Man Haggles With Dell Over Laptop Since 2005

There have been several business article written about how Dell is changing its bad customer service ways, but after you read Anthony’s horrible tale, you will know that Dell hell is very alive and very real:

In April of 2005, I purchased a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop computer. Approximately a year later, I was given a replacement for ongoing issues with the computer, and that replacement served me fine for approximately another year before it too had ongoing issues and was replaced under warranty. However, this is where the problems began…

In June of 2007, I received the replacement for my Inspiron 9400, which replaced my original Inspiron 9300). The model was an Inspiron 1720, and in several ways, was inferior to my previous system. I explained this, and was granted a replacement for it as my points were valid. Once I received the replacement, a Dell XPS M1710 computer, I shipped back both the Inspiron 1720 and the 9400 that I had in my possession. However, upon inspecting the XPS M1710 I received, it was not, still, “the same, or better than” my Inspiron 9400 (which I was told it would be). So, I escalated the issue even further, and was granted yet another replacement. In mid-August of 2007, over 2 months since my original request for a replacement, I finally received an adequate replacement, that certainly exceeded my expectations in terms of its specifications and features.

This XPS M1710 worked great for approximately 2 months before it, too, started having issues. I proceeded with NUMEROUS replacements. Only 3 times was I able to have a technician to my home to replace the damaged/malfunctioning parts, due to the duties of my job, but I am a capable A+ Certified technician myself and am fully qualified to replace the parts myself, although I am not a “Dell Certified” technician. Each and every time a parts replacement dispatch was sent to my home, I promptly returned the defective part within the 15 business day allotted time that I am given. I, however, after a pattern of specific replaced parts (namely the videocard) began searching the internet to see if anyone else was affected by consistent videocard issues. It turned out that I was not the only one affected by these issues, so I requested a replacement computer in February of 2008. The replacement arrived at my door on February 19, 2008.

Approximately 2 months before this, however, I received a phone call from someone in Dell Collections asking about the defective parts I returned, along with the Inspiron 9400 and first XPS M1710 I received. I provided any and all information that was asked of me, including tracking numbers and ship dates, and believed the matter to be closed, and never heard anything more about it.

The replacement computer that arrived to me on February 19, 2008, was an XPS M1730 computer which was shipped to me directly from Dell Returns. Upon opening the box for the computer, I was appalled. The computer is heavily used, very beat up, with 2 noticeable dings below the DVD drive, scratches on the LCD lid, LCD itself, palmrest, and finally several dead pixels on the LCD screen, coupled with very low brightness of the LCD. COMPLETELY unacceptable. On top of that, it does not have certain things that I was told it would have.

I began stating the issues with this new computer, and ran into a brick wall, as I kept being told to be “happy” with what I received. I finally got into contact with Mr. Mike McKinney at the Dell Resolutions department, and he agreed to replace the system yet again, and sincerely apologized for the inconveniences. I thought these matters would come to a close, and awaited Mike’s response and notification of the system replacement.

However, none of this came, and I wanted to (obviously) know the status of my case. At this point, I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as I’ve grown extremely tired of these constant issues. On February 24, I was told by a very rude Dell Technical Support representative that there would be no more replacements, and he escalated the case to the Fraud department. This made me VERY angry as I had not, and never would, commit ANY kind of fraud. Again, I will repeat what I stated above. For everything that was asked of me in terms of replacement computers and replacement parts, I did EVERYTHING exactly as I was told to do. I shipped back every defective part without fail, and shipped back every computer that was replaced. After several days of not knowing what was happening, I finally was given the contact information for “Neil”, who was handling my case. I got into contact with him at approximately 10:30AM on February 28th, and was treated VERY rudely. The person did not listen to ANYTHING I said, and repeatedly said that there would be no more replacements. At this point, I am so frustrated and so angry, I cannot even describe it in words.

The Better Business Bureau case is still open, and has been updated with the most recent information. I have not, nor would not, commit any kind of fraud against Dell. I don’t know where the error is, but it is CERTAINLY not on my end, as I will state again, I did everything I was told to do in a timely fashion.

I would like a timely resolution to this problem, and expect someone to contact me regarding this. Please contact me at the above address, or by phone at [redacted]. I appreciate your time and help in these matters.


Anthony Nicholas

March 3

Dell at this point is REFUSING to do ANYTHING. They don’t want to replace the laptop, they don’t want to send me the parts to replace the defective/damaged ones on the laptop, NOR do they even want to send a technician to replace the defective/damaged parts.

The laptop itself now refuses to boot (Machine Check Exception bluescreens on bootup, not fixed by reinstalling or reimaging the OS) and crashes in Dell Diagnostics when it gets to the point of testing the CPU, which leads me to believe it’s a CPU error (the processor is likely faulty). Also, there is no wireless card or bluetooth card, which I hadn’t noticed before as I had never tried to do anything significant with the laptop, it had been sitting in its box. I verified the lack of bluetooth card and wireless card by removing the keyboard to see if the wireless card was present, and it’s not, only 3 wires that WOULD connect to the wireless card. The bluetooth module SHOULD be situated in a holder accessible by removing the battery, and it too is vacant.

A catastrophe this is, and Dell refuses to fix it or take any responsibility for it.

-Anthony Nicholas

March 6

OK guys at Consumerist… I could REALLY, REALLY, REALLY use your help.

Dell is refusing to “release my account” so that the computer can be fixed. The guy holding the account’s name is “Neil” and he won’t return my calls, nor will he bother to deal with me anymore. As I had said in my previous e-mail, the computer has gotten worse. At this point, after sitting for a couple of days, when I press the power button on the computer, the power LED comes on for about 1/2 a second, and then goes out. It refuses to boot at all, so now I’m stuck with a perfectly non-functioning, scratched up, dinged up, $5000+ computer.

Dell refuses to give me any refund, or fix the computer at all. I still have warranty coverage for 43 days, and at this point, I’m thinking Dell wants to stall and “review” my account for the next 43 days so my computer goes out of warranty, and they don’t have to do anything, unless I pay HUGE bucks for it.

Again, please help guys, I’m at a loss.

If you’re from Dell and you want to clean up your mess, you can email Anthony at You probably should, if you don’t want to got to bed feeling like the failure that you are.

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