Morning Deals

  • CircuitCity: It’s rumored they’re letting you trade in your HD-DVD player for a Blu-Ray player or store gift card.
  • Microsoft: Attend a “Dynamics CRM” seminar and get a free copy of Office 2007 Pro
  • Sears: 50% off tools sale
  • Highlights From Dealhack

  • Brooks Brothers: Save 15% to 25% off Everything Store-Wide
  • Sony Style: Up to $300 off Vaio Notebook PCs with Coupons
  • Save Extra 15% off All Furniture + Free Shipping on Select Items
  • Highlights From Bargainist

  • The Limited: Friends & Family Sale 30% off coupon
  • American Eagle: 15% off purchases coupon
  • J& Canon SD1000 PowerShot 7MP Digital Camera $160
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    1. mopar_man says:

      Attend a “Dynamics CRM” seminar and get a free copy of Office 2007 Pro

      Orrrr….just get OpenOffice.

    2. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

      I love OpenOffice and! Why use anything else?

    3. Bladefist says:

      Compatibility w/ customers and vendors. Open Office has come a long way, last time I used it there was still some things that weren’t 100% compatible. Now that Ms has opened up the format, open office may be a viable business choice.

    4. mike1731 says:

      Sears sale is pretty wimpy for 50% off. Clicked the link, it includes a handful of tools, nothing too exciting to look at.

    5. freshyill says:

      I love my Canon SD1000 camera. $160 is a decent price, but I think my parents got mine on Amazon before Christmas for like $167, so nothing too great. Keep in mind that the SD1100 was announced several weeks ago, and will probably be in stores soon, if it isn’t already. Not that you should wait for the 1100 , but that $160 might drop even more then.

    6. orielbean says:

      The Screw Out and Bolt Out tools for Sears are a decent deal. They do work really really well. I had a lot of trouble with the zinc wood screws stripping, and the screw-outs did the trick almost every single time. 10 bucks is worth it.

    7. crypticgeek says:

      The SD1100 is already in stores (atleast at mine), and has been there for atleast a week. If you can get a good deal on a SD1000, I’d say go for it. The SD1100 is more minor upgrade than must have replacement.