1-800-Flowers Sends Box Of Chocolate Peanuts From Walmart For $14.99

Reader Adam isn’t pleased with the peanuts his wife got from 1-800-Flowers:

When I ordered flowers for my wife, I added a $14.99 box of chocolates, but got an .88 cent box of peanuts

– I’ve attached the photo from 1-800-Flowers of the item your promised. (A standard box of chocolates for $14.99)
– I’ve also attached a photo of what I really got. (A box of chocolate covered peanuts that retail for .88 cents at Wal-Mart)

Not only is this a rip-off, but my wife doesn’t eat peanuts. I tried to call 1-800-Flowers, but you get a message to the effect of “We’re too busy” then the line hangs up.

We checked out the brand of peanuts you got Adam. They’re not just available at Walmart. You can also get them at Ace Hardware, Family Dollar, and Dollar General. candymayvary.jpg When 1800Flowers.com says “candy may vary,” they are not kidding.

Quality issues aside: the 1800Flowers website says that a “small” is 8 oz. Not only did they send you crappy quality candy, they sent you a little more than half the amount you paid for.

Feel free to report this to your Attorney General and your state’s Department of Weights and Measures.


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  1. sljgold says:

    Wow. That’s so bad it’s almost impressive.

  2. HalOfBorg says:

    Sounds like somebody ran a little short and started substituting.

    “QUICK! Run down to Dollar General and get SOMETHING!”

  3. foghat81 says:

    gotta admire their balls on this. If they won’t answer their phones, i’d try a CC chargeback. Forget the quality issue for a moment and focus on the 4.8 oz s 8 oz. That should help get the ball rolling

  4. sleze69 says:

    I learned my lesson a few years ago with FTD. ALWAYS go with a local florist, if you can.

  5. scoobydoo says:

    “Tagged: scam” is totally right. What a bunch of crooks.

  6. OrtizDupri says:

    I can’t use that site anymore – or FTD.com – because of errors in delivery. Once ordered a dozen red roses on FTD, ended up delivering a bouquet of multicolored variety. Which cost around $25 on the site. And I paid over $60. Never got my money back.

  7. babaki says:

    you have to go to be kidding. This isn’t something you need to report to your attorney generals office. Let’s not get ridiculous. 1800 flowers contracts local florists to fulfill their orders. It seems like the local florist who got your order either doesn’t have chocolates or ran out. So some idiot kid or store worker went to the nearest store and picked these up. Its not some elaborate scam by 1800 flowers. its simple screw up by an inexperienced florist.

  8. Toof_75_75 says:

    Hence the reason I always use Proflowers…I’ve always been super satisfied with their service.

  9. loganmo says:

    If you want to use a national florist, proflowers is much better!

  10. NotATool says:

    He’s exaggerating the price by a factor of 100. 88 cents, not .88 cents.

  11. Hanke says:

    FTD, and 800 FLowers are contract operations that send your order to a participating network florist. FTD was ‘Florist’s Telegraph Delivery’, they’ve been around that long. Proflowers uses regional centers, they don’t contract local florists.

  12. snazz says:

    i would issue a chargeback on your card, and focus on the size of your candy box (4.8oz) and that you could not get in touch with the vendor to resolve the issue.

  13. statnut says:

    @babaki: Yes, but its FTD that takes your money.

  14. warf0x0r says:

    I used them this year as I did last year. Instead of a local delivery from a florist like I got last year, I get some flowers from New Jersey in a 1800flowers.com box that were all pressed down and looked very lack-luster…

    I’ll be going to a local florist from now on.

  15. SVreader says:

    Wow, you’d think they would at least go to a grocery store and grab an armful of cheap boxed candy, at least.

  16. Illusio26 says:

    I just used FTD For valentine’s day. The flowers never got delivered yesterday. I checked the tracking #, and they were on the truck for delivery TODAY. I called FTD this morning, sat on hold for about an hour before i finally got to talk to someone.

    She first offered me 15% off my shipping and to call the person and apologize for being late. I told her just to give me my money back. Doesn’t do much good to arrive when the person won’t be there for 4 more days. What a waste…

  17. GrandizerGo says:

    They are the biggest scammers in the business of flowers.
    Normally I pick up on my own from a florist, however a friend surprised me and I needed to send them something in a hurry. I did using these clowns.
    Not only did my friend receive something LESS than the 59.99 ensemble I chose, (I sent a link afterwards with the email they sent me) they refused to fix the mistake.

