Announcing The Worst Company In America 2008 Contestants

Your votes are in and we have seeded the initial brackets for Worst Company In America 2008. It’s bigger, the companies are badder, and the bloodshed and gore is going to better than ever before. Inside, see the full bracket breakdown. Tomorrow, the first battle begins, Comcast vs Menu Foods!


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  1. rdldr1 says:

    Is there a reason why Halliburton isnt on the list this year, even after observing many requests for its inclusion?

  2. BloggyMcBlogBlog says:

    That Wal-mart – Sears battle in the 2nd round looks like a fantastic match-up.

  3. Neurotic1 says:

    You left of Delta Air Lines who fires its employees on Thanksgiving and X-mas.

  4. rdldr1 says:

    Is there a reason why Halliburton isnt on the list this year, even after many comments requesting its inclusion?

  5. RAREBREED says:

    Prediction: it’s going to come down to Best Buy vs. Comcast.

  6. Shadowman615 says:

    @rdldr1: There weren’t so many requests once you discount all of the double-comments. ;)

  7. RandoX says:

    @rdldr1: No, and asking again won’t change that. :P

  8. arch05 says:

    I can’t fucking wait.

  9. lastingsmilledge says:

    ebay/paypal is the obvious cinderella with their seeding.

  10. vladthepaler says:

    Why isn’t the incumbant running for a second term? Has the RIAA really improved that dramatically?

  11. yesteryear says:

    i think this bracket thing has to do with basketball, no? im not familiar with that system – but if it’s comcast v. menu foods tomorrow then i’m guessing it means the two companies at each of the outer boxes will battle to see who eventually makes it into the box? ugh. can someone please explain? i’m just really concerned that Exxon is going to beat out my top choice: Crocs.

  12. mjburnsy says:

    Final 4:

    Comcast vs AT&T

    CitiBank vs Countywide

    ‘Winner’ Comcast

  13. ajc308 says:

    @RAREBREED It’s not physically possible for it to come down to Comcast vs. Best Buy, they are in the same division? conference? how are we classifying?

  14. timsgm1418 says:

    that wouldn’t be a good contest, nobody would be voting for either of them, they both suck@RAREBREED:

  15. savvy999 says:

    It’s all about the final 4, baby: BestBuy v Comcast, CountryWide v HomeDepot. Winner: Countrywide over BB.

    The toughest call is HallMark v Countrywide to get into the sweet 16. That’s a true evil matchup.

  16. noi56u says:

    watch out for those 5 vs. 12 seeds – upset special!

  17. SVreader says:

    Diamonds versus flowers! It’s a Valentine’s Day smackdown!

  18. Caduceus says:

    March keeps getting better and better.

  19. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    Does the winner have a basket of fruit delivered to it’s corporate offices, Letterman-style?

  20. skwidspawn says:

    @BloggyMcBlogBlog: The Wal*Mart v. Charter Cable in the third looks way more interesting!

  21. nuch says:

    Someone get a fantasy team going.

  22. BuddyGuyMontag says:


  23. stpauliegirl says:

    Menu Foods will definitely get my vote. Those fuckers killed my cat.

  24. urban_ninjya says:

    I’m rooting for Best Buy. There’s like always a Best Buy / Geek Squad story of the week.

  25. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    The tournament WOULD have been broadcast in HD but Comcast messed up the installation order.

  26. soulman901 says:

    My money is on Comcast.

  27. Jozef says:

    I can already see some bitter fights in the second round:

    Comcast -vs- Facebook
    BestBuy -vs- CompUSA
    AT&T -vs- CapitalOne
    Wal-Mart -vs- Sears
    Bank of America -vs- Monster Cable

    This is gonna be more fun than the Presidential primaries :)

  28. Nighthawke says:

    Radio Shack vs TimeWarner. No brainer for those that have tangled with the shak like I have, from the inside and out. Plus the infamous 400 electronic pink slip debacle.

