value in below about $200 so why would it make more sense to spend several thousand dollars worth of an HP engineers time?

    My suggestion is the same as most other posters here: try some of the unofficial solutions.

    I would stick with HP, but I would look more towards their Laserjet line. Some people like to feel spiteful, but in some cases switching vendors doesn’t improve anything. The reality is by most measures HP is one of the better printer manufacturers. They have above average reliability for their printers, it is easier to find official and refurb cartridges, and despite this model as an exception they tend to release drivers for new platforms long after most of the products have died or went into non-use. I remember meeting people who had a six year old Epson inkjet who had trouble finding any retailer that still sold the cartridge for their printer anymore. I can still easily find cartridges for both HP inkjets and laserjets that haven’t been made in more than a decade.

  76. Michael Belisle says:

    I’m disagree with the “4 years is like the stone age” crowd here.

    This is lame and wasteful that the otherwise functioning scanner is “too old” to support. HP has the technology to make devices that have features like standard, backwards-compatible drivers. There is only an anti-consumer, finically profitable reason not to. (Hence the tag “planned obsolescence”.)

    Sometimes they do and it’s like russian-roulette: Will your all-in-one work in 5 years? Nobody knows!

    @Trai_Dep: Oh I did that once. I plugged a Windows 2000 machine into the internet once, intending to then patch it and install anti-virus software. Hilariousness ensued when I caught a virus-installing-worm before Windows Update had a chance.

    Gave the machine its last rites a few hours later.

  77. meadandale says:

    You know, I’ve always owned HP printers but when I recently went printer shopping for a SOHO color lazer, this kind of thing (not to mention the ink ripoff) is why I decided NOT to get an HP.

    I’ve been very happy with my WIFI enabled Brother 4070 CDW.

  78. zekesmz says:

    If HP doesn’t want to have their dev team write and debug drivers, they should consider open sourcing them and letting the community of stranded users make it work.

    Image Capture, SANE and Vuescan do not enable the 6110’s scanning functions to work with Leopard unfortunately. Maybe some of the older drivers will.

    Thanks to all who have posted suggestions here. @eskimo81’s seem promising.

  79. Michael Belisle says:

    According to HP, the scanner will work if you install the drivers in 10.4 and upgrade, but not if you install the drivers in 10.5 because the installer is broken. It’s apparently not a driver issue and affects all HP scanners.

    But there may be hope:

    The HP CD and web download were created before Mac OS X v10.5 development and release so there may be problems with the install process. Please refer to instructions in step one above [upgrading 10.4->10.5] and refer back to this web site for new updated Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard compatible software. [h10025.www1.hp.com]

    Scott W. could have just been full of shit. It’s not like a CSR has never lied to a customer before.

  80. Michael Belisle says:

    Whoops, I was checking that “all HP scanners” assertion and found that to be untrue. Please strike that.

  81. Michael Belisle says:

    @zekesmz: Ha ha ha, open source them? That’ll kill their planned obsolescence strategy. And it sounds like communism.

  82. NightElfMohawk says:

    My suggestion? Don’t go with HP. At their heart, they’re a PC company alone. Go with Canon or Epson – they tend to work a lot nicer with the Mac platform, since a decent percentage of professionals who work with images and need things like this work on Macs.

  83. drjayphd says:

    @randombob: Wait, who the hell still uses Kazaa? EVERYONE who’s anyone moved on to BitTorrent. Does the Apple High Horse run roughshod over the latest in piracy news?

  84. randombob says:

    Overstated? How many and counting for each platform? Overstated? sure there, sure it’s overstated….

    And uh, there’s no way I’m rushing it upgrade so I can run windows. No desire to sit and watch BSOD’s any more.

    I gave you gaming. No contest, gaming’s much better on Windows, started there, developed there, the drivers and tech are matured & optimized, it makes total sense. But there’s so much more to the usefulness of a computer than playing games… And I use my computer for such uses, and prefer it to keep working, without needing to resort to ctrl-alt-del. I turn my machine off only to clean it, not because windows has encountered an expected error press any key to continue (hint: only the power button though ‘K thanks).

    Hey to each his own; I don’t game and like solid, reliable computing experiences that work intuitively, so I use a Mac. If that’s not you, then fine. but to marginalize a platform because you don’t understand enough about it is sort of silly.