    Only about a 25.00 mistake, on their florists part. I said the hell with them, hung up, went online and tried to cancel my account. Never want to do business with the crooks again.
    Turns out that they make canceling your account online IMPOSSIBLE. It always comes back saying that they can’t find your name / password to cancel. BUT the retrieve password option sent to THAT email works!!!
    Called to point this out to them and they said basically we don’t like to cancel people. But if I give them the following information, they will remove me from the system. The information included name address work and it’s address, a credit card and security number!
    I told them to F*** off. It is illegal for them to collect information from you of that nature to CANCEL your account.
    When I told the lady this, she said it is what is REQUIRED to VERIFY that someone isn’t fraudulently canceling my account…

    I didn’t know that the anti Cupid movement had made it this big over here in the US…
    Reported them to the AG and BBB, form letter responses back as I didn’t lose any money by not canceling. However if I ever get charged again from them, I can sue the pants off of them.

  18. notme93 says:

    I ordered from 800 Flowers about a year ago and while my girlfriend got the 18 red roses I ordered, they were all wilting and overall in poor quality. Hardly worth the $60-$70 price tag.

    I complained, but I never got any response back.

  19. Toof_75_75 says:

    Again, might I recommend Proflowers…They give you a freshness guarantee and if I remember right essentially promise you the flowers will last at least a week. They ship them in a manner that when they arrive the blooms are not quite fully opened yet. You put them in water and within a day or two they are full bloom and last another week. Also, I’ve heard they have good customer service, though I’ve never had to use it.

  20. MattO says:

    damnit consumerist…now i want chocolate covered peanuts…

  21. Toof_75_75 says:

    My fiance took pictures of the flowers I sent her for V-Day this year and they looked exactly like what I ordered…they were beautiful.

  22. bohemian says:

    I gave up using these places. If we need to order flowers for something we find a local florist in that city via the online yellow pages, call them and order over the phone. We have had better success with that. Usually someone who has an ad about being in business for 20+ years or something that lends that they are rather large and been there a while seems to be a good indicator.

    When I saw the candy issue all I could think was if this was a long distance romance situation where they didn’t talk to each other constantly or just met the lousy candy delivery might have not been known to the sender.

  23. babaki says:

    @statnut: so what. im sure if he calls he can get a refund. the phones are probably just tied up because its the day after valentines day.

  24. arch05 says:

    Par for the course. Does everyone see now why I hate 1800flowers with a passion? Because they contract local florists, each party plays it off on the other as their mistake. You’ll never get a straight answer out of them.

    When calling Corporate, I mentioned that my experience with them was inexcusable, and that it made me question whether I’d continue business with them. I was then interrogated as to my previous orders, to see just how much of a valued customer I was to them. Fuck them.

    I issued a chargeback, but wells fargo has to wait a month for a resolution, then they’ll process it. One more week 1800flowers, & ya’ll are getting fucked like you fucked me!

  25. NoWin says:

    1) Find a local florist.
    2) Use them more than just once a friggin’ year.
    3) You both profit! (one monetarily, the other emotionally)

  26. CPC24 says:

    They could have gotten the $4.99 box of chocolates while they were at Dollar General. They still would have made a $10 profit!

  27. B says:

    @NotATool: Maybe he works for Verizon.

  28. BlondeGrlz says:

    I don’t think anyone does a good job with flowers. Last year mine were four days late from FTD – I’ll forgive 1 day for the snow, but four? I sent my mother flowers through 1800flowers and she got a crappy dead bouquet. This year I told husband to use the local florist, and I got ugly carnations in a wicker basket as their “valentine’s special.” I’m going to take Toof_75_75‘s advice and try Proflowers next time.

  29. Toof_75_75 says:


    The other thing I recommend is to search around for coupon codes…Usually you can get special deals like 15%, 20%, free shipping, promos on specific flowers, etc… I have done that every time I order flowers (or really anything) online and I always save a nice chunk of money.

  30. brent_w says:

    @Toof_75_75: You might want to pull it back a bit.

    You’re starting to sound like a company shill.

  31. legotech says:

    Dad always forgets, so I send flowers addressed to mom from Radar the dog and Smokey the cat…used Proflowers. The vase they suggested, arrived and was too small, not a huge deal…but I figured I’d give them the feedback so that they can think about adjusting things. Filled out the form on their website and sent off the email.

    There was a PERSONAL response in my inbox within 5 minutes. The email showed that the CSR had actually read the email and responded to the things I said.