  29. Corydon says:

    Hey, is there also a “Best Company in America” contest? Perhaps it wouldn’t be as much fun on the schadenfreude front, but it would be a nice recap of who it pays to do business with, and a reward to companies that actually value customer service.

  30. char says:

    Comcast sucks, but what menu foods did was beyond terrible.

    They could go all the way, but they don’t have the name recognition of a comcast or a subprime mess company.

  31. Snowblind says:

    @RandoX: Bush and Cheny made you say that.

  32. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    Why is everyone putting money on Comcast? Out of the entire bracket, only one company has it’s fingers in destroying the nation’s economy, and that’s countrywide.

  33. Corydon says:

    @stpauliegirl: Thanks for the reminder about what Menu Foods had done. Screwing up your cable installation is one thing, but killing your cat is an entirely different plane of evil.

  34. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @rdldr1, @vladthepaler: Please see the post calling for nominees for the new rules this year regarding eligibility.


    New rule this year: we will only accept nominations for companies that makes or sells products or services that consumers actually buy.

    They are not eligible.

    Man, some of these are going to be blood baths: MTV vs TransUnion? BCBS vs CNN? The TV channels don’t stand a chance.

  35. ct03 says:

    For a moment, I was really excited that there is a company that packs meat and sells greeting cards.

  36. Sasquatch says:

    What about Blackwater?

  37. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @BuddyGuyMontag: Not to mention they’re up against puppy killers right off the bat.

    They might win but it’s hardly a lock. There are a few companies whose actions or lack of action led to illness or death and then there are companies, like Countrywide, whose actions affected everybody not just their customers.

  38. Jim says:

    @BuddyGuyMontag: Sallie Mae from the Best Buy bracket?

    @stpauliegirl: @Corydon: Yes, thank you, I had forgotten who Menu Foods was. Changed my vote! Kind of similar to the AT&T/Mattel bout coming later.

    I’m most interested in these two match-ups above, and especially Chase v United Health Care. That one is sure to be gruesome.

    The whole upper right bracket is tough! Who ever makes the final 4 from that one is truly the great Satan.

  39. Scalvo2 says:

    WTF is this BS? Fox News was 8% or so and you put up some companies that had 1%

    The voting didn’t even matter did it?!

  40. ConsumerAdvocacy1010 says:

    Um, where is Sprint? Or Verizon? I don’t see it… I just not looking hard enough?

  41. PKBandit says:

    @Corydon: Agreed. Many pets died because Menu Foods wanted to save a few bucks importing from China.

  42. Scalvo2 says:


    WTF is this BS? Fox News was 8% or so and you put up some companies that had 1%

    The voting didn’t even matter did it?!

  43. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @Scalvo2: They probably just let the nomination for NewsCorp absorb Fox News since it owns Fox News. There was a lot of complaining in the thread about that.

  44. Jim says:

    @ConsumerAdvocacy1010: Yes. Verizon v Allstate, upper left bracket (2 v 15 slot). HP v Sprint, lower right (4 v 13 slot).

  45. thedude2u says:

    You should change your name to “Walleye” :)

  46. wolfjack says:

    @BuddyGuyMontag: I have to agree with you about Countrywide. Everyone shouldn’t forget the stories of having consumers thinking they’re signing for a fixed rate loan only to give them an ARM because agents put additional loan papers underneath and shredded the top set.

    I think that the Face Book American Arbitration Assoc. smackdown looks interesting. As well as Video Professor vs. Capitol One.

  47. GirlCat says:

    @Corydon: Listen, Little Mary Sunshine, this isn’t Disney*–quit yapping and fill out your brackets.

    I was rooting for American Airlines, but killing America’s pets? More evil.

    *Why no Disney??

  48. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @ConsumerAdvocacy1010: I don’t see it either. It got more of the vote than MTV though so I’m also confused about that one.

  49. BigBoat says:

    You are not looking hard enough. But why in the world is Google there?

