Try To Exchange Your iPod Due To A Scratch, Apple Scratches It More And Sends It Back

Reader Matthew bought a new MacBookPro and an iPod from Apple. The MacBook was ok but the iPod came with a scratch on the screen. He decided to try to exchange it for an undamaged iPod. He sent it back to Apple and instead of a new iPod he got his old one back with an additional scratch on it.

Matthew writes:

So, upon my recent graduation from college, I found myself bestowed with a considerable financial sum in the form of gifts. I decided to take that money and invest in a MacBook Pro and, since I have never owned an mp3 player, a new 160GB iPod Classic. The computer arrives, and it’s gorgeous. The iPod? Not so much. There’s a disfiguring scratch on the screen. I load a video into the iPod to see if it’s really going to be that bad or if it’s something I can live with. It’s definitely not something I can live with.

I call Apple Sales and explain that my new iPod, a $349.00 investment, has arrived with a significant defect, and I’d like to exchange it. Not to worry, I’m told, as this is something AppleCare can handle for me! Thank goodness, I think, as the kind sales rep transfers me to Support. On the phone with Support, I explain what has happened, and the rep agrees with me that this is unacceptable, and he’ll send me a box t ship my iPod back to them immediately. The box should arrive in 2 to 3 business days. A week later, no box and I’m moving to NYC. I finally get moved up, settled in, and I call my Mom to ask if that box ever arrived. It hadn’t. I call Apple and a Support rep tells me I’m lying, as their records clearly indicate the box was shipped, and DHL’s records clearly indicate it was left on a front porch. Well, thank you Apple, I’m glad DHL decided to leave the box unattended. What if this was my replacement iPod?

The rep finally agrees to send me another box, but wants to know why I waited so long, and says that’s really irresponsible of me. A week later, my box arrives. I send off the iPod.

After a 12 or so day period, I get an e-mail saying that my iPod is being returned to me, as Apple technicians couldn’t find the problem I had described. They couldn’t find the giant scratch that dominates a quarter of the screen?

Afterwards came many a snafu with DHL, including having Apple change my shipping address to my office, so that it won’t arrive at my home and either be left unattended or returned (as has already happened once, after I took off work to receive the package, and the delivery person never knocked on my door, merely stuck the “We missed you!” sticker on it), and then getting a call from DHL to let me know it was being returned again because they hadn’t changed the address, but if I wanted, I could take the train into Brooklyn to pick up my package at their delivery center.

My iPod finally arrived Monday, the same day as an email warning me my AppleCare Plan was almost up!
Counting on my fingers, of my almost three months of owning an iPod, Apple has had it more than I have.
I opened up the package Monday, and lo and behold, not only is the iPod unfixed, there is a new scratch along the bottom of the screen.

I’ve written numerous e-mails to Apple, and filled out three quality of support surveys as overwhelmingly negative, and written the whole story to date each time in their comments box.

I’m headed to the Apple Store after work tomorrow, and I’m not leaving until somebody gives me a new iPod. You’d think that spending around $3,500.00 would entitle you to some level of dedication, but you’d be wrong.


What a mess. We hope you have a better experience at the Apple Store. Watch out for restocking fees.

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