Call The CEO Of Verizon

if you have a Verizon landline issue that has been escalated to management but you’re still not getting a satisfactory answer, you may want to try kicking it up to the CEO or his close cadre of immediate minions. Maybe you can ask them where your f***ing “Free LCD TV” is.

212-395-1060 is the number for the CEO’s office.
212-719-3349 is the fax number for the CEO’s office.
212-321-8700 is Verizon Executive Customer Service. is the CEO’s email address.

(Thanks to ConsumerAdvocacy1010!)


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  1. bsalamon says:

    im happy i didnt switch to verizon

  2. hexychick says:

    Does this apply to Verizon Wireless too? My company is having a hard time with payments being credited to the wrong accounts with the wireless air cards.

  3. dweebster says:

    In my experience, when I’m finally disgusted enough to reach the CEO of a company they are very understanding and willing to work with me to resolve the issue. I have the sense that they are normally so insulated from the results of their continual “need” to focus on the “bottom line” of a company that they somewhat appreciate hearing the horror stories. Kind of like watching a Twilight Zone episode that you wrote yourself. It’s a train wreck that their policies have created.

    The poor schmucks on the phone (and that pregnant nerd-guy in their TV ad) are at the mercy of this CEO and his minions’ policies and decisions. Deliver your stories DIRECT to them rather than waiting for some stupid “focus group” or “consumer survey” to take a mealy-mouthed report on their company’s “performance.”

  4. Kat@Work says:

    Hurry – call before the numbers change in 3…2…1…

  5. urabl says:

    This would not apply to Verizon Wireless, they are actually separate companies.

  6. arniec says:

    I e-mailed and it wasn’t a complaint. I WANT Verizon service for DSL (my only broadband option is Comcrap) and I keep getting Verizon ads in the mail and then told I can’t get the service. So I wrote to ask if I could get a straight answer on when this would be available.

    I complimented his company highly.

  7. nick_r says:

    I’m going to call him and see what he can do about the whole receipt-showing situation.

  8. dweebster says:

    @nick_r: It’s up to YOU to do something about it. Don’t whine to the CEO- if you don’t want to bother with the door nazi then politely say “no” and keep your taser tight in your hand if case he gets violent.

  9. keeper1616 says:

    Well, as of right now, thats the right number, cause I just called it. The secretary answered and was very nice.

  10. What’s the point of this sort of behavior?

    Corporate governance is structured around managing these things through appropriate channels. While these efforts to bother CEO’s about petty customer service issues might be initially effective, it seems like a rather ridiculous way to seek resolution. Most firms have fairly robust customer service centers unless you’re:

    1.) Belligerent
    2.) Misinformed
    3.) Impatient

    or, of course

    4.) Belligerent, misinformed, and impatient

    Please explain to me why emailing specific complaints to the CEO is superior to perhaps the head of customer service?

    • Anonymous says:

      @ADismalScience: You are misinformed. Verizon is too big for their own good…most of their customer service folks are very well trained and very professional. However, they have limitations. And yes we can become “inpatient”. Hoever again, no more inpatient than Verizon should you choose to hold back on a payment for a week or two.

  11. dj_skilz says:


    Consumerist needs to get Denny Strigl’s number or Lowell McAdam’s number. These two handle Verizon Wireless. Ivan only handles the wireline side. These are actually two independant companies. Verizon Wireless is actually the d/b/a name of Cellco Partnership.

  12. ConsumerAdvocacy1010 says:

    Denny Strigl. He didn’t respond to my e-mails.

    But, here is his e-mail.

    Finally, here is the number I have for Verizon Wireless Exec. Customer Service – 866-673-9561.

    Hope that helps.

  13. topgun says:

    I have to say this. I have a Verizon land line, DSL & my son & girlfriend have Verizon Wireless. Everybody is happy.

  14. topgun says:

    You’re full of condensed pigeon milk.

  15. ConsumerAdvocacy1010 says:


    I honestly try and work with the company and customer service….and after at least two good faith attempts on my part…will then seek information to contact people higher up.

