Top Posts Of The Week

This WaMu Confirmation Number Has A Potty Mouth
“I logged online to check my Wamu account tonight and I was surprised by the profanity in the “confirmation number” field.”

Apple Still Won’t Sell You A Computer Because You’ve Got Too Many Gift Cards
“I have 7 gift cards totaling $1250. Apple refuses to sell me a computer despite having $1250 upfront.”

7 Confessions Of A Verizon DSL Tech Support Rep
“5. In order to meet their 15 min handle time, agents have simply transferred the customer back into the queue to talk to another agent and tried to make it look like it was a phone problem.”

Complaint Remover Gets Rid Of “Negative Links,” Including LOLCats
“CLIENT: So you like make new internets and push the bad internets down
Kelly: yes
CLIENT: My keywords are lolcats
CLIENT: I have a cat breeding business and people keep making pictures of cats with derogatory phrases on them
CLIENT: It’s hampering my ability to attract new clients”

AT&T Won’t Sell You iPhone Because “You’re Going To Unlock It”
“No” “What?!!? Why not!?” “Because you are going to unlock the phone and we can’t allow that. Go buy one on eBay.”