    You’re right, it’s not a religion. So why do windows users go out of there way to marginalize other platforms? Inferiority complexes perhaps? I love how if someone says “macs suxors!” it’s OK and no one is supposed to say anything, but if someone says “I disagree!” to that, then they’re mac “fanatics.” OK whatever, it’s not a religion, let’s agree on that, and stop “bashing macs” because they don’t BSOD often enough or because HP has driver support issues. THAT AFFECT BOTH PLATFORMS. Having made the original “Real computers” comment completely baseless.

  85. lifeofbean says:

    If my 16 year old Epson laser printer can work in Vista 64 bit (Epson ActionLaser 1500), HP can update their drivers to work in Leopard. I still have no intention of replacing this printer anytime soon, even if it does make the lights in the entire building dim when I turn it on.

  86. snoop-blog says:

    @SuperJdynamite: in the TECH world 4 years is OLD!!!! same as in the car world 30 years is OLD!!! sheese. if you don’t already get my analogy, how did you even make to this website?

    anyone who faults hp for this, has a backwards way of reasoning. i still am confused how this is hp’s fualt.

    the printer is 5 years old (which IS old)

    it never advertised to work on the op’s new system

    the op didn’t have to change to mac it was pure choice

    the printer at least printed, just not scanned.

    what company in their right mind would build a piece of technology that would last forever? you should know that they can make a car that would never break down, but why would they? just so they can sell everyone 1 unit then go out of business? believe me, i’m trying real hard to wrap my head around the concept that this is somehow hp’s fualt. just not seeing it.

  87. snoop-blog says:

    HELP! my hd-dvd player is now a paper weight, who should i blame? it sure as hell isn’t my fualt, i mean, i should be able to stick blu rays in my vcr, otherwise it’s just “planned obsolescence”, and wasteful. how dare i be forced into new technology every few years! i’m still b*tching to sony about why my cd’s won’t play in my 8-track. i know they have the ability to make it happen. bastards!

    ok i think i’ve made my point, c-yall monday!

  88. elvish says:

    Lol 4 year old printer and you call it new??@@!!!

  89. Techguy1138 says:

    The simple answer is to downgrade your mac to a usable OS. This is really apples fault. They change the way that their drivers work at every .1 release. I stopped getting new macs and os versios because of this crap.

    I do not expect every vendor to rewrite drivers for all my mac devices every 18 months. Vista is a major change for wndows but Ms has a driver change maybe 4 times in 10 years.

  90. KogeLiz says:

    I dunno, if I’m buying a new computer with a new operating system, I’d want to make sure everything I use with it (printers, scanners, etc.) work with it. I know Vista had a webpage/program you could check the compatibility of products with, dunno about Apple. Of course you could always call the manufacture to make sure as well.

    Dunno why people believe they can use the same peripherals forever all the while updating their PC and/or OS.

    Where’s the person out there running OS/2 on their PS/2 trying to print to a Xerox WorkCentre C2424?

  91. Nighthawke says:

    Hunh, I drive a LJ 1100 that has standard drivers across the board. This is their officejet department getting greedy. About damm near bulletproof after 5 years operation.

  92. Buran says:

    OS X uses the open-source print system CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) because OS X, after all, is a UNIX variant. Can you find CUPS drivers for it? If so they should be adaptable for OS X.

  93. Theoutlet says:

    @snoop-blog: Wow, quite the fan of hyperbole
    aren’t we? He just wants to use his scanner with his computer and HP
    acknowledges that it doesn’t work and doesn’t plan to fix it. While I
    can see why they have chosen to not make new drivers, how is that not
    their fault. They can make the keys but they don’t want to because of
    cost. Sure they have the right to it since it wasn’t advertised to work
    with 10.5, but it sounds like bad business to me and not something I
    would do in their shoes. It seems integrity is completely lost on
    businesses nowadays as a tactic, because people have such short
    memories. The problem is that people have been trained to only use
    their technology for so long then throw it out because the company
    decides that it shouldn’t work anymore, not because there’s something
    actually wrong with the product. I’m terribly sorry if I find something
    wrong with that and not worth defending.

