Pleasant Customer Service From Moleskine

Occasionally, people send us nice stories about customer service from companies that already have good reputations. While they’re not exactly the most exciting letters, it’s good to know that there are still a few pleasant experiences worth sharing.

Here’s one such story:

Hey Consumerist, I just wanted to share the below email with you during an exchange with Moleskine. There’s nothing particularly remarkable about this instance, besides the level of efficiency and professionalism they displayed. In short, I purchased a Moleskine notebook that had a biggish piece of paper pulp embedded on the cover (I wouldn’t have purchased that particular book, but for the packaging obscuring the blemish), following the instructions mentioned in the company history provided with the book, I sent them an email explaining the blemish and true to their word, two business days later they replied with a request for my address to send a new book with their apologies.

Too bad this company’s based out of Italy :-/


AJ writes to Moleskine:

A: Info – Moleskine
Oggetto: blemished Moleskine purchase

To Whom It May Concern,

I recently purchased (yesterday, March 5, 2008), one of your amazing notebooks and was disappointed to find after removing the shrink wrap a grayish blemish adhered to the front cover of the book. As this is my first Moleskine purchase, I feel a little let down that this particular book didn’t live up to the sterling reputation heralded in your advertising and website. I’ve attached a picture (my apologies for it being fuzzy) of the blemish and can provide the receipt if necessary. I’m hoping that after reading your company’s history (so thoughtfully provided in the book itself) that Moleskine can address this matter properly.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

A. J. Stabe

Moleskine writes:

Subject: I: blemished Moleskine purchase

Dear Mr. Stabe,

I’m very sorry for the trouble. All the notebooks are hand made and so they are not perfect as the ones made by machine.

We have a strict quality control but sometimes it’s very hard to find the defects.

We will send you immediately a new Moleskine notebook and please, accept our apologise.

Would you send me the address where we can mail the replacement, and the model, size (pocket, large or x-large) and colour of the cover of the moleskine you bought?

Kindest regards,

Vittoria Cleva

Yes, pleasant customer service does exist in the known universe.