  50. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @Jim: Oh, you’re right. My bad.

    @GirlCat: According to the poll, no one voted for Disney.

  51. AaronZ says:

    Comcast vs Menu Foods? Isn’t that a little one sided? Who the hell are menu foods anyway?
    Can we just skip to the end, Comcast vs Best Buy?

  52. DrGirlfriend says:

    Crocs? Why?

  53. humphrmi says:

    @Eli Reusch: As @Rectilinear Propagation pointed out,

    New rule this year: we will only accept nominations for companies that makes or sells products or services that consumers actually buy.

    Blackwater doesn’t qualify.

  54. eightfifteen says:

    Walmart is only on there once? They deserve a couple places at least.

  55. Canerican says:

    A few days are going to be tough, my favorite is compUSA, they sold me a GPS, it broke, and even though I bought the extended warrenty they keep telling me the will send a new one and don’t… this has been going on three months now.

    Voting for the MAFIAA would be nice though too.

  56. Jefeweizen says:

    Agreed… Comcast 4TW!

  57. fluiddruid says:

    @Scalvo2: Fox News isn’t a company. News Corp is the company. Should we add ‘iPod’ to the list?

  58. Kavatar says:

    Are you guys really gonna do one contest per day? It’s gonna take like two months. It should be 2-4 per day, for the first round.

    Anyways, who are your dark horses? I think WaMu can have a pretty strong showing, based on all their incompetence that has shown up here.

  59. neight718 says:

    United Health Care?

  60. picantel says:

    man how does one pick between crapital one and video professor

  61. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @AaronZ: Remember the pet food recalls? That was Menu Foods.

  62. sleze69 says:

    Haliburton is no longer an American company. Does it even do business outside the Middle East anymore?

    Ben – Next year you need to get someone to create bracket software for the members similar to espn/yahoo with March Madness. Maybe give a prize (some sort of coupon or something) to the member with the most accurate brackets. Also, incumbants need to be eligible for repeats/threepeats. I probably wouldn’t have voted for the RIAA again but it still deserves to be listed.

  63. Milstar says:

    oh come on! Countrywide against DirectTV?? that’s like an elite 8 match not a first rounder.

  64. Midwest_Product says:

    I’m confused as to why we are starting the voting with Comcast vs. Menu Foods. Shouldn’t the first order of business be the play-in game between Hallmark and Westland?

  65. mac-phisto says:

    1) where do i send my filled out bracket?
    2) how much do i send with it?
    3) who do i make the check out to?
    4) what’s the cut-off date?

    some tough calls here from the get-go, but my final 4 prediction:
    best buy
    wamu (<– that’s my cinderella)

    best buy ftw.

    have to admit…that last bracket’s a tough one. boa or countrywide could easily bump sprint right out of the mix.

  66. robocop is bleeding says:

    Oh man, I’m looking forward to the clash of the Worsts.

    That is, companies that are Worst because they’re evil/sinister/irresponsible (subprimes, DeBeers, etc) and those that are Worst because they just are not very good at actually serving customers (Sears, Best Buy, etc).

    Evil vs Inept! Will the winner slink of in shame or cackle maniacally?

    My Final Four: Verizon, Best Buy, Sears, and CountryWide.

  67. Splendor says:

    I’m riding AT&T all the way. Spying on us and then pushing for immunity makes baby Jefferson cry.

  68. kastickboy says:

    Comcast vs Best Buy
    WaMu vs Country Wide

    Comcast vs Country Wide


    Home Depot, Delta, United, and Ebay look like they will put up some good fights…

  69. BillyMumphry says:


    Since every intelligent businessperson in the world would say that a companies #1 priority is to enhance shareholder wealth, Crocs definitely deserves a spot in the round of 16 as their stock has been decimated. (75.21 52 wk high, currently 19.40). Piece o’ sheet.

