Reach 5 High-Up Verizon Wireless People

Some cellphone problems are like a nagging itch in the middle of your back you can’t reach, if and Tier-1 customer service can’t either, some of the five Verizon Wireless muckety-mucks after the jump might be able to help you scratch it if you call or email them.

Kelley A. Kurtzman
President, Pacific Northwest Region
Verizon Wireless
O: 425-603-2703
M: 206-940-4600

Chuck Hamby
PR Manager, FL Region

Anthony Bowman
VP, Customer Service (Western Region)

Eileen Creeden
VP, Customer Service (Northeast Region)

Lisa Beichner
MWA Supervisor, Executive Relations


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  1. AMetamorphosis says:

    Last night I went through The Consumerist looking for Verizon email addresses of anyone who could help me get off their incessant mailing lists.

    I emailed a total of 14 people.
    As of today, I have had 3 phone calls from higher ups @ Verizon assuring me that my address has been removed.

    Although I hate to admit it, bombing these people with phone calls and emails DOES result in getting their attention …

    In other words,


    ( maniacal laughter ensues )

  2. dweebster says:

    @AMetamorphosis: Sad to say, but often they entrust so little power in the underlings that you really need to reach the CEO-level people to get anything done. Sad comment on their qualifications to effectively run a company if they’re the only ones that seem to be able to get you off a mailing list.

  3. allstarecho says:

    Unfortunately, I’m in the South.. Mississippi, so none of these people are of any help to me. Can we get the CEO’s info?

  4. AMetamorphosis says:


    As rotten as it is, bomb every email address you can get for Verizon … they will be so busy falling over one another to help you out that they will come to you.

  5. mmmmna says:

    Kindly, I beseech thee: remember that we really do not want to abuse corporate america so much that they hide such contact information. Use these contacts wisely!

  6. AMetamorphosis says:


    I throughly understand your point.
    After wasting numerous time and phone calls for a simple request I felt justified in using these numbers and email addresses to complete my simple request.

    Using these contacts to have my named removed isn’t abusing coporate America … HAVING to use these contacts is an abuse of the American consumer.

  7. tstephen says:

    Any of these contacts will be more than happy to help ANYONE.

    I e-mailed VZW Executive Staff and had numerous (5+) responses within 5 minutes.

    But as a previous commenter stated, use the contacts wisely.

  8. BuzzDar says:

    I had a problem with my account. Where i was suppose to be getting free calling between my cell phone and my land line phone since i am signed up for the ONE BILL. Well about a month earlier i had changed my landline number and for some reason i could no longer call between my cell phone and land line phones for the Unlimited IN Calling. Verizon Wireless would only blame one bill and one bill would blame Verizon land line. Well to make things better verizon land line would go back and blame verizon wireless. For over a month no one would even know what they should do. Finially i had to write The CEO’s email address and was put in touch with someone that finially after about a week and a half he finially got it fixed. But Because of problems in the past and the courtsey minutes and credits i have gotten FOR PAST issues they WOULD NOT do anything for my wireless line they could only discount my DSL a few dollars each month for 12 months. I think Verizon Wireless DOES NOT care about there customers they would rather them leave as a customer and go to another company instead of making them happy……