EECB Scores Direct Hit On United Health Care

Alexis, who had been fighting for 10.5 months to get United Health Care to pay for her checkup that should have been covered, finally found success after launching an EECB (executive email carpet bomb) with information that we provided her.

A Consumer Advocate named April from the Executive Office left me a message. She said my claim had been “reprocessed appropriately” and that a check was sent to my doctor’s office, OB-GYN Associates of Pittsburgh, yesterday with the remaining balance. She said that the doctor I saw was indeed a UHC contracted doctor (no kidding!), and that my only responsibility was the $10 co-pay that I paid at the time of the visit.

The best part is that I just checked my claims online and the statement for this reprocessed claim does indeed show that a check was sent to the doctor and that I only owed $10, with a remark of “We Have Received More Information And Reconsidered These Charges.” HA!

She also gave me a phone number to call if I needed more information and to ask for her when calling. The number is: 1-800-842-2656. I definitely recommend posting this number on The Consumerist so that more people in my position will have access to the Consumer Advocate department.

It only took 10.5 months and a public shaming, but at least I’m not out $90. Thanks so much for your help!


All that just for a checkup.

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  1. noquarter says:

    Corporations need to have a bigger penalty for making “mistakes” like this than simply fixing it.

    They need to fix it plus pay a fine and some compensation for the customer’s time spent trying to force them to fix it. Otherwise, they have no incentive to stop doing shit like this.

    If I didn’t pay a bill for 10.5 months, I’d owe a hell of a lot more than just the original bill amount. And I don’t even employ a staff of people to handle my billing.

  2. dreamsneverend says:

    Ugh my wife is having claims issues with UHC right now. I’m forwarding this to her at work.

  3. mjsager says:

    Its getting kind of ridiculous that you have to carpet bomb the executive structure just to get things resolved.

    The states or the feds need to start getting involved here and cracking the whip. Nothing like a few million dollars (or tens of millions) in fines to get these companies to straighten up.

  4. IC18 says:

    I am in a similar situation with my wife with BCBC. They’re trying to get more than the $20 co-pay for an OBGYN checkup and the doctor is under the so called preferred providers. I need to send out a carpet bom.

  5. kable2 says:

    so glad I live in Canada

    /that is all

  6. Anonymous says:

    UnitedHealthcare is the worst. My policy has been “dropped” on numerous occasions and no one can ever tell me why. Then it’s hell getting them to cover visits and prescriptions I had to pay out of pocket during the lapses.

    There are many reasons I have seriously considered emigrating abroad, including Canada. Just a much higher standard of living. The three extra years Canadians live probably come from not having the stress of dealing with HMOs.

  7. bohemian says:

    Oh no no no! This wasn’t a mistake, they simply paid it as a “courtesy” to Alexis!

    Can Canada adopt me?

  8. BrewMe says:

    Great! Thanks for that number. Hopefully my issues with UHC will get resolved also.

  9. mobilene says:

    I used to work for a competing insurer. “We Have Received More Information And Reconsidered These Charges” is, I feel sure, the English translation for a standard reason code that the rep entered. They probably have only so many reason codes available to them and this one fit best.

    I’m now insured by UHC and I’ve seen this exact same text show up on claims reprocessed after I called customer service.

  10. dweebster says:

    Thank god we don’t have universal health care.

    Just think of the unemployment we’d create in the CSR field and paper industries if we just allowed citizens to get checkups and see a doctor when they are sick. That’s bad for GDP.

    Other countries just waste their healthcare resources on ridiculous things like nurses, doctors and medicine. We choose to employ those people in endless bureaucracies that spend all their energy denying coverage of OBGYN checkups and everything else. God bless us.

  11. dweebster says:
  12. breezes says:

    hello all. I have UHC through my husbands job. ( PPO-POS) I see an out of net work doctor (psych) and therapist .I have been seeing them for some time so accept that there is a penalty for going out of net work. However, not paying the bills at all is not one of those penalties. I have spent so many HOURS on the phone trying to HELP them. I called before Jan 1 of this year to try and get this organized. I did not realize that they had no intention on paying the bills. It is a study in who will give up first. I am almost ready to be hospitalized. (actually was 1 time for related issues))
    My PH.d therapist was not paid until MAY 1 for services from January and it was only paid after i sent it to appeals and spent HOURS on the phone.
    i would like to speak to another thing they are doing. They are down pricing the cost of office visits so when they pay the 70 % for out of network it comes out to be so little. The majority is paid by me. I saw an article about this and NYC is suing them for fraud over this. They also are limiting my physical therapy visits.I know most companies do this but they have an added feature- THE ACN group who even after your doctor orders PT- their doc goes over it and no matter how ill you are will authorizes 3 visits .After those 3 visits you have to fill out 4 pages on your condition. Like it was going to change that much in 3 visits.
    also a major issue is my medication. they just do not care at all.I am in chronic pain management and after many trials the doc arrived at one i could take.It is compounded. They place all compounded drugs in tier 3 . The copay is high. I have appealed 2 x and they aren’t going to change it even if i am on many meds and the cost is high. Tier 3 is tier 3. so i am wondering where to go from here.
    I am on quite a few meds, and some docs have been able to give me samples and some have changed some of my meds to the $4 walmart meds. on one med i have to cut it in half- take half the dose(but i need it-it’s my blood pressure med).
    so i am very disgusted and now buying some of my meds from walmart – not even using my insurance. I am not going to be able to see my doc soon as he can’t keep seeing me without payment. my therapist is willing to see me.
    another thing that happened- in trying to track down a needle ( for an injection) they will cover at the tier 1 cop pay i was transfered around, actually yelled at by one person and finally called the 24/7 nurse line. the nurse tried to help and GET THIS- SHE WAS TRANSFERRED TO A CVS . THE CVS EMPLOYEE TOLD HER TO TELL UHC TO STOP SENDING THEIR CALLS TO CVS.

  13. Karen says:

    Hi I did not post my letter because of patient confidentiality but wanted to thank The Consumerist for the ingenious idea of emailing executives. I did a letter last week regarding the terrible customer service I experiance almost daily calling their customer service. This last incident really was so frustrating I had to act. Long story short I recieved a call today from a provider rep that was handed to him directly from the president of United healthcare. He apologized and assured me this is not being overlooked and they are working to resolve the problems in India and will keep me posted. WOW I still can’t believe I recived a call!