  94. TickedOff says:

    At one time the Hewlett-Packard brand meant something. It came from a proud heritage of superior engineering and talent.

    However, since the split in 2000, HP has moved full-speed to the trailing edge of technology. They no longer design their own products. They no longer manufacture their own products. They have never owned their channels. They have long shunned getting their hand dirty by actually having an effective feedback loop between end users and product design. They are no longer a technology company.

    As a senior manager told me in 1999: “We’ll let Intel do our hardware R&D; Microsoft will do our software R&D; we’ll own the supply chain!” “Do you mean like Dell?” “Yup, only better!” “How exactly is that a sustainable competitive advantage?” -silence- “Ah. OK. Good luck with that.”

  95. Buran says:

    @sirwired: I have a Laserjet 4MP. It still works great and I can get toner for it for $40 a cartridge, although I print so little that it’s on only the second cartridge it’s ever had. It’s never failed me. No color, but if I want to print in color I can do that at work, but again, I almost never print anything.

    It was a gift from my parents while I was in high school and it’s such a near-universal printer that practically all I have to do is handwave at the computer it gets attached to and drivers fall into place with barely no work from me.

  96. Buran says:

    @snoop-blog: Someone somewhere will have support for it or a howto.

    You can get parts for VW air-cooled Beetles. When did the Beetle make its first appearance?

    Late 1930s! Long before it became popular in the US in the 1960s.

    Perfectly reasonable to expect to get support, somewhere, for a 10-year-old gizmo.

  97. Michael Belisle says:

    @snoop-blog: Office scanner technology has not changed much in 5 years. A reason that computers, media players, and cars are justifiable in this cycle is that the experience changes. I’m not subscribing to a 5-year scanner upgrade cycle. I refuse. I’m pretty sure that HP is lowering costs, adding shinier plastic, and changing the green LEDs to blue ones.

    But it is relevant how many people are in this guy’s boat. If it’s him and some other guy, then he’s SOL. If there are a lot of Mac users with OfficeJet All-in-Ones, they’ll fix it.

    @Techguy1138: This is a philosophical difference between Apple and Microsoft:

    Apple says “If we know there’s a better way, we’ll implement it. We’ll rewrite the whole OS if we have to.”
    Microsoft says “We know there’s a better way, but we’ve been doing it like this for decades. We’ll dedicate 200 engineers to the DOS compatibility layer if we have to.”

    So yes, “downgrade” is correct.

  98. TickedOff says:

    HP has long had a simmering dislike (and at best ambivalence) toward the Mac platform. Even when they have officially supported the Mac, it was always been only on certain high margin products and with a premium cost that rarely justifies the purchase price. This biased “trend” goes back to the late 80s and has never really changed. No one should ever trust HP to provide Mac support on their printers in large part because they are a Wintel vendor and have a seriously incestuous relation with Redmond.

    My advice (sadly) is to buy a Brother all-in-one if you want that type of device and have Mac support. Reasons being: 1) every Brother product I’ve bought or seen in the last decade has explicitly claimed Mac support, 2) Mac support has come at no added premium or cost unlike HP products, 3) the Brother products are far, far cheaper than comparable HP products, 4) HP doesn’t design or make any of their laser products, and of their inkjet products the only HP-design/manufactured component is the inkjet head in the print cartridge which they charge plenty for, and 5) Brother doesn’t make PCs which compete with the Mac platform.

    When you buy HP laser cartridges for an HP Laserjet you are buying it from Canon or equivalent Japanese laser engine vendor, and getting the “privilege” of paying both a bloated HP “uplift” and an unjustified “brand tax” on top of that OEM price. The margins on these products are well into double digits. For inkjet ink and paper the margins are into triple digits in many cases.

  99. Cullen D says:

    Let me get this straight. Matt switches to Leopard. Leopard, the new version of Apple’s OS. It doees not support this driver. So, it is HP’s fault that Apple broke the driver and they should have to pay engineers to spin up a new update for something Apple did? Because Apple can do no wrong. Got it.

    Let’s try this in another scenario:

    Matt switches from XP to Vista, the new version of Microsoft’s OS. Vista, does not support this driver. So, we get another “DAMN MICROSOFT AND THEIR CRAPPY VISTA! VISTA IS A GIANT PIECE OF CRAP AND IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH OLD HARDWARE! WHY DOESN’T IT SUPPORT OLD HARDWARE!?” And, it is Microsoft’s fault, not HP’s, that the driver does not work.