    Makes me feel like if I have a real complaint they’d be right on top of it.

  32. mopar_man says:

    I’m sorry but I just can’t feel bad for people who read Consumerist and get hosed like this. There’s a search function, use it. There’s been a number of stories about 1800flowers and every time a daily deal pops up with them in it, there’s at least one comment about staying away from them.

  33. NefariousNewt says:

    @blondegrlz: I used ProFowers this year and the roses they sent are awesome! Plus they have a 7-day freshness guarantee.

  34. zentec says:

    The magic words to use when you *write* your letter disputing the charge are “goods not as advertised”. Works like a champ as long as you provide reasonable proof.

  35. raleel says:

    I use local florists, and I rarely buy roses. not that my wife doesn’t like them, but I do a better job on my own. pick the fresh ones, you can get some better arrangements just by looking around and spending a little time with the florist. I do it a couple of times a year, and rarely on valentine’s day. I buy roses when they are on the cheap :)

    I’ve gotten more rave reviews over spider mums and birds of paradise than over any roses. One time, i bought my wife (then girlfriend) a large bunch of birds of paradise, lillies, irises, and others. no roses… chose each thing by hand. every girl on her floor in the dorm immediately was envious, and I heard about it :)

  36. Toof_75_75 says:


    HAHA I thought about that as I was typing it, but you can look back at my previous comments and see that’s not true. I really only am pushing it so much because each year there are countless stories of people endlessly pissed off by the flowers they bought online. I have used proflowers 3 or 4 times that I can think of in the last 2 years and have never had a problem. My flowers showed up a day late this V-Day because we had ridiculous snow storms, but I had ordered them to arrive on Tuesday anyways, so it ended up working out just fine. Also, weather isn’t really their fault.

  37. Crotty says:

    Flowers really are not a commodity — the quality varies a lot and is evident immediately. A good local florist is your love ally, whether you are married, or courting. You will be rewarded by your sweetie if you find a QUALITY local florist and deal with them directly. Maybe your wife likes star gazer lillies or the smell of lilacs — ask her what she likes subtly a few months before V-day. Discuss a nice arrangement with your florist. Pay for personal delivery, or pick them up yourself. This is not the time to shop based soley on price or use a national chain/1-800 number. I’m just sayin’. Maybe get your own chocolate, also, like from Godiva or Lindt or Sees, rather than risk chocolate that looks like deer poop showing up, you cheap dog!

  38. woodenturkey says:

    whuutt? what you mean you don’t like goobers

  39. BrockBrockman says:

    @Toof_75_75: Wow. Proflowers. No kidding. You you sure? Proflowers, yeah. Proflowers. Proflowers.

    Purchasing stuff online is not always the way to go – flowers, in my opinion, is one of them. If you want flowers delivered, going “cheap” on the internet isn’t going to impress your sweetie – as others have mentioned, find a trustworthy local florist that delivers.

  40. Whitey Fisk says:

    My wife used ProFlowers yesterday to send an arrangement to our friends who just had their first baby. Not only did they send the wrong arrangement (one that was $20 cheaper), the flowers were all brown and wilted. Fortunately my wife went to the hospital to visit and saw what they had delivered, called and complained and got a full refund. At first she was offered a $20 refund (yeah, well, duh) and a 20% discount on her next purchase.

    Sure, that’s a real mollifier…an incentive to give them more of our money. No thanks.

  41. Crotty says:

    @raleel: That is what I am talking about. You are a smoooothe dude.

  42. Toof_75_75 says:


    Everything you say is fine and dandy for you, but some of us don’t mind saving some money if we can still get an excellent product (Hence, consumerist?). Also, before you go firing off about anyone being cheap, if you were awesome enough to buy See’s candy perhaps you’d enjoy the story from earlier about some of their candy being recalled.


    And why isn’t this a time to not spend money unnecessarily? I can’t think of any reason to not get an equal product for a lesser price…

  43. ekthesy says:

    Wow, bet someone slept on the couch last night.

  44. sketchy says:

    Everybody realizes that all these flower places are a scam, even your ‘local’ florist. They buy flowers wholesale from clearinghouses all over the world and ship the flowers in from whatever climate is warmest and least likely to enforce labor standards.

    Give a potted plant from a local Greenhouse (The big boxes import these, too) and really support your neighbors.

  45. RokMartian says:

    True story: A number of years ago, I had a 1800flowers store nearby. I stopped by on a saturday about 10 minutes before closing time. As I was getting out of my car, someone from inside saw me and runs to the door, locks it and flips the sign to say closed.

