Amazon Uses Cereal As Packing Material

I’ve been reading your stories about odd or wasteful pack-jobs from different retailers, and lo and behold I came across one of my own tonight. My husband ordered a few DVDs from for my valentine’s day gift, and when I opened the box, I realized that they had added some strange ballast.
Honestly, it’s so disheveled that when I picked it up I really almost expected a swarm of bugs – ants, or weevils, maybe – to come marching out. I don’t know why it made it in there because every other piece of media I’ve ever ordered from them came in that nice blister pack.

Oh, well – at least they seem to have forgotten their standard “million useless and unrelated coupons!”



Um. Well. At least they are recycling?

(ed. note– We get that it’s a sample. In this case, it functions more effectively as packing material, due to the lack of blister pack. We thought that was funny. Stop sending nasty emails.)