    Right, just thought I would make sure I have it down. BTW, this post does an awesome job of showing how bias gawker blogs are when it comes to Windows and OS X.

  100. dorkins says:

    @ChewySquirrel: Good one! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  101. Trai_Dep says:

    @Michael Belisle:
    @Trai_Dep: Oh I did that once. I plugged a Windows 2000 machine into the internet once, intending to then patch it and install anti-virus software. Hilariousness ensued when I caught a virus-installing-worm before Windows Update had a chance.
    Gave the machine its last rites a few hours later.

    Well, your lil’ lab mouse died in the pursuit of knowledge, so I guess it was noble?

  102. adrew says:

    Lasers rule. I bought a Lexmark E310 back in 1999 and it still works great on OS X 10.5 and Vista. Lexmark has excellent driver support and supports pretty much anything from Win98 to Vista to Linux. You can get refurb’d toner cartridges online for about $30 that last for 5000 pages.

  103. thephotoman says:

    I’m an old hand on *nix. Have him check out the SANE drivers and installing that particular scanner layer for Leopard. It should work just like Linux. A host of the packages are available through MacPorts.

    @Cullen D: Driver layer APIs and ABIs change from version to version. Linux doesn’t usually have this problem, as we’ve been on the 2.6 kernel there for years. If a 2.8 kernel were to happen, every last one of those drivers would be broken most likely.

  104. Oshawapilot says:

    Snoop-blog smells of Troll.

    I fail to understand how anyone can be blaming Apple for HP’s lack of support. Is anyone in this thread remembering that Vista doesn’t support a great deal of hardware as old (and in many cases, newer!) then the OP’s problematic printer.

    The inevitable PC-Vs-Mac only serves to make those who participate in it look silly as a result – this has nothing to do with with the OS, it has to do with HP’s “We don’t care, buy something else from us to solve the problem instead” attitude.

    On the original topic, I’d tell HP to get stuffed and go buy a competitors product. I prefer Epson, personally, and have had an excellent experience with all their gear, including a 7 year old Epson 880 inkjet that still runs perfectly to this day – I just ran 20 pages off it a few hours ago.

  105. jgarra says:

    I don’t blame HP for not wanting to support that OS. Next thing, we’ll see a complaint on here about how HP isn’t supporting BeOS!!!

  106. nerdherd628 says:

    I have the same issue with a office jet 5510xi. HP Sucks!

  107. Oshawapilot says:

    As someone else mentioned, HP has a real attraction to Windows, Windows, and only Windows.

    Everyone else who doesn’t want to be on the Windows train can go screw themselves, so far as HP is concerned.

  108. Jon R. says:

    I’m not sure that Matt was given the correct information. Just before Leopard was released, I bought an HP 5610 multifunction printer. It took about a month, but new software was released. While I was waiting for the new drivers, only printing was available. Now I can print, scan, fax and OCR again. Matt should check again online to see if there is a new version of software for his printer or a similar printer.

  109. XianZomby says:

    Can’t feel sorry for this guy.

    It’s so stupid when people think they are being screwed because some company isn’t going to take care of their 1 in a million problem.

    I worked at a hardware store 15 years ago. This cheap f**k comes in with a light socket. A light socket. It wasn’t working. It’s all one piece, sealed. I could have sold him one for 5 dollars. But he wanted me to see if I could fix it for him. Can you imagine? I told him absolutely not. Is that bad customer service? Maybe he could come on here, to Consumerist, and whine about how bad customer service is at Such’n’such Hardware because the dumb employees there who make 4 dollars an hour won’t spend 30 minutes to take apart their 5 dollar light socket and try to fix it for them so they can avoid spending 5 dollars to buy a new one.

    Printers are so cheap these days. And I don’t expect HP to make new drivers for every new operating system for ever printer they’ve ever made, forever.

    This guy spends 300 dollars or something four years ago and continues to expect HP to support him? You updated to the newest operating system? Throw HP a bone and get a new printer to go with it.

    Not a single tear. HP rocks. So do their RPN calculators and their market dominating laser printers.