  70. CPC24 says:

    @Canerican: Didn’t you hear they went out of business? Consumerist has only had a few dozen stories on it. Why are they still on the list if they’re out of business, anyway? Well, I guess the handful of stores in Florida that Tiger Direct bought still counts.

  71. iDevin says:

    Final four: Comcast, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Countrywide
    But I think it’s going to boil down to Comcast versus Countrywide and I hope Countrywide gets it.

  72. trujunglist says:

    Umm, who the hell seeded these people? The way you have it seeded right now, Comcast, a #1 seed, is basically going against another #1 seed from the comments I’ve seen here. I guess you’ve seeded this by how many votes each company gets, with Comcast being the overall #1 seed.
    Is Apple really a 7-10 seed while Sallie Mae is about the same? Umm, last time I checked, Sallie Mae is full of scumbag collectors. Apple won’t let you use more than 4 gift cards, unless you whine about it directly to Steve Jobs, thus likely changing the policy again.
    Is Target really a #16, therefore one of the least voted for, while Apple is somewhere around #7? In reality, Target undoubtedly triumphs in the shitty service category.
    Based on the amount of complaints, I’d say that Sprint should be the #2 seed, replacing AT&T, yet Sprint, despite the amount of articles/complaints/bad service ratings is somewhere near a 6 seed. What the hell is up with that?
    Also, Wal-Mart is a #1 seed, yet have to face Sears, a very low-seeded-for-the-amount-of-complaints company. I’d say Wal-Mart is going to be upset by Sears this year, it’s almost a no-brainer because Sears should probably be #1, Wal-Mart #2, and Microsoft at #2 would then be #3.
    This is so much worse than NCAA seedings, so much worse. You’ve created a true clusterfuck with this one.

  73. codexile says:

    Comcast is horrible, but at least they don’t kill peoples pets.

    Surprisingly, Menu Foods is gonna get my vote.

    Gonna be hard not to vote for Comcast though :(

  74. Michael Belisle says:

    @trujunglist: Seconded.

  75. chartermole says:

    “You left of Delta Air Lines who fires its employees on Thanksgiving and X-mas.”

    Charter did that one year. The CEO at the time laid off over a thousand people. By video tape. At Christmas time. In it he had the unmitigated gall to lamented how ‘We all have to tighten our belts in this regrettable time. I had to disappoint my lovely daughters this year and send them to a *public* college!’

    If there was ever a time I wanted to see someone fry in hell, that was it.

  76. Wormfather says:

    There are some seriously good first round match ups. I’d order the pay-per view.

    I’d be great to have PR people debating each round.

    Oh and comcast got screwed (in a good way). No way they make it out of that bracket, no way they get passed the ticketmaster/wachovia winner.

    And Verizon vs. All-State as a 2 vs 15 matchup, that seems like an upset waiting to happen.

  77. Superborty says:

    The idea for this is pure brilliance….

  78. Wormfather says:

    @trujunglist: Next year they’ll have to stop with the voting and have an RPI like system along with a selection commitee.

  79. trujunglist says:

    BTW, my final four is:
    Best Buy

    Title match:
    Comcast vs. Sears

    Sears wins! Go fighting Installed 3 Months After Scheduled Delivery Stovetops!

  80. picantel says:

    Btw, it is not true that nobody voted for Disney. I voted for them and it never changed the 0% so perhaps it was not counted. Why would I vote disney when there are tons of other scumbags? I am a disney fanatic who moved to Florida to be near the parks only to watch overwhelming greed take over and now they have ruined everything that spent 10 years trying to build up. Disney is nothing more than a cattle call for cash.

  81. PaulMorel says:

    Comcast vs. Best Buy

    Sears vs. Countrywide


    or at least CountryWide SHOULD win. They’ve definitely ruined more lives than Comcast or Sears has in the last couple years.

  82. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    Why are they still on the list if they’re out of business, anyway?

    @CPC24: Because they were in business in 2007.

