I hate qwest. When i bought my house in july last year i signed up for qwest phone service and direct tv. Well almost immeadately qwest starting billing me for their dial up internet service through MSN also. Well im a system engineer and my 2 roomates are a geek squad supervisor and a pc technician for 3M. Well dial up jsut does not work for any of us have the 12 meg ling from comcast. well after calling and complaining every month from july until december someone finally fixed it. it turned out some guy names fredrick in new york was using my account to get free internet. Well qwest said they would refund me the 96 dollars in charges that had occured from the dial up (which i kept paying or they threatened to turn off all my services on numerous occasions. But at this point i was sick of qwest so i canceled all of my accounts with them when everything i thought was figured out on december 22nd. ( i should note here i went and resigned up for direct tv service but this time i did it directly through direct tv) well last month i get a overdue bill saying that all of my services would be shut off if i didn’t pay…96 dollars so i call them and there is no note of the refund in their system and the confirmation number i have is invalid. so i get transferred to the rep that i spoke to originally he remebered me and said everything would be taken care of. well yesturday night im at work and my fiancee calls me to let me know our direct tv service is shut off. So i call direct tv and they told me yes i am paid up in their system but according to the system i owe qwest 96 dollars from december so they shut off my service. Remeber i have no services with qwest anymore. So i called them today and they cant do anything for me so i have to wait for a manager to call but hes not working until tomorrow at 10am. I contacted the BBB but that could take months, and qwest wont do anything and i will not pay 96 dollars when its qwests mistake. i dont know what else to do here should i contact a lawyer (luckely my brother in law is one). Any one have any advice?