    Bad company? Bad consumer.

  110. loudambiance says:

    I have a similar story, I bought a lexmark printer about 2 years ago (the x2400 series all in one) the website at the time listed it as OS X compatible which was important because I had plans to buy a mac. About a year later I bought my Mac, plugged up the printer, no go, I go to the website, it still was listed as mac compatible, but their were no drivers to be found. When I contacted customer service, they said the only solution was for me to buy another model. My solution, I wrote a program on my windows machine that monitors a special email account, when I receive emails with a specific title, it downloads and prints the attachment. Annoying, but it works.

  111. IronWolve says:

    Im going to disagree that a 4 year old Officejet multifunction would be old. In fact looking at HP’s track record on multifunction officejets, they seem to come up with new models each year. While nice to have a multifunction, HP really needs to step up the game and think about unifying their support, it cant be easy to have 30 models with different driver supports. Oh wait, thats how they get you to upgrade. Slimy…

    1. They have horrible driver suppport
    2. Drive install of over 350 megs on some models.
    3. Missing barebone driver install’s.

    BTW, I use a 7310xi officejet, had a laserjet, broke after a year. That was an expensive one.

  112. shepd says:

    This is why I only buy products with open source drivers (even if the open source is based on reverse engineering, as long as it exists).

    Lucky for you, your scanner is supported by sane. I have no clue how to install the OS X port of sane, but here’s some links:


    For the printer half of it, you’ll need to use cups + hpijs.


    Not using commercial drivers might take some getting used to, but it will save you tons of money. I now use my hardware until it either breaks down (and I can’t repair it myself) or it physically just can’t do anything useful for me anymore.

  113. invader-zim says:

    dew to? wow. heck yes for outsourced help.

    i dont think it’s outrageous for hp not to support the printer. it is simply not practical for a manufacturer to update every driver ever made for every machine ever made whenever a new op. system is released.

    it’s like buying a car that runs on gasoline, then they change the official fuel to water. are you going to expect ford, chevy, honda and toyota to step in and re-make your car to run on water? Nope, you’ll have to buy a new car or stick with gas.

    just someone else crying when they dont get their own way. i guess if our economy was in better shape (so we could all afford to go buy new printers) we wouldnt take it so personally.

    Last thing… Staples is currently offering an HP trade-in deal, where you can get $50 off a new HP printer (normally valued at more than $160) for bringing in a used HP printer… So go trade your printer for a new one… pay $110 for one that should cost $160.

  114. clevershark says:

    As someone who’s had to return two HP computers in the past year to the store in which they were bought because they utterly failed, I say that Matt should forget HP and move on to a better hardware manufacturer.

  115. CyberSkull says:

    I’d check to see if the open source driver can be compiled to run on OS X. Mac OS X uses CUPS, if that is used to manage printing in Unbuntu, it may be possible to recompile the printer driver.

  116. realist.com says:


    I know you can’t sway you Apple Fanboys

    but FYI,

    apple has less then 10% of the market share, hince why no hackers give a crap about it (no corp uses apple servers for there systems, they don’t allow enough propriatary customization). Also the majorty of the apple market is designers/artists…systems that Virus writers have no need to cripple (whats would be the gain from that) So should HP invest in less then 10% of the market…umm..no

    Apple copied FREE BSOD…APPLE AND WINDOWS Copied Xeorx star, windows did not copy apple so don’t go spewing that garbage

    most apple for life users hate windows because they can’t figure it out.

    agreed with everyone who said this guy should have done his research…HP doesn’t owe him a driver…if he wants the printer to work, he should write it himself.

  117. akatsuki says:

    HP always sucks, they have been living off of a name they established in the late 80s/early 90s, but their products have been sub-par for a long time. Samsung, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Brother are all cheaper and just as good generally, if not better.

    And the whole lack of being profitable argument? That just means that they don’t actually invest in customer service.

    Plus it is just wasteful to throw out stuff like that. I know that most tech geeks are avaricious consumers, but it is not like there has been significant progress in multifunction printers for a long time.

  118. TKWarrior says:

    So HP never claimed to support that version OS for that printer, and the consumer here obviously never did their homework before assuming everything they owned would ‘just work’, and this is HP’s fault how?