  83. SegaCDGamer says:

    we forgot 2 major companies that should beat out comcast any day of the week. KBR and Altria (phillip morris). KBR doesnt care to keep the water clean for our nation’s service members in iraq and for the cover up of a sexual assault within it’s company. Altria, well, duh…

  84. Angryrider says:

    @BigBoat: Yes, I wonder that? We are getting their services FOR FREE! WHY SHOOT THE GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH?!
    They’re also giving us $10 discounts. So why complain?

  85. yesteryear says:

    @DrGirlfriend: i’ve been asking myself that question for a while now. why would anyone wear these hideous, tacky shoes?

    anyway, they are nominated because peoples toes were being mangled by them. and because no one, not even mario batali, should be wearing these outside of their backyard.

  86. SuffolkHouse says:

    Menu foods doesn’t stand a chance. No way.

  87. youbastid says:

    If everyone votes based on their own experience, votes will be everywhere. This isn’t a vote for the worst company in your life, it’s a vote for the worst company in America. Sure, I had terrible experiences with Verizon and Time Warner, but I think ExxonMobil and United are truly 2 of the worst companies in general.

  88. astroworm2004 says:

    Why isn’t Fedex Kinkos on this list???

  89. justdan says:

    Comcast has gotta win.

  90. rbb says:

    @SegaCDGamer: Did you actually bother to read the DOD IG report here: []

    Or did you just rely on the inaccuracies of the AP report? Yes, the KBR plants had problems, but so did the military water plants. Here’s a paragraph from the report that obviously did not make the AP article:

    “Because of corrective actions taken, contractor processes for providing potable and nonpotable water were adequate as of November 2006 when internal quality control procedures and DoD oversight were in place to provide quality assurance for the processes of water production, production site storage, distribution, and storage at point-of-use facilities. However, military water purification units at LSA Anaconda and Camp Ali did not perform required quality control tests and did not maintain appropriate records of water produced, stored, and issued during the period reviewed. Therefore, water suppliers exposed U.S. forces to unmonitored and potentially unsafe water. Although there was no way to determine whether water provided by the contractors and military water purification units caused disease, contractors and military units responsible for water operations must always ensure that water provided to the forces meets all established standards and is safe to use.”

    Note the last sentence about there being no way to determine if ANY disease was caused by the water from the military or the contractor.

  91. rjweiss68 says:

    Interesting that CompUSA is on the list despite being in liquidation, while Circuit City is not. Admittedly, there are more bad companies than brackets, but CC is no ordinary bad company.

  92. apeguero says:

    Burn in Hell Exxon!!!!!! Burn in Hell!!!!! Hopefully with that same stupid drug you’re pushing! One my car just won’t give up :)

  93. HeartBurnKid says:

    @vladthepaler: I’m hoping it’s because last year’s champ gets an automatic bye to the finals.

  94. Angryrider says:

    Healthcare in the hands of capitalism is already terrible. Why shouldn’t United Health, BCBS be called the worst? They let people die just so they can earn some money.
    At least Comcast isn’t killing people…

  95. boandmichele says:

    @vladthepaler: no, as a company they have gotten much much worse. but apparently that isnt worth publicizing. :(

  96. GirlCat says:

    @SuffolkHouse: I am telling you: Killing puppies and kittens could take them far.

  97. Nicholai says:

    I do so hope the American Abitration Assoc. wins.

  98. FezMan88 says:


  99. Jamie Beckland says:

    C’mon people! Countrywide has been WAY worse than Best Buy this year…just think about how emblamatic they are of the past year of economic crapitude we have experienced.

    Not just for you or me, but for the people that have no voice – vote Countrywide!

    I also predict Sprint over Bank of America in the third round.

    Where can I get in on this pool? Finally a bracket I know something about…

  100. theblackdog says:

    @DrGirlfriend: I think it might have to do with the folks getting their toes ripped off by escalators while wearing these.

