Comfort Suite's Shady "Energy Surcharge" Costs You $144

Reader ds143 wrote in with a reminder to ask hotels about added fees before reserving a room. He booked a six-night stay at the Comfort Suites in the Bahamas for his family of four without realizing that the hotel levied a $6 per person, per night “energy surcharge.” The financial sucker punch set ds143 back $144.

I know you already did a piece on strange hotel charges a little while ago, but I was in the Bahamas at the Comfort Suites in Atlantis and I thought this was so misleading I took a picture of it.

I just think it’s outrageous-if it wasn’t bad for the Earth, I might as well be leaving on all my lights when I leave the room, just to get my money’s worth! I was with a family of 4, and we booked the hotel because it was cheap. However, they did not include this 24 dollar a night tax! We stayed for 6 nights-they jipped us of $144!

Hidden fees usually have little to do with actual consumption. If you spot them on your bill, it is worth speaking with the manager and asking to have them removed.

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