If you don’t have private insurance, you’re more likely to get a cancer diagnois after the disease is in its later stages, a new study shows. [NYT]


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  1. hubris says:

    ‘The study’s authors concluded that “individuals without private insurance are not receiving optimum care in terms of cancer screening or timely diagnosis and follow-up with health care providers.”‘

    Well no fucking shit. Next they’ll tell us water is wet.

  2. InThrees says:

    No kidding – maybe they can do a study that shows people without insurance are likely to have low paying jobs, and that coupled with all health expenses being out of pocket, results in less visits to any kind of health professional.

  3. Mr_Human says:

    Even though this study states the painfully obvious, it’s good to have the numbers on paper. It’s hard evidence that will help move the health care debate forward.

  4. stuckonsmart says:

    @inthrees. Hey Smart A**! Or perhaps due to pre-existing conditions, someone has been “black-balled” by the insurance underwriters who no longer want to take on ANY risk. Insurance is the world’s biggest legalized scam. When I pay for my ER visit, I pay out-of-pocket for mine PLUS the others who are supposedly indigent and/or illegals.

  5. nequam says:

    @Mr_Human: Exactly. How many Consumerist posts about mandatory health insurance (think Massachusetts) are met with comments like: “I don’t see why I should be forced to buy insurance, I’m healthy.” Those commenters fail to appreciate the real value of preventative checkups. I mean, I understand that people have reason to bristle at the cost of insurance but, if you’re forced to pay for it, you might as well take advantage of the benefits.

  6. nequam says:

    @stuckonsmart: I thought INTHREES comment was pretty neutral. Why all the bluster from you?

  7. Squeezer99 says:

    master of the obvious?

  8. mikelotus says:

    its the free market at its best people. they are free to die slow painful deaths from cancer.

  9. Rusted says:

    Canada looks better all the time. I’m still paying for my eye because at the time, I had no insurance or money to pay for it, doing better now.

    I’m gonna dump my BCBS if this mandatory requirement becomes law just to have fun with the legal process.