In response to yesterday’s post, another AT&T employee writes, “Just to clear up some confusion, AT&T may charge an administrative fee when paying your wireless bill with a representative. There is no charge to use the automated payment systems. The source for this is the tagline on my bill.”


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  1. dweebster says:

    Wouldn’t having to deal with an AT&T representative be punishment enough?

  2. If I have to re-up my GoPhone balance before the end of the month, they charge just under $2, and the automated system tried to sneak it in on you.

  3. Bryan Price says:

    AT&T didn’t do that for me last month. Then again, their kiosk for taking payments was even in evidence. And I’ve had the CSR take the fee off because the kiosk wasn’t working correctly and couldn’t take my check, regardless of which of the four phone numbers I entered. YMMV.

    Then again, paying off the $700 bill for the month would probably put anybody in shock. $500 of that was from my wife using her personal cell phone for work – from South Africa. Putting the phone on an international plan would have helped, but she’s expensing it all anyway. The company has now given her a CrackBerry, so we won’t have that to worry about anymore.

  4. tme2nsb says:

    It starts March 11th in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. How it works: If you call in and speak to a person, the $5 fee will be placed on the next bill. If you goto a store, the $5 fee will be paid up front.