    While I do agree that HP sucks – proud owner of a Canon MP970 – this complaint is BS. Get a better printer and do your homework next time before switching to a new OS.

  119. Atomike says:

    The OP is completely wrong on this one for several reasons. But you can tell that he knows nothing about computers by the simple fact that he was dumb enough to buy a Mac. Macs are ONLY for grandparents who are not tech-savvy enough to use a real computer. Macs are designed to be pretty, and appeal to the “dumb” or “computer illiterate” in our society. If you are over 8 or under 80, you should not buy a Mac – they’re toys. Macs are not computers. They are the Fisher Price version of a real machine. People who want to DO things don’t buy Macs. Why do they even make printers for Macs? It’s ironic really. Macs are for web surfing only. That’s ALL they can do.

  120. Michael Belisle says:

    @Atomike: What sorts of things? Oh please do elaborate. I want to know what I’m missing.

  121. Michael Belisle says:

    @realist.com: Please tell someone who cares. HP does support the Mac, so you’ll need to present your data to them, and convince them why they shouldn’t. Good luck!

  122. JohnnyE says:

    HP did the same to me! They haven’t released any Leopard drivers for my 10 year old Office Jet 630. Not only that, but I’m having a hell of a time trying to plug the parallel printer cable into the little USB port on my MacBook Pro.

    Seriously guy, what do you do for a living? If someone who bought a service or product from your 4 years ago came to you and expected some extra product or service from you — without expecting to contribute any extra revenue to you — what would you say to them. You might argue that a 4 year old consumer grade multi-function device isn’t old, but even business office equipment is going to be either fully depreciated, or close to it, at the point.

    HP haven’t orphaned you — you have the ability to print. But the fax and scan capability likely require a whole new effort under OSX 10.5, efforts which don’t come free from a commercial company.

    If you want free, realize that *YOU* are part of the free open source community — start digging through the options to scanning with your old device on OS X Leopard, figure out a solution, and then freely contribute your work back to others with the same problem. C’mon, get it together!

    (Personally, if Ubuntu works so great for scanning, I’d just run it on your Mac in a virtual machine with USB support when you need to scan. Either that, or Freecycle your old device to someone who’s still happy running an older supported platform.)

  123. Mr. Gunn says:

    You know….the thought just occurred to me that perhaps he could have considered looking for a driver before making the switch?

  124. Michael Belisle says:

    @Mr. Gunn: The thought occurred to a lot of people here, who decided that 2004 is the stone age and apparently enjoy throwing out their equipment every 4 years.

    Let’s say he did. He would have found the following info:

    HP plans to release the first major update until the end of December 2007 [sic], which will be focused on All-in-One and Scanner drivers to provide scanning and faxing functionality. Until then scanning functionality is limited to certain HP products.

    He might have continued reading, and seen a little elaboration on the problem

    HP products using device drivers with VISE Installer 3.x will run on Mac OS X
    Leopard… Products using device drivers with VISE Installer v2.x will currently not run on Mac OS X Leopard… HP plans to release software updates in 30 to 60 days [December 2007]. [h41140.www4.hp.com] (PDF)

    He then might have looked at the installer version and seen “Yup, sure enough, it’s VISE v2.0” and then thought, “But it’s March. Where the is the promised update that was due 2 months ago? Maybe HP has an answer.”

  125. Trai_Dep says:

    Considering the Troll/Comment ratio here, Consumerist, can we please implement a Vote The Troll flag? YouTube has a nice solution: you can set the number of Troll Flags that you’re okay with wading thru. Anything above that number and comment is collapsed. Thus, everyone’s happy. Except the Trolls, who are ignored by people interested in on-topic conversations.

    Or, create a poll and ask your readers if they’d like such a feature added. Bet it’d generate a HUGE number of comments (wink, wink, nudge).

  126. Theoutlet says:

    @realist.com: yes, you’re right I was just so computer illiterate that I just had to buy apple. They say apple lovers are on a High horse and you just stop short of calling all apple users idiots. Please choke on the irony while I go use my intuitive and well made OS. Oh why am I trying I know I can’t sway you microsoft fanatics.

  127. wurly says:

    this same thing happened to me. i hate HP. i now have a big fax-scanner-copier-printer that only prints.

