Sears Settles "Stove Tipping" Class Action Lawsuit

Sears has settled a class action lawsuit brought against them for stoves that easily tip over and, well, injure and even kill people.

The AP says:

Consumer groups, which were not involved in the lawsuit, say more than 100 people have been killed or injured from scalding and burns caused by hot foods and liquids spilling from the stove top, or from being crushed by the weight of a stove that has tipped over.

Those groups insist Sears and other retailers who deliver a stove often fail to connect “anti-tip brackets” meant to prevent injuries by keeping the appliance stable if a sufficient amount of weight is placed on an open door or storage bin drawer.

Consumer groups pointed to the use by stove-makers of lighter-gauge steel since the 1980s to cut costs, making those appliances more prone to tip over when weight was applied to the oven door.

Consumers will get an anti-tip device installed for free, $100 gift card if Sears already installed the device, or a $50 gift card towards a new “regularly priced” Sears stove if they don’t want the device.

The lawyers, of course, will split $17 million in fees… and guess what? They don’t get a $17 million gift card.

If you have a Sears stove and would like to participate in the settlement, click here.

Sears Settles Lawsuit Over Stoves [AP]

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