    I go up to the door and knock on it – we can obviously see each other, but she acts like she doesn’t. I never bought from them because of that incident.

  46. Anonymous says:

    i always get my valentines flowers at whole foods; $20 for 2 dozen, I’ve never found a better deal.

  47. javi0084 says:

    Life is like a box of chocolates…

  48. K-Bo says:

    Trader Joe’s has really pretty flower arrangements that are reasonably priced if you are willing to go pick them up yourself.

  49. bsalamon says:

    if you complain, 1800 flowers will usually credit you what you ask for, and they will do it very quickly.

  50. JDAC says:

    They screwed up my order too. I ordered a plush bear with three mylar balloons plus a box of truffle chocolates. The chocolates were actually fine, but when my wife called me to thank me for the flowers, I was justifiably confused.

    Not only had they sent the wrong thing, they sent a damaged wrong thing as there was a chunk of carnation missing.

    They are at least giving me my money back for the wrong stuffm but I don’t see myself using them again.

  51. StevieD says:


    you have to go to be kidding. This isn’t something you need to report to your attorney generals office. Let’s not get ridiculous. 1800 flowers contracts local florists to fulfill their orders. It seems like the local florist who got your order either doesn’t have chocolates or ran out. So some idiot kid or store worker went to the nearest store and picked these up. Its not some elaborate scam by 1800 flowers. its simple screw up by an inexperienced florist.

    Right on !!!

  52. JaguarChick says:

    My husband ordered me flowers from 1800flowers on February 7th. They didn’t arrive yesterday and when I called them it was impossible to get through on their customer service lines. I finally got through on the order line only to be told that they could not get in touch with the florist and didn’t know where my flowers were but that they had until 7 pm to deliver them (to my office).

    Fast forward to today, when I had to use the spanish language line to get through and was told that my flowers would be delivered this morning. It is almost noon and still no flowers. Customer service was no help. They told me to call corporate. I tried calling the main corporate number 516-237-6001 as well as investor relations 516-237-6131 and got no answer.

    I am furious and my valentine’s day was ruined by A. Not getting my flowers and B. Having to wait at work until 7 p.m. because the representative said that they had until 7 pm to deliver them. This order was placed a whole week ahead of time. This was not short notice. They have no excuse for what they did.

  53. FightOnTrojans says:

    Y’all know that Costco and Trader Joe’s sell flowers for Valentine’s Day (and Mothers’ Day), right? Just saying, cuz that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 6 years or so. I see the flowers and choose the best ones possible, maybe pick up a vase, and voila I have a good arrangement. Quality goods and reasonable prices from customer friendly establishments.

  54. maddypilar says:

    At least they included them at all. Usually when I have added items they haven’t actually arrived with the order although I was charged for them. (and got a refund when I called them on it)

  55. seanSF says:

    Both this site and FTD.com are horrible at delivering anything close to what’s represented on the website. I’ve had more than one delivery (shame on me) go wrong including a “Christmas cactus” sent to my 93-year-old grandmother that looked like someone had taken a weed-whacker to it.

    If you want to send someone flowers, find a reputable florist in their area, call them up, and tell them what you want. It’ll cost less and get you more.

  56. AaronZ says:

    I know the consumerist likes to paint everyone as incompetent bad guys, but that’s just not the case for Proflowers. I’ve used them probably 2 dozen times over the last 10 years and they have consistently had HANDS DOWN the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with. My mom got flowers that wilted in a couple days. I called, they sent her a new bouquet overnight that lasted for 2 weeks.
    One time they sent flowers to the my address (instead of the intended recipient). Again, they overnighted new flowers to the right place and even refunded my shipping cost to apologize for the mistake.
    You guys can rip on Best Buy and Comcast until you’re blue in the face, but you’ll never convince me that proflowers is bad. I agree that -this- was a stupid thing to do, but call their customer service and guaranteed they’ll make it right inside of 24 hours.

    And the irony of this site that always pisses me off is that If I wrote the Consumerist with the story of great CS from Proflowers, they’d just ignore it. (I wrote in about a great CS experience at Circuit City and they told me it wasn’t something they were interested in posting.)
    Then everyone here bitches that people only complain.. well if the site only supports complainers, that’s what you end up with.

  57. scoosdad says:

    @foghat81: They’d probably just send him a second box of chocolate covered peanuts if he takes that approach.

    4.8 x 2 = 9.6 …problem solved!