  128. Michael Belisle says:

    @Trai_Dep: Send an email to Ben. If there was a troll button, I would have clicked it here (nothing personal, but it’s a request that’s way off topic). It’s a good idea.

  129. leftystrat says:

    My, how times change.

    Years ago, I went looking for a printer-scanner-copier. HP was tops on my list because I knew there was lots of linux support. I bought a PSC, hooked it up and haven’t had a problem since.

    When I went shopping, people told me not to expect ANY linux support.

    Now we’re years down the line and the next generation is complaining about lack of support for his OS.

    Even if I hadn’t read the replies, they’d invariably fall into one of four categories:

    [Abuse] Don’t be such a crybaby.
    [Correction] This is why you’re wrong.
    [Abusive Correction] This is why you’re wrong, Whiner.
    [Snarky] Get a real OS.

    My instinct is to agree with Correction, nullifying my reason for posting. But the internal voices are all chanting Snarky SNARKY!

    I felt your pain, guy.
    (I think this is irony.)

    The final category is Religious. “God wants you to use Ubuntu on ALL of your machines.”

  130. sixsnowflakes says:

    Why would you run an HP printer with anything besides an HP computer?

  131. mrosedal says:

    This happened to a lot of people switching to Vista as well. I was helping out a person who had to upgrade his printer for that very same reason. The real problem is being an early adopter of Tech. If you need to be on the cutting edge than sometimes you have to upgrade your hardware. This seems no different than needing to buy a newer computer for the latest OS. Seems reasonable to me.

  132. Scatter says:

    If the box and system requirements said that it supported Leopard and it didn’t then you’d have a legitimate gripe but it didn’t. You bought a printer that was advertised to work with specific operating systems and it does in fact work fine with those operating systems. You made an conscious decision to upgrade to an unsupported OS. This isn’t HP’s fault.

  133. Andy S. says:

    I feel Matt’s pain.

    I bought a Mac last week, and it doesn’t support my parallel port IBM plotter, my serial port 2400bps US Robotics modem, my microchannel Ad Lib sound card, or my external SCSI Iomega Jaz drive.

    Seriously, Matt. Welcome to the wonderful world of technology. We can’t move forward if tech companies have to waste resources supporting old technology indefinitely. Your printer is old by modern standards, you’re probably lucky that HP still makes ink cartridges that fit it.

  134. ELC says:

    HP has become one sucky printer maker. It has nothing to do with Leopard. I had trouble getting my AIO to work when I bought it as part of an new Apple computer/HP printer deal!!! The current version of the aIO SW they have finally seemed to fix everything. But add this to their planned inks turning themselves off, it’s just another example of how crappy they are!

  135. Michael Belisle says:

    @JohnnyE: @Andy S.: Why is it necessary to exaggerate the age of Matt’s printer? Why don’t you compare to how “your” 4-year-old Logitech V470M Bluetooth mouse isn’t supported? Or your 5-year-old HP 2400 USB scanner?

    Oh wait, I checked and they are. Do you know why? Because they’re not 10-15 years old like your idiotic examples.

  136. Trai_Dep says:

    @Michael Belisle: Ironic, huh? :D Will do, thanks!

  137. Trai_Dep says:

    And, HP could easily create a generic driver w/ 80% of the functionality, that would assuage people in this situation. Or a driver that accepts some type of control variables/scripts that the hacker kiddies could play with to reach a minimal (again, not optimal) level.

    It’s incredibly wasteful to throw away a 4-year-old toxic box simply because HP is unwilling to meet their customers’ needs halfway. Ironic, since HP sees little profit on their printers – it’s the ink that’s their cash cow, so it’d HELP their bottom line.

  138. shocker says:

    HP is doing the same thing with Vista. Our Designjet 130 is less than 2 years old and we’re SOL on a new driver.

    Sure, I’ll buy a new printer, but you can be damn sure it won’t be a HP.

  139. Michael Belisle says:

    @shocker: [h20000.www2.hp.com] ? It looks like one was released Feb. 13. They’re still selling the Design Jet 130, so it’d surprise me if they really had no plans to support Vista.