    I speak from experience: When dealing with Verizon, every single time I spoke with customer service I got different information and they told me conflicting information as to what department handled what complaints.

    Verizon is horrible and completely disorganized. I switched back to Comcast. Yeah….Verizon was so bad that I switched back to Comcast. Think about that!

  16. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    @ADismalScience: THIS. No one seems to get that you’ll get more positive reaction out of CSRs by being calm and rational than by screaming at them. I’ve worked in a call center, and I know what the culture is like. It’s the luck of the draw who you will get, some are competent, some are not. You can’t lose your cool.

  17. tombo521 says:

    I tried calling but as usual you can’t get through.

  18. nick_r says:

    @dweebster: Gosh, I hope you knew I was kidding. But if you did, and your response was also sarcastic, then I applaud you for an excellent job of piss-taking.

  19. Queenofthehighway says:

    @BuddyGuyMontag: Yeah, but what do you do when calm and rational is met with total and utter apathy? I went through about 12 Verizon CSRs before I found one actually willing to help. (Yes, I was calm and rational.) They have the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered. I’m tempted to contact the CEO to let him know how horrific my experience with customer “service” actually was, and to praise the one CSR (Peggy at the California call center) who was willing to help. Maybe he won’t care, but you never know…

  20. ChuckECheese says:

    @ADismalScience: I agree that complaining to the execs may be overkill, and if customers bring too many (petty or not) complaints to the CEO’s office, the execs will simply go underground. Yet I can’t agree with the notion that there is “robust customer service” in many of these companies. The lack of robustness is why the Consumerist and any number of other consumer-advocacy agencies exist.

    I’ve been overbilled by Sprint more times than I can count, once for $430; Cingular made a shambles of my account and disconnected my phone when I filed a formal complaint; Dell sold me a computer with faulty memory–they replaced my friend’s identical-model business-contract unit, but constantly told me there was nothing wrong, until Dell was exposed in the media over the problem. Then, Dell refused to honor my in-home repair warranty. Most recently, AT&T claimed it connected new DSL and phone service to MY POST OFFICE BOX (I canceled my service, and gave them the POB to mail my final bill. They claimed I requested a transfer of service to the new address).

    Each and every time, I had to deal with unhelpful CSRs, being hung up on, spending hours on hold, and repeating stories over and over to people who never had intention to help. AT&T would not admit that they had made a mistake by claiming they connected DSL to a post office box, and sent my account to a collection agency. I filed a complaint with the Texas PUC, and AT&T didn’t back down until the last day of the PUC’s investigation, when it said it would reverse the charges as a “goodwill gesture.”

    My little stories are multiplied by the jillion of other unhappy consumers, who only want to be treated with decency in exchange for their patronage. But we can’t have this, because of some strange conspiracy of CSR’s in k-holes and absentee-landlord execs who have no relationship to the companies or customers they run. Something’s way outta whack here, and the problem isn’t the victim. Bring noblesse oblige to the call center already.

  21. dweebster says:

    @nick_r: I’m only half-sarcastic about the taser.

    Probably would be safer for all involved to use chemical repellents. For the General Managers of “Best” Buys I am partial to “bear – grade, just to be sure you make it out without a mauling.

  22. dweebster says:

    @ChuckECheese: I cringe when they use the term “goodwill gesture.” In nearly every case I’ve heard it, the representative uses it to justify reluctantly do what they should be apologizing for (their company’s) screwing up.

    Hey, just fix the problem you or your co-workers have created, and this wasted time I’ve spent on the phone to get it straightened out was not some sort of “goodwill” journey.

    These stupid companies and their employees, err I mean teammates/crew/etc using ridiculous terms like that are slowly killing any meaning left in the English language.

  23. dweebster says:

    @hexychick: “Can you hear me now?” (apparently not).

  24. dweebster says:

    @ADismalScience: Try reaching THAT person. Likely easier to find the CEO’s home and be invited in for Sunday dinner.

