$2,243 Burger King Bill Leaves Customer Overdrawn, Pissed Off

A $22.43 sack of burgers turned into a huge pain in the ass when Burger King accidentally debited $2,243 from Bryan Sampson’s bank account, leaving him overdrawn and unable to use his debit card lest the overdraft charges keep piling up. Burger King said the manager wasn’t available to correct the mistake because it was a holiday weekend… but the local media was happy to answer the phone.

From KTVB:

Bryan Sampson’s wife picked up food for the family Saturday – totaling $22.43. But a whopper of a mistake left the couple’s account overdrawn. A clerk at the Burger King charged them $2,243.00 – with the decimal point in the wrong spot!

Bryan said he didn’t notice the charge until Sunday – but now the mistake is causing big trouble for the family’s finances.

“My bank account now is overdrawn $473, so anything that might come through at midnight is gonna be charged a $35 fee,” Sampson said. “I know there’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 charges they’re gonna charge me for at $35 bucks a pop

Sampson said the assistant manager told him they had cancelled the transaction instead of crediting his account – and that the store manager would not be in until Tuesday – after the President’s Day holiday to correct the mistake.

Burger King should really work on developing a system that will not allow cashiers to accidentally debit thousands of dollars. It isn’t as if this has never happened before.

Burger King Charges $2243.00 For A Meal
[KTVB] (Thanks, Dave!)

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