  101. vastrightwing says:


    On one hand, you have annoying, but relatively harmless companies like Comcast, Sears, best Buy, etc. who have the pleasure of annoying vast numbers of people. Then you have Bank of America, United Health care, Trans Union, etc. that don’t have the sheer numbers of people to piss off, but really harm all of us indirectly by their tenacious and destructive policies. This is going to be a tough battle.

  102. loueloui says:


    Watch what you say, CITIZEN.

  103. I’m going to go ahead and make some predictions about who will win the preliminary rounds:

    -Comcast will advance
    -Facebook did some bad things but they have nothing versus Arbitration who will inevitably advance
    -Bank vs Ticket Agency: Wachovia advances
    -Google vs SONY: On the sister site of fanboy nation? -Sony advances.
    -Exxon. Period.
    -I hate United Airlines. Advancement.
    -Insurance company vs Telco/Wireless Carrier/TV? That’s a tough call… Insurance company.
    -Best Buy. Period.
    -CompSUA. Period.
    -Bad Customer Service vs Loan company: Sallie Mae.
    -Cox vs eBay/PayPal? Holy smokes… PayPal.
    -Capital One. Hands down.
    -Charter Cable
    -Time Warner Cable
    -American Airlines
    -Washington Mutual
    -Bank of America
    -Gamestop is bad… Monster Cable extorts. Monster Cable.
    -Blue Cross Blue Shield
    -Hewlett Packard
    -Countrywide Home Loans
    -Clear Channel
    -United Health Care
    -Hallmark/Westland Meat Pack

    I’ll make my next round of predictions once the next brackets have been created. Or who knows… I might create my own bracket and release it.

  104. Jhonka says:

    What?? There’s no play-in game ?

  105. Jhonka says:

    There are companies on the bubble that want in on the action!
    (sorry can’t edit my post)

  106. Cranky Customer says:

    This is a great idea. I’m pretty new to the Consumerist, but I’d like to publicize the brackets here at my office where people are always trying to get me to participate in those stoooopid sports tournaments. Seems like a fair trade-off to me . . . . ;)

    P.S. United Airlines is evil; how could they ever lose?

  107. Bladefist says:

    it could be 2009 before this bracket is over, how fast are we going to be doing these?

  108. DrGirlfriend says:

    @yesteryear: I am in agreement that Crocs deserves to be there purely on being both hideous and pervasive. But I was sure there had to be something else to it ;) Thanks for all the explanations.

  109. karan1003 says:

    $20 on American Arbitration Ass.

  110. ExecutorElassus says:

    @Bladefist: there’s only 63 matchups. Three a week and we still get done around Sept. I’d rather see this play out for a while, so we all have some time to enjoy the show/recoil in horror.
    If we do it MWF I can sync it with reading xkcd, which makes those days even better.

  111. mike says:

    I thought the point of these brackets was to put the #1 seeds against the #12 seeds. Otherwise, it’s like choosing which child to kill when some sicko forces you to.

    That’s why Duke plays some no-name school in Montana in the first round.

  112. AlphaWolf says:

    Google is one of the worst companies how again?

    Menu Foods almost killed my cat, but what was worse is all of the “premium” cat food companies hawking the same crap at high prices.

  113. Forefront says:

    man, i wish there was a facebook app for this thing. that way i can get my friends in on this, and keep the bracket up to date.

  114. Bladefist says:

    @ExecutorElassus: Ah, do you use morning coffee for firefox?

  115. iDevin says:

    Our office pool has picked Countrywide twice, Exxon, Capital One, Ticketmaster, and Blockbuster for winners. This should be interesting…

  116. psyop63b says:

    LOL, I noticed inclusion of Video Professor. I’m wagering it’ll be a war between Comcast and Bank of America. It’s a clash of the TITANS I tell’s ya’s!!!

  117. luz says:

    Look, I’m sorry about the subprime fiasco and the cute dead animals, but I just paid $90 for two $25 tickets, and don’t play the “nobody MADE you” card, because there are some bands one has a moral obligation to see live.


