Complain Like A Nice Old Man

If you want to have a successful complaint, it helps to complain like Gerald. That’s the father-in-the law of this WSJ writer, and he’s able to perform daring feats of consumer action, like the time he got the hardware store to replace the $800 grill that stopped working a year after he bought it. Here’s how he does it:

  • Be extremely polite
  • Keep receipts and warranties for all major products.
  • Write down the name of salespeople who sold you the product.
  • Decide exactly what you want the resolution to be before calling
  • Start at the bottom, starting with the person who sold you the product.
  • Ask for “help speaking with someone with more authority” instead of asking for a manager, it’s less insulting.
  • If the call doesn’t work out, thank the person for their time. You never know when you’ll have to talk to them again.
  • (Photo: Getty)

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