Pleasant Customer Service From Moleskine

Occasionally, people send us nice stories about customer service from companies that already have good reputations. While they’re not exactly the most exciting letters, it’s good to know that there are still a few pleasant experiences worth sharing.

Here’s one such story:

Hey Consumerist, I just wanted to share the below email with you during an exchange with Moleskine. There’s nothing particularly remarkable about this instance, besides the level of efficiency and professionalism they displayed. In short, I purchased a Moleskine notebook that had a biggish piece of paper pulp embedded on the cover (I wouldn’t have purchased that particular book, but for the packaging obscuring the blemish), following the instructions mentioned in the company history provided with the book, I sent them an email explaining the blemish and true to their word, two business days later they replied with a request for my address to send a new book with their apologies.

Too bad this company’s based out of Italy :-/


AJ writes to Moleskine:

A: Info – Moleskine
Oggetto: blemished Moleskine purchase

To Whom It May Concern,

I recently purchased (yesterday, March 5, 2008), one of your amazing notebooks and was disappointed to find after removing the shrink wrap a grayish blemish adhered to the front cover of the book. As this is my first Moleskine purchase, I feel a little let down that this particular book didn’t live up to the sterling reputation heralded in your advertising and website. I’ve attached a picture (my apologies for it being fuzzy) of the blemish and can provide the receipt if necessary. I’m hoping that after reading your company’s history (so thoughtfully provided in the book itself) that Moleskine can address this matter properly.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

A. J. Stabe

Moleskine writes:

Subject: I: blemished Moleskine purchase

Dear Mr. Stabe,

I’m very sorry for the trouble. All the notebooks are hand made and so they are not perfect as the ones made by machine.

We have a strict quality control but sometimes it’s very hard to find the defects.

We will send you immediately a new Moleskine notebook and please, accept our apologise.

Would you send me the address where we can mail the replacement, and the model, size (pocket, large or x-large) and colour of the cover of the moleskine you bought?

Kindest regards,

Vittoria Cleva

Yes, pleasant customer service does exist in the known universe.


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  1. Ben Popken says:


  2. weakdome says:

    This is why you open your packages in the store – it might have been a box of flooring tiles :)

  3. ionerox says:

    @Ben Popken: me too.

    They will end up looking a little beat up after being lugged around all the time. Moleskine just sped up the process a bit for this guy so he didn’t look like a Moleskine noob.

  4. jak312 says:

    Moleskines are great. I have to resist the temptation to buy a new one every time I go to the bookstore.

    Aside: The modern Moleskine (80GB) []

  5. SVreader says:

    I love Moleskine too–sturdy, good paper, and the perfect size for a purse!

  6. AMetamorphosis says:

    Thanks for posting positive stories about companies we want to reward with our purchasing $$$ !

  7. cde says:

    I feel a little let down that this particular book didn’t live up to the sterling reputation heralded in your advertising and website.

    Today’s lessons kiddies, a little asskissing doesn’t hurt when talking to a company. Companies have egos too.

  8. nessence says:

    I <3 moleskine

  9. Canerican says:

    Hey, I am actually going to buy one of these. I have heard of them, but never bought one. Who says that good customer service doesn’t pay? They have gained at least one new customer in me.

  10. spince says:

    I used to love buying Moleskine journals too, but then I just realized they were overpriced journals marketed to yuppie wannabe-intellectuals.

    I found it difficult to justify spending $15-20 for a journal when I can replicate it with a rubber band and a $5 journal. Or hell, a $5 journal that’s exactly the same except for a lack of a name, and won’t affect the quality of whatever you scribble in there.

  11. spince says:

    I used to love buying moleskine journals too until I realized I was just buying into the marketing for yuppie wannabe-intellectuals.

    I found it difficult to justify buying a $15 journal when I can replicate it with a $5 journal and a rubber band.

    The quality of my writing (crap in a golden box is still crap) in the journal is going to be the same regardless of what I write it in.

  12. Anonymous says:

    i’ve used the moleskine cahiers (brown, thinner) as hipster paa’s in the past. dang things are nearly indestructible, and disappear in your back pocket. nice to know they’ve got great customer service as well as great products.

  13. cmdr.sass says:

    I had a small complaint with a Day Runner planner I purchased near the end of last year after my last one fell apart after many years of use. It was nothing terribly serious, just a minor annoyance. I wrote them a simple matter-of-fact note about the defect. They shipped me a free replacement planner and a years worth of replacement pages. I thought that was exceptional.

