LEAKS: Amex Document Shows Proof of ID Check Is Not Required For Chargebacks

Reader W writes in in response to the so-called “retail manager” who said that credit card companies require video proof of cashiers checking ID.

That quote is absolutely wrong. I worked for [redacted] for 3 years as their Merchant Fraud Control Analyst, and now I work for a retail company handling all chargeback situations. Basically, if someone disputes a charge for any reason then I’m the person the bank/Amex gets in touch with.

My point is, look at the attachment this is what a retailer gets in fraud case from Amex (for MC and Visa its not much different). No where does it say proof of ID…and how the heck would one send video in the allotted time anyway? Just thought you guys would like a copy of the real thing.

(ed. note —We redacted the hell out of this document.)


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