  140. IndyJaws says:

    @lifeofbean: Hey, I had one of those as well – bought in ’91 or ’92. Even dropped the extra $$ for the RAM upgrade. Served me well until an interface error repair far exceeded the value. Still have fond memories though…

  141. SpdRacer says:

    @fluiddruid: It actually has nothing to do with marketshare. It has everything to do with the adversarial relationship that M$ has created within the marketplace. People (and by people I mean hackers) just like to screw with the CRAP that M$ puts out.

  142. MrEvil says:

    HP doesn’t have a scanner driver for my Laserjet 3030 under Windows Vista, but Vista doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. I have no room to bitch to HP though, I saved it from the dumpster. In any event the printer will work fine at the very least.

    Seriously though, 4 years old for an Inkjet is IMPOSSIBLY old. However on the larger laser printers that’s still new. I work on Lexmarks every day that were manufactured last century. Alot of large corps get the printer and service for free and just buy toner.

  143. sibertater says:

    @ChewySquirrel: It’s the printer that doesn’t work. It’s not the operating system. Nice way to try to spin it, though.

  144. sibertater says:

    Also? Here’s what I do when I buy a printer: I find the one with the least expensive cartridges, then I buy that one. I’d rather spend more money up front on a printer and less money on the ink refills.

    I’ve never been let down with Canon. HP pretty much sucks, as does Lexmark and Epson. I’ve never been more disappointed with a product than my old Epson all-in-one. SUCK!

  145. sibertater says:

    @Atomike: I was going to write you an angry email, but I’m on a Mac so all I can do is read your comment and fume.

    *le sigh*

  146. hibiscusroto says:

    As if I needed another reason to not buy HP products :)

  147. realist.com says:

    @Theoutlet: I prefer freeDOS

  148. @SacraBos:

    That’s exactly the problem… HP’s bullcrap inkjet line doesn’t understand PCL or PS. All it speaks is HP binary gobbledygook. So you need a special driver to talk to it, that changes every time they increment the model number by 1 or 2 numbers. No wonder they can’t keep up with new OS’s, when they “replace” each model in their line several times a year with a printer that looks slightly different, has all the same features but takes a slightly different ink cartridge and speaks a slightly different dialect of suck printer-language.

    The solution is don’t buy inkjet, especially not from HP. Last HP multifunction I had on my Mac still didn’t have Universal printer drivers. And all the HP crap that you have to install on your computer is running in Rosetta all day long (not just when you’re printing).

    I switched to Canon for color multifunction devices, and their driver was beautiful in its simplicity and speed, and was fully Intel native, and didn’t look like a crappily ported OS9 app the way HP’s always do.

    But if you need some sort of office-grade multifunction device, one word for you my friend, Brother Brother Brother. actually two words: Brother Laser. They are incredibly affordable (maybe 200 bucks or so for the MFC-7820N, even less refurbished), speak PCL AND Postscript, come networked so you don’t need to worry about lame USB driver crap (like Windows installing a second “printer” if you plug into a different port). Over the network, you can print to it as an IP printer like an HP JetDirect, using LPR like Unix prefers, just use its built-in Bonjour to just detect and install it on a Mac… I could go on and on. It’s about a 50 times better than anything HP makes for less than $1,000. Oh, and the (third-party) toner cartridges can be had for about $30 bucks.

    I don’t work for Brother, but I have purchased 4 of them so far at my office. We haven’t bought an HP anything in quite a while.

  149. TwoScoopsRice says:

    @Theoutlet: Agree … this is HP’s business choice, way to ensure continued brand loyalty. I find it interesting that HP takes this stance, and yet it is a perennial partner with Apple in the seasonal “buy a new notebook/desktop and get $100 rebate for a [usually HP] printer of your choice.

    It makes me scratch my head, sometimes, on just how Mr. Jobs chooses his marketing partners … still wondering what the braintrust’s reaction was to AT&T telling iPhone users in essence, tough luck, we don’t support Safari for online bill management (big oopsie, dissing the company that gave you exclusive service rights for iPhone, WTG, guys).

    @ OP: Just got a software update notice yesterday that new drivers were available for the HP printers/scanners I’ve used — could be any/all of the 3-5 different HPs of various ages I’ve used in the last month, including a 6-year-old dinosaur. Might be worth your checking it out. Good luck.