EECB Scores Direct Hit On United Health Care

Alexis, who had been fighting for 10.5 months to get United Health Care to pay for her checkup that should have been covered, finally found success after launching an EECB (executive email carpet bomb) with information that we provided her.

A Consumer Advocate named April from the Executive Office left me a message. She said my claim had been “reprocessed appropriately” and that a check was sent to my doctor’s office, OB-GYN Associates of Pittsburgh, yesterday with the remaining balance. She said that the doctor I saw was indeed a UHC contracted doctor (no kidding!), and that my only responsibility was the $10 co-pay that I paid at the time of the visit.

The best part is that I just checked my claims online and the statement for this reprocessed claim does indeed show that a check was sent to the doctor and that I only owed $10, with a remark of “We Have Received More Information And Reconsidered These Charges.” HA!

She also gave me a phone number to call if I needed more information and to ask for her when calling. The number is: 1-800-842-2656. I definitely recommend posting this number on The Consumerist so that more people in my position will have access to the Consumer Advocate department.

It only took 10.5 months and a public shaming, but at least I’m not out $90. Thanks so much for your help!


All that just for a checkup.

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