    When I want something corrected with a minimum of stress, I start with the most basic department in the company, but I will escalate from the “duck pond” upwards until the matter gets resolved. I’ve found the “duck pond” full of people who can’t/won’t find that “head of customer service” when that person obviously is without ability/authority to resolve the situation. Protect them, and I’ll go over THEIR head as far up as I need to.

    If the matter is truly “petty” then the company’s lower-level employees should have authority to FIX it – and FAST. Otherwise it’s up the ladder. If the CEO is the only one in their corporate structure capable of fixing what seems like a “petty” matter, then that’s important information that he probably ought to know.

  25. allstarecho says:

    I want emails and phone numbers for the honcho at the Wireless division of Verizon. I’ve searched all over the site and still can’t find it.

  26. AMetamorphosis says:

    I just called the executive # and spoke with a kind lady about having my address removed from all future mailing from Verizon.

    Please remember, no matter how frustrated you are, PLEASE be poliete & kind to these people. I could tell that she genuinely is trying to do her job.

  27. hexychick says:

    @dj_skilz: thank you very much

    @ConsumerAdvocacy1010: thanks, I’ll try that next. This is a 6 month battle at this point

    @dweebster: read again: wireless aircards, not cell phones.

  28. aak7268 says:

    Actually used the corporate email addy to contest a 3 year old zombie bill on a cancelled account that Verizon CS supposedly “took care of” multiple times. Had a voicemail from Exec. CS the very next day asking for my info so that they could get the issue into the hands of the right people ASAP. It’s nice to know that this level of CS is still out there, but sad that you’ve got to work so hard to get it!

  29. ANNIE0447 says:

    I sent an email to the CEO of Verizon using the address listed by the Consumerist. Prior to this email, I had 4 noshows from Verizon, and a phone which hasn’t worked properly since Feb 20th. I emailed the CEO a copy of a letter which I had just emailed to my local newspaper, The Baltimore Sun, complaining of Verizon’s great “noshow” service. The Baltimore Sun actually gave me the link to your website. I received a phone call from the CEO’s office that morning, and a repair tech was at my house when I got home from work that evening.
    Thanks so much for all your help.

  30. fl00se says:

    I have been in dispute with Verizon since March 25th when I wrote to the CEO. I was so disgusted with the service I was receiving I eventually ended up terminating my services and moving to Optimum. We had 3 no shows, billing discrepancies and extremely poor customer service. The Executive level people are no better, making false promises and providing absurd excuses. To date I am still fighting over my closing bill which is approximately $812 detailing charges for April 28 thru May 27. I terminated with Verizon on April 18th – go figure………

  31. CarmineDog says:

    Dear Consumerist:

    What an interesting discussion. Once again, I have an issue with Verizon
    that cannot be solved by the appropriate department simply because it
    apparently has no one to answer the phone. I waited a half hour before
    giving up and calling someone in CR. That person said there was another
    number, but he couldn’t give it out. In the past, I did resolve a sticky
    issue by writing the CEO after failing to get help any other way. I
    tried and tried and am unfailingly polite and courteous. But the instant
    that letter was received, I got a phone call and the problem was resolved.

    I do have a question though. I have Verizon DSL and my e-mail address
    ends in “net” not “com” — so why does Mr. Seidenberg’s end in “com”?


    I can only please one person per day.
    Today is not your day.
    Tomorrow is not looking good either.
    — Dilbert

  32. fl00se says:

    Just following on from my post at 10:01 AM on 05/18/08 Today I have received another closing balance from Verizon this time it is for $797.18……an adjustment of $15.38Cr for one month’s cable service. It’s ironic our cable bill is normally around $120 per month, yet when a credit is warranted it’s always for a much lessor amount – I would love to know how they do the math. Tom Maguire assures me that it will get resolved……in the year 2008 would be good Tom!

  33. fl00se says:

    Finally June 6th and Verizon agree that my closing bill should be $227.44 along way from the original $900.00….

