SONY Doesn't Repair Your Laptop For 3 Months, Accuses You Of Warranty Fraud

UPDATE: We Post, SONY Replaces Long-Languishing Laptop

Daniela writes:

I purchased a sony vaio notebook 3 years ago, and about 1 year ago I purchased a sony $500 extended warranty. One day my computer was giving me a “blue screen” so i called sony to have a technician to come check it out. After canceling on me 2 times, mixing up dates, and rescheduling, I finally had a technician from Sony come check it out. He spent about 20 mins with the computer 1 on 1, and came to the conclusion that it was a failed hard drive (as did the other technician from my PC support at work). I was told to send in the computer, which I did with the box and information they provided me with. Soon after, I was receiving repeated emails from Sony telling me my estimated repair cost was $500.00. Surprised, considering I was under an extended warranty, I called Sony to clear the confusion…

I was transferred from one representative, to the next, told to call this number, transferred back to the previous number and so on, until I finally received help. We finally cleared the confusion, they apologized, and I thought I was on my merry way. Until the next week, I got emails daily giving me my ‘estimated cost’ of $500.00. I called in again, went through the same routine, and was told that my computer was fixed that exact morning and it was being overnighted to my house.

About 3 days later, I still did not receive my computer, so I had to call in again. This time I asked to speak to a manager. I told her my situation and said that the computer has physical damage, it is obvious that it was dropped, that the computer doesn’t even turn on and that there is nothing they can do. That night i spent 5 hours on the phone with Sony. Ashley, their supposed supervisor, hung up the phone on me 3 times that night, screaming into the phone, accusing me of warranty fraud (whatever that is).

Sony had one of their technicians here at my office with the laptop, if there was such obvious physical damage, why would it take 3 months to figure that out? Moreover, I sent in a computer that was giving me a blue screen, and now they’re telling me that it doesn’t even turn on. She went on and on about a scratched mouse pad and a small dent on the side and said that these damages could have severely damaged the mother board and/or hard drive.

In any case, I finally reached a normal supervisor by the name of Karen, who told me she would look into the situation and try to clear things up. Three weeks later, Karen is nowhere to be found, doesn’t return phone calls, and my computer was mailed back to my house WITHOUT repairs.

I’m sorry to take up your time with such a long story, but even this version has cut out hours of being put on hold and transferred an infinite amount of times. Sony is a well known name that should be ashamed of such disgusting, misleading, uneducated, confused people working for them. Even worse, to have a supervisor hang up on a loyal customer 3 times is completely unforgivable. I am not sure how far I can go with this case, but I would like to somehow get the word out there. Sony does not stay true to their word and did not honor my $500.00 warranty.

Screaming, that’s real professional. Sounds like Daniela needs some TLE, tender loving escalation, and hopscotch over these nimnorks. We recommend choosing one of two routes, either the EECB (executive email carpet bomb) or calling executive customer service. Here’s some executive email addresses we put together for you to send you complaint email to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

If you’re going the executive customer service route, call 858-942-2400 and ask for the office of Stan Glasgow. Here’ what to say once you reach his secretary.

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