  58. coan_net says:

    Just call a local florist to get your flowers. First you will probable save money, second you will probable get better service (or at least they can tell you what you will get), and third you will probable get better product.

    All those 1800 or ftd sites do is take some of your money off the top, then contact the cheapest florist in your area.

    I can some-what understand using those 1-800 or ftd.com sites to send flowers to someone who lives far away from you – but heck, now days you can find phone numbers for businesses from anywhere – and can do the small footwork yourself to find the florist to get what you need.

  59. deleted01 says:

    This is common with 1800-Flowers. They always get screwed by their local florists. They will make it up to you x2. Just shoot them an email, you’ll probably get a full refund PLUS they will resend the original order done right.

  60. howie_in_az says:

    @darkjedi26: Nearly identical experience, except they offered me a discount on future orders. I said “if you can’t deliver flowers on this order, what makes you think I’d ever order from you again?”

    Ended up doing a chargeback, they didn’t fight it.

  61. lemur says:

    @Toof_75_75: Are you kidding? Proflowers is a joke. Their freshness guarantee is a joke too. I ordered from them last year and was able to see first hand how they don’t care about quality. I ordered a dozen roses for my wife and she also received roses from another family member who ordered through FTD. FTD filled the order through a local florist and I can tell you the difference was amazing. The flowers I ordered looked already tired right out of the box and were dead within a week. The flowers that were ordered through FTD looked great and lasted well over a week.

    I complained to Proflowers but they did not even acknowledge my grievances. I’ll never order from them again or from the other companies part of the Proflowers family.

    Dealing directly with a local florist is the way to go.

  62. MercuryPDX says:

    I always send flowers in a “nice vase” at Christmas for two relatives back east. As crude as it sounds, I always ask them to email me pics.

    The very first time I used 1-800-Flowers to send Poinsettias in a “Christmas Box” for $50 a pop. What arrived were red and white carnations in a plain glass vase with a red bow around it (which were selling for half the price).

    When I called to ask WTF, the first excuse was that my order “may have gotten mixed up with someone elses”, so I said to just make it right. They said they needed to follow up with the florist but would send the right arrangements, no charge, to make up for the mistake.

    A week later… nothing. I called back and got something akin to “Yah, we followed up with the florist and they had to make a substitution.”, to which I said “So… since you’re no longer going to make good on the fix, can you at least refund me the difference in price?”. Hold… then disconnected. I got a chargeback issued.

    Went with FTD from that point on and in the past 4 years have never been disappointed with their performance. IIRC the local florist that an FTD order was going through called me one year to apologize that they fell behind in the rush and would be delivering two days late but would “upgrade” both arrangements… and they did.

  63. IrisMR says:

    Well, you could’ve also tried to be original for your valentine’s day…

  64. jesuismoi says:

    The 1-800-national-flower people just sub through a local florist. You pay out the nose for the joy of not having to figure out who is close by.

    Better choice:
    Take your delivery address to maps.google.com.
    “Find businesses”– Search for Florist
    Call independent places close by to where you want the flowers delivered.

    I’ve done this multiple times and always had people rave about the results.

    You get a better price by cutting out the franchisee/middleman/corporations.

  65. UpsetPanda says:

    Question for everyone who says “go with a local florist” …how do you do that if you don’t live in the same town? That’s the problem we’re having with relatives. They don’t live in town, and if I’m not there to see the flowers, I’m just trusting the florist that I’m paying for fresh tulips when they’re giving me old ones?

  66. MercuryPDX says:

    And in reading the “FTD is the same” comments above, I just wanted to add that the local florist FTD passes my orders on to is extremely reputable and has been in business since before I was born, so YMMV. :)

  67. MercuryPDX says:

    @UpsetPanda: Ask for a pic. Tacky? Maybe, but I presented that as “I just want to make sure you get what I ordered you.”

  68. Anonymous says:

    ProFlowers has EXCELLENT customer service. I ordered flowers as a birthday gift last year, and they were delivered but apparently left outside my friend’s door, and she never received them. ProFlowers was extremely apologetic and offered to issue a credit to my CC immediately. Also, the rep spoke english. I continue to use them because if I encounter another issue, I know they’ll resolve it.

  69. coan_net says:

    @UpsetPanda: You look online to find phone number of florist in area. (yea, probable get charged long distance to call)

    As you are making the order, make sure to say something like “I don’t live nearby, and I’m looking for a regular local florist that I can call and order from”.. (that is make