JC Penney: Excuse Me Sir, "The Big & Tall Section Is Over There…"

Reader Brandon is writing in to ask if we think he has a legitimate complaint. .

Yesterday I was shopping at JCPenny in Cary, North Carolina. Was browsing through some of the racks, picking up some new outfits for work, when an employee approached me to ask if I needed any help. I told him no thanks, and then he said to me “Well, the Big and Tall section is over there” and points me to a different part of the store…

I immediately turn red and look around at the stunned faces of other customers who were in the area. One woman mouthed to me “How are you big and tall?” I shrugged and laughed it off, but inside I was feeling like shit. I am 5’11 and 210 lbs… I wear a large and a 38 waist so I am considered neither big, nor tall… do I have any right to complain to JCPenny or should I just shrug it off? Thank you.

We don’t think you should, like, picket the store or anything, but yeah. You could drop JC Penney a note to let them know that you think a member of their sales staff was rude and that he embarrassed you.

What do you think, should Brandon complain?