The Great eBay Boycott Is Officially On, Will Anyone Notice?

Here we are a few days into a week-long eBay boycott over policy and fee changes and no one is sure if it is having any effect. It appears that listings are down 3%, but no one is sure if the drop is the result of the boycott.

eBay’s spokesperson told CNNMoney that the boycott “hasn’t had an impact on our listings.”

Some boycott supporters are hopeful, however:

“If [eBay’s listings total] falls below 12 million we’ve made a pretty good impact,” said Nancy Baughman, an eBay PowerSeller who deals antiques and co-authored Buy It, Sell It, Make Money, a guide to doing business on eBay. “I’m hoping that it goes down below 10 million. If that happens, we will have made a huge impact.”

eBay says that it’s sticking with its changes — including a hotly contested decision to prevent sellers from leaving negative or neutral feedback about buyers.

EBay boycott begins, to uncertain effect [CNNMoney]

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