Gas Station Attendant Busted For Re-Using Customers' Credit Card Numbers

A 23-year-old gas station attendant in Massachusetts has been charged with identity theft after a customer noticed that her card was used to make additional purchases a few hours after she’d been at the station. The attendant told his employers that the customer had come back to buy gift cards for her nephew, but police say the employee wrote down the card number and expiration date.

“The customers came in and evidently he took down their credit card number and expiration date,” said Jim McDonald, manager of the gas station. “He was working with another employee. When the other employee left at 9 p.m. he bought himself three prepaid debit cards and since he had the credit card number and expiration date, he could manually enter it.”

McDonald said Saumur bought one $100 card, and two $50 cards.

“Gas Attendant Accused Of ID Theft” [MSNBC]
(Photo: Getty)

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