The 5 Stages Of Dealing With Comcast Customer Service Grief

This video is a promotional spot for, your one-stop shop for bitching about the cable-provider. People who submit their complaints over there in the comments along with their account numbers have gotten them fixed. It’s a cool blog, populated by some very angry people, as shown in this video of “The Five Stages” of dealing with Comcast. Transcript, inside…

ANNOUNCER: They say you go through five stages…



CUSTOMER: This can’t be happening.


CUSTOMER: You are not helping me! Ugh!

ANNOUNCER: Bargaining.

CUSTOMER: Please give me a sign that someone is listening…just give me a sign…please.

ANNOUNCER: Depression.

PHONE: Thanks for holding. Your call is important to us. Please hold as a customer service rep…

ANNOUNCER: But acceptance?

CUSTOMER: Over my dead body!

MUSIC: Comcast must dieeeee!