  118. drjayphd says:

    @humphrmi: What if I’ve hired an extensive mercenary army from Blackwater?

  119. gramzon says:

    I’ve already filled mine out and posted it next to my computer. This ought to be a good season.

  120. CecilMcCecil says:

    How can you put DeBeers against 1800Flowers?

    One is directly responsible for slave labor and price fixing on a global scale, the other delivers crappy flowers.


  121. @Papa Midnight: Ok, my preliminary chart is done. I’ve got my predictions set. The chart will fill out as the rounds play out. I believe it will be about 90% accurated (give or take 5%). Based on this, I will re do my chart once the second round begins or the reflection of votes cause me to do so.


  122. JustaConsumer says:

    Why is Google on there? Replace Google with Halibuton. Not sure Video Professor should be on there. They donate a lot of money to the community.

  123. imrealldum says:

    what?? no tracfone???

  124. mamacita says:

    @BuddyGuyMontag: Winner gets a basket of lemons.

  125. Xkeeper says:

    I’m kind of disappointed that Comcast is going against the American Arbitration Association in round 2.

    Very disappointed.

  126. Rode2008 says:

    by Snowblind at 12:51 PM

    @RandoX: Bush and Cheney made you say that.

    George W.? Maybe. But Cheney??? Don’t be so hard on Dick.

  127. deecee73 says:

    AT&T = bunch of shit-eating bastards.

    Glad to get that off my chest. Not as bad as UHC, and I’ll probably feel better if they ever actually ever ship me my phones or refund my money but why should people have to contact customer support ten times to get them to honor a contract or simply refund money?

    Thought after leaving AT&T half a decade ago they might have improved. Nothing’s changed.

  128. ChuckBlack says:

    When we play softball tourney’s, the way these things are picked is the names are drawn out of a hat. Looks like that’s what happened here…

  129. deadlizard says:

    This bracket makes no sense. Google (a company that offers mostly free products) is in, but not Crocs, or even MLB that got a couple of write-ins. On the other hand, CompUSA on its last year, should have some sentimental votes. Sears has maybe a year or two left, so don’t leave it behind.

  130. deadlizard says:

    My bad, I didn’t see Crocs spot. It’d been fun to see it competing against Uggs.

  131. midwestkel says:

    I really dont think CompUSA should be on the list since they dont exisit anymore really. I know they are still around but not as the original company so it shouldnt count.

  132. DrSarcasm says:

    You know, it would rock if a satirical news source like “The Onion” or “The Daily Show” could do mock up locker room interviews with some of the “teams.” Like a fake interview with one of the execs at Menu DOOFS.

    Even better, maybe The Consumerist could award an MVP (to the one person in the worst company that truly made it all possible) this year. I know that the DOOFS won’t win, but they probably killed more family members this past year than any other company. That should at least get them an honorable mention.

  133. langba says:

    IMHO, Stank of America (Bank of America) and Walk-all-over-ya (Wachovia) should reach the finals against each other. But which could possibly be worse? They have both ripped me off. And I’m sure many, many others.

    First Onion (First Union), now a part of Walk-all-over-ya, stole money out of my checking account when a lone teller, handling four drive-thru lanes came up short one day. The teller was missing $100 dollars. Somebody got an extra Benjamin. I didn’t get it. I checked my ATM balance one day and was $100 short. Their explanation: “We don’t know who received the missing money, but to make sure it is returned, each customer would pay for the mistake.” WTF? Every person that went through the drive-thru had $100 stolen from them by the bank. Let’s see, if 50 people (very conservative at this busy branch, 6101 South Blvd) went to the drive-thru, that’s an extra $4,900 for the bank (50 X 100 – 100). Think this money propably went to an branch manager to have a track day at Lowes Motor Speedway? Kid’s braces? Who knows?

