Video Of Comcast's Opening Remarks During Net Neutrality Hearing With Seats Stuffed By Company Employees

Here’s a video of Comcast VP David Cohen’s opening remarks during the FCC hearing on Monday, the one where Comcast bused in employees. These employees all wore yellow highlighters to identify themselves to company organizers. Note the two guys wearing yellow highlighters in the beginning (one tucked into his metal studded leather jacket, the other tucked into his hair like a daisy). They leave as soon as the talking starts. Guess it wasn’t that interesting for them. Also note how tiny this room was. For a hot-button issue, you would think they would get a bigger venue. Unless, of course, they didn’t want too many people showing up. ArsTechnica has a good summary with quotes of what went down during the panel discussion.


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  1. fluiddruid says:

    Paying employees to show up to show false support for the anti-neutrality argument and deny seats to protestors is pretty cheap, Comcast. Grow a set and try to find some actual consumer supporters. They must be out there, right? You play those stupid anti-neutrality commercials 24/7.

  2. Mr. Gunn says:

    So the FCC picked a small room and Comcast filled it with supporters? It’s a conspiracy!

  3. Dmartin001 says:

    That’s a real underhanded move. I don’t see anything good coming from this.

  4. savvy999 says:

    @Mr. Gunn: Not supporters, paid bums off the street. Tiny difference.

  5. Nighthawke says:

    I keep gritting my teeth like this i’m going to need dentures by the time i turn 45!

  6. mike says:

    Show me an honest cable company and I’ll kiss your feet.

  7. consumermonopoly says:

    they have disabled comments on that video on youtube. sohmc duh! they aren’t honest hence the problems.

  8. Nighthawke says:

    @sohmc: Charter Cable.
    At least they have told the music and movie mafias to go kiss a wookee. Their business division has treated me well in the past, with rapid service response.

  9. forgottenpassword says:

    well, comcast just got MY vote for the worst company!

  10. jeff303 says:

    @Nighthawke: As a former Missouri resident, I strenuously object to your characterization of Charter as a “good” company

  11. Nighthawke says:

    @jeff303: Better than TWC or comcast, they don’t filter or throttle.

  12. watchout5 says:

    Anyone have a transcript? I want to pick this guy apart.

  13. jollymonjeff says:

    Why is this not in the NY Times?

  14. @jollymonjeff: Because they are too busy covering Britney Spears to give two shits about real issues like this.

  15. soldstatic says:

    “we are just managing our network, which hurts only a small number of users” who are actually trying to maximize the service you are providing.

    Of course, the most profitable customers are the ones who don’t use ALL of the service they are paying for.

  16. soldstatic says:

    this seat stuffing should be illegal though

  17. harlo says:

    i am the owner of this video. i can assure you i do not work for comcast– actually, i was shooting for Cambridge Community Television/

    on the 27th, the commenter consumermonopoly said that comments on my video have been disabled– is this true? i just tried to post one, but it didn’t “take”.

    i did not disable comments myself, so if the comments have been in fact disabled, this would be an egregious act of censorship, and i will follow-up accordingly.