This Giant Steel Clamp Makes An Excellent Frozen Entree

Aldi is recalling three flavors of its Fit and Active frozen dinners after an Omaha family found a steel clamp sealed in a sesame chicken frozen entree.

“If’ it’s from a machine. If it’s a practical joke. Well, it’s not really funny just because if there’s small pieces,” explained mom Karen Kader

Kader purchased the sesame chicken frozen entree two weeks prior at a local Aldi store.

“I was trying to explain to [my daughter Ashley] that this is more meatier and stick to your bones more than this it’s heavier. Little did we know why,” said Kader

Bellisio Foods, which manufactured the frozen dinner, has launched an investigation to determine how the clamp snuck by their scales and metal detectors.

As for Ashley, she seemed more fazed that the preparation instructions didn’t include a contingency for metal clamps:

It disturbed me that, for one, I wouldn’t haven’t eaten it anyway–but I was going to give my sister food and I can’t microwave this with metal in it.

Steel Clamp Found In Frozen Dinner Leads To Recall [WOWT]

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