Personal Finance Roundup

5 money books to change your life [MSN Money]
“It’s not often that a book on personal finance has something new to contribute. Here are a few that do.”

Five Ways to Help Those Struggling With Finances [The Street] “How can you help those who need help with personal finances, but aren’t necessarily asking for your help?”

Can You Beat the Market? It’s a $100 Billion Question [New York Times]
“Investors collectively spend around $100 billion a year trying to beat the stock market. The huge price tag helps explain why beating a buy-and-hold strategy is so difficult.”

Third-Party Service Fees Sneaking Onto Wireless Bills [Smart Money] “Increasingly, consumers are discovering that all of those fun cellphone extras such as ringtones, games and entertaining text messages are resulting in some nasty charges from companies other than their cellphone provider.”

Another Meeting? Good. Another Chance To Hear Myself Talk [Wall Street Journal]
“If everybody hates meetings so much, why do we have so many of them?”


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