  14. Vanvi says:

    @spince: Honestly, as simple as you’d think a notebook is, the cheap ones are always missing something. I love all the features – the folder especially is invaluable. I’ve tried a cheaper ones and they’re missing the bookmark or the paper is thinner or the elastic wears out . . . In this case, an extra $5-10 is worth it.

  15. m.ravian says:

    i carry three moleskines on my person at all times (folio for business cards and receipts, lined for notes, and large lined for my journal).

  16. yesteryear says:

    @SVreader: that is awesome.

  17. HYPEractive says:

    I cant be the only one that thinks this was frivolous, and one of the reasons why moleskins cost so much…

  18. ogman says:

    @HYPEractive: Yeah, you probably can be the only one.

  19. ogman says:

    @HYPEractive: Then again…I think you can find a soulmate in spince. I’d ask to be invited to the wedding, but I just hate angel food wedding cake and Spam hors d’oeuvres.

  20. ogman says:

    I’m really glad to hear this, since I buy Moleskines all the time. Yeah, they look good, but they are also very well put together and nearly indestructible. You get what you pay for and good customer service, too.

  21. ivanthepig says:

    When I was younger, I had a moleskin book and for whatever new people I met, I’d always have them sign the book for ‘memory-sake’. This was 10 years ago, and I still have that book (almost) in perfect condition. I used to carry that thing around with me much like people carry around cell phones today.

  22. Myownheroine says:

    I agree with the frivolous comment. Who would write a company over that?
    It’s a notebook, not something you hang on your wall.

  23. bdgbill says:

    Why does The Consumerist always apologize for postng positive stories?

    Tips for companies you should do business with are just as important (if not more important) than tips about companies to be avoided.

    Btw…Reading The Consumerist saved me nearly $800.00 When I bought my Plasma TV last Christmas by educating me about price matching policies.

  24. ARVash says:

    Let this be a lesson to all of you, there are companies that give a sh%$, and those that don’t :P.

  25. CRNewsom says:

    I will definitely be purchasing their products in the future. Just so I know, from where would be a good store to purchase said items?

  26. crystal24 says:

    Moleskines are a brand all their own. I’ve also tried other replica, faux moleskines and they just don’t hold up as well. The extra money is totally worth it when it involves quality. You get what you pay for.

    @CRNewsom: you can get Moleskines at any major bookstore – Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc. They are also available on, and

  27. pestie says:

    OK, WTF is with this company’s name? Moleskine? How’s that pronounced? “Mole-skeen?” And what the hell does it have to do with moleskin? Maybe this is another case of me being clueless about the universe of New York City and its associated hipster crowd, but I’d never heard of these things until Kevin Kelly posted something about them in his Cool Tools blog. But they sure sound to me like nothing more than grossly overpriced notebooks. At least your money buys good customer service, though! That does count for something.

  28. crapple says:

    I bought one last year while my fiance (now wife) and I were planning our wedding AND restoring our home. It was a life saver…flat out. I still use it now, but not as much as I did last year. It’s great for every day lists (and I’m a lister)…and it helps that Indiana Jones was one of my heroes, so I refer to it as “My Grail Diary”.

  29. bobblack555 says:

    You complained about a paper blemish – on the cover – of a paper moleskine?

    If you’re using the thing correctly, by the time you’re done with it hopefully you’ll have many more scuffs, scratches, and dings to that book’s cover. Its what give the moleskine its character.

    I have over 20 moleskines and all of them look even better now that they’re worn and well “loved”.

  30. wutzu says:

    I tried Moleskine notebooks, but couldn’t get into them. Rite in the Rain All Weather notebooks are what I use. Durable beyond belief, and totally waterproof.

  31. deadlizard says:

    When you pay $17 for a notebook, you’d better be damn sure you get good customer service.

  32. ogman says:

    @ionerox: “Moleskine noob.”


  33. MikeWas says:

    I had a similar – but much more awesome – experience with Levenger. My Aeron chair – a gift from a family member – cracked in the frame during an office move. The chair was more than seven years old.

    Levenger, from whom the orignal gift chair came – shipped me a replacement at no charge, and a box to ship the broken chair back to them.

    I’ll never buy an Aeron anywhere else.