UPDATE: Apple Will Sell You A Computer If You've Got Too Many Gift Cards

Here we go again! Rhys wrote back let us know that Apple says that its system can handle 7 gift cards in one transaction. It just took a little effort.

Rhys says:

At 5-30pm today I received a phonecall from Apple. They’d done some detective work to find my phone number that sounded quite complicated and involved tracing everybody with my forename that they’d dealt with over the last few days and finally tracing me through my blog. Not quite sure how they traced from my blog to my business website (www.sagephotoworld.com) to find my business phone number but there we are.

I understood from my conversation that Apple is working on its online system in order to make it accept more than 4 gift cards. I also understand that they’re going to have a word with their sales team. Apparently the use of more gift cards is unusual and requires more manual labour to get it right. It did take a while to get the numbers read out and checked. I was asked who I’d dealt with but I could only remember the name from the online chat – not from the time when I rang.

There was a lot more in the calls during which a brand new $1299 Macbook was ordered with some extras. Thus far we seem to have come to an amicable settlement. The chap at Apple appologised profusely and offered a free iPod Nano as compensation. Quite honestly I’d rather a copy of Aperture but he said he’ll ring and we’ll chat about it tomorrow.

And it’s all because Apple executives read consumerist.com. 🙂


Huzzah. Thanks to everyone who promoted this story and got the job done. We’ll see you next year. The “too many gift card” story has become an Lenten tradition now.


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