    Stank of America (before that Nations Stank, before that North Carolina National Stank – NCNB), has jacked my interest rates all over the place. And the customer service is the worst I have ever used. DO NOT allow an automatic checking account withdrawl with, say, your insurance company. Stank of America will allow them to withdrawl at any time they like, even twice a month is not uncommon. And, they let them withdrawl whatever they like. It is never the same from month to month. Talk about messing up my monthly budget. One would think that a bank would make it harder for an automatic bill pay, so the bank would hold on to the money longer. This way, they make more interest on my money, while I make nothing. Instead, they let the money fly out of my account like I was the Treasury.

    Charlotte really is the bottom of the barrel as far as banks are concerned.

  134. HOP says:


  135. dallasmay says:


    Pfizer vs. Diebold

    Who can keep it running longest? (or not)

  136. LucyInTheSky says:

    hmm… comcast, sears, exxon, best buy. i think all of those have an excellent chance. let the battle commence!

  137. RStewie says:

    Menu Foodsd FTW!!!

    Killers should burn in HELL!!

    Exxon, too.

  138. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    @midwestkel: They existed in 2007, didn’t they? This is about what’s happened in the past year not just what happened last week.

  139. Tyler Durden's Imaginary Friend says:


    You need to implement a wild card for this tournament.

    Even if you’ve seeded this in a non-random fashion so that those companies that received the most nominations are pitted against those that had the fewest for the early rounds of the tournament, there should be a way for low seeds who give top seeds a run for their money to make it to the next round.

    As an example:

    Menu Foods doesn’t have a hope in hell of beating Comcast even though Menu Foods is probably more despised in its narrower market than Comcast is given Comcast’s ungodly market foot print. Crocs also doesn’t have a hope in hell of beating Exxon. Menu Foods versus Crocs – that one could go either way.

  140. S-the-K says:

    Seriously! How do you set up the bracketing? Shouldn’t the round 1 match ups at least *try* to be close to being in a related industry? For example, Dell vs Apple or Toshiba? Or Toshiba vs Sony?

  141. sir_real4127 says:

    MTV vs. TransUnion? There’s a 1st round heavyweight right there.

  142. edocent says:

    Please, please people……….CHASE is the hands down winner. Those slime buckets would run over their grandmothers for a penny!

  143. Brad2723 says:

    This is bullshit. Who determines the initial rankings? And each side of the chart?

  144. Davan says:

    I know its going against the grain, but I <3 best buy, sprint and walmart. BB sold me a 42″ LCD and PS3 for 500 bux and walmart gave me 20 free blu ray movies. All is forgiven. Oh and Sprint gives me tons of minutes, unlimited texts, and unlimited tetherable internet for like 40 bux a months so i love them too.

    Regardless, ifn I were a bettin man, I would pick –
    Comcast vs BestBuy
    WalMart vs Gamestop (ooh i fucking hate Gamestop…)
    as my Final Four
    Comcast vs Walmart
    Winner/Loser is … Comcast! So evil.

  145. spoork says:

    Is there any way you can link the names to the tags for the stories? That way people aren’t making blind votes.

  146. jswilson64 says:

    Which BlueCross BlueShield is that? Each state’s BCBS is a different company. Some plans are merged, but BCBS of Michigan is a different company than BCBS of New Mexico…

  147. keith4298 says:

    @RAREBREED: Definately the AAA. They are the backup for nearly every company listed.

  148. thermarest says:

    I agree with WillScarlett and vastrightwing…BestBuy is annoying but pretty harmless in the grand scheme. Ditto Comcast.

    As for Halliburton, this site is the Consumerist and though Halliburton is a pretty bad company their interactions with consumers is zero.

  149. 22rifle says:


    I can think of no appropriate reply that is remotely polite so I shall just roll my eyes at you and move on.

  150. Munsoned says:

    OMG. This bracket is taking FOREVER!!! I know this thread is old, but if anyone reads this: the NCAA finals took place weeks ago, and we’re still on the FIRST ROUND in this thing. See you in June!