  34. medic105 says:

    Thanks for the info. I contacted the Verizon executive help line and was told they will try to resolve my issue. I am opening a Thai restaurant in a multi-unit building. The owner of my building got into some sort of fight with Verizon and demanded verizon remove all of their equipment, which they did. The owner then contracted with comcast. So now I am told that my restautrant cannot use verizon because it is no longer in the building. The only way to use verizon would be for the owner of the building to pay verizon $6,100.00 to re-install the lines. The owner has said he will not do that. So now I am stuck with comcast, whose small business division sucks. I am hoping verizon will find a way to bring phone service to my space only. I don’t care about the rest of the building. I had been in touh with local verizon rep’s and got nowhere. So I am very appreciative of your web site and the contacts listed that will hopefully allow me to resolve this issue. I am not trying to start a fight with verizon, only a new business relationship. If they can fix this for me I will recommend them always. If not, well then I guess I will be stuck with comcast.

  35. Tinksfava says:

    Check this out….Called Verizon January of 08 to turn off service because I moved, gave them my new address so they could send me my bill….Never received bill until Dec. 08…$900… The reason is because Customer Service rep put 11 instead of 01 wow….Been calling since Dec. of 08 trying to resolve this bill it is now Dec. 09 with no results because its my fault I didnt contact them in Feb. 08 when I didn’t receive the bill….wth? Now that I have come across this website I was able to get a hold of someone from corporate and they told me the same thing…. Someone will contact me concerning this matter…. We’ll see. But thanks for CEO’s number hope this works.

  36. ripper99k says:

    I would like to find out why we as ALLTEL customers don’t have the same options and rights as we have had in the past, I have Alltel phones but there not compatible with Verizon’s system, so I can’t take advantage of the different rate plans Verizon offers, the service was promised to be better, but as not being compatible with Verizon it does not apply to us as Alltel customers, I drop calls all the time, in fact I lost a call in the parking lot of our local Verizon store, I have found that whenever I mention that I am an Alltel customer the mood changes and I just get the brush off and nothing is settled, If Verizon doesn’t want to recognize me as a valued customer, as Alltel did, why don’t they give me the option of canceling my service with no penalty, I understand that all phone company’s have fee’s for terminating the contract early, but I never signed a contract with Verizon.
    I feel that Verizon should give us the right to choose who we do business with and not have jammed there service and policies down our throats with no option.

  37. mybibiz says:

    would not surprise me if this gets worse, verizon is slashing away at its workforce leaving no one to work the issues and those who are left have no clue to the telophony business. huge firing to happen before end of the year, another holdiay card from verizon.

  38. beenhad says:

    Many years ago I signed up for Verizon’s 3.0 mbps for 27.99 FOR LIFE plan and have enjoyed it ever since. Well recently Verizon wired my street for Fios and next thing you know my DSL line item on my bills turns from my 3.0 connection, which cost twice as much as the 1.5 mbps connection when I signed up, to 1.5 to 3.0 mbps for 27.99. I say WHAT!!!! Looks like what’s called an anticipatory breach of contract is in the works and low and behold my connection slows down to 1.5 mbps and the price stays the same; all while I’m on the phone with them I might add. When I complained they immediately referred me to my bill and pointed out that it says “1.5 to 3.0 mbps” (for the first time in about 10 years) which I immediately contested. They tried to tell me 3.0 was not available in my area even though I have enjoyed it for about n10 years and until about an hour before this conversation happened.

    Very long story short; I spent at least 10 hours on the phone trying to get this reversed to what our contract “For Life” is and in doing so was hung up on countless times, sent back to the beginning of the Menu countless times and switched between tech support and billing countless times. I call back the next day and spend more than 2 hours being hung up on then called Corporate Headquarters to try and get help and he was hung up on twice.

    Since I have invested over $1,000.00 on inside wiring protection with Verizon and the only time they came to my house before was for a DSL speed problem (to which the CS representative said, “It’s a good thing you have inside wiring protection so I can send someone out” and at least 3, I believe it was 5 times they refused to send someone out (there’s a thousand bucks well invested).

    This issue happened when I had a current and still due bill in my hands; within a few days I was notified that I owed twice as much, which after thinking about it they have done to me twice before and I paid it because I believed their routine lie about paying in the rears, which is what you are doing if you quit a service and pay in advance if you sign up for a service. When I asked for a detailed copy of the new, trice as much bill, I was sent a bill with approx 3/4 of the amount listed as other charges…well because it’s not a chargeable amount, they are just trying to steel from me so they cant list the details.

    So I call my attorney and it’s no surprise they say “Verizon is constantly being sued because they don’t honor their contracts”. This company doesn’t even have a conscience let alone any business ethic. I want my $1,000.00 for their breach of contract for refusing to give me the service I paid for and I want them to pay the $17.00 difference between our “Life Long” contract and what it’s replacement cost me till I’m 82 (which is reasonable) which is in the neighborhood of $5,000.00. We will be filing suit.

    Verizon is a company with too much competition which is costing them business daily and to keep profits up they flat out steel from people while violating their contracts with customers. Verizon can not be trusted, they make promises to get your business then screw you over when they can make more money with another product so they take the good deal you have to force you into buying what’s new.

  39. Tim says:

    Damned glad I’m not working with Verizon. For 5 months they’ve been sending me only bills for an account I do not have, and NO ONE in customer service is willing to do anything about it. I finally got the customer service exec, and his response was, I’ll have someone take care of it. Does no one at Verizon actually do anything???

  40. mcape says:

    I switched from a very good company to Verizon because of the price I was quoted over the phone. Boy that was a mistake. I got my first bill and it was over twice as much as I was quoted. So I called and was told it was for a partial and 1 full month of service. Well x+x does not equal over twice the amount I said. Then they informed me they had the wrong pricing down for my account but was going to fix it. So next bill comes in and it’s still the same price. so I call again and was told that They never quoted me that price so just pay the bill or switch back. I told the idiot that I would have never switched companies to still have to pay the same price and have worst service than I had. So I went ahead and switched back to my original company. Now keep in mind I only had service for maybe two months with Verizon. Between my first month and second month I had to call Verizon several times because my service was not working right. For a whole week I couldn’t even use my internet. Now they want to charge me a $165 early termination fee. First I never signed up for a contract and second they are the ones that would not honor their quoted rate. Consumers beware of Verizon.

  41. mcape says:

    Called today and was also told someone would be calling be back today. Seeing as it’s already 4:10 p.m here I don’t think anyone is going to call me back.

    • mcape says:

      Someone actual called me back at 7:30 PM last night and even apologized for the way I was treated by Verizon

  42. Kenji says:

    I am an avid fan of anime. Verizon had a station (#262) called FUNimation. It was the ONLY 24/7 anime station . We received notice that it was going to be cancelled and 1000s of people protested. We blogged, we started petitions and we all but blew up the Verizon Forum pages. The reason for this cancellation…… low viewership. That is simply NOT SO!

    We anime fans want our station back! I am ready to cancel all services with Verizon and strongly encourage others to do the same. With all the game shows, reality shows, ridiculous MTV, all the jesus and church stations, all the sports and biased news cast, I can not believe not one of those types of stations has a low viewership.

    Furthermore, those that expressed their feelings were not acknowledged. The big corporate Verizon would not even take into consideration the number of people calling and writing DAILY! to save this station. We pay a lot of money for the services Verizon provides and part of why I paid a high premium was for the FUNimation channel.. I may as well go to back to Comcast and save some money.

    I intend to email the CEO and I encourage others to do so as well. Tell him (politely) how YOU the consumer feel about YOUR station being unavailable to you. If enough of us speak out, to the right ears, maybe WE CAN move this mountain. It is worth a try!

  43. John says:

    I love the service we have with Verizon. My expecting daughter, due in just days, agreed to switch to verizon from comcast, as I suggested, when moving into her new house yesterday. Unfortunately the union install tech, who believes he is untouchable, made the experience of the install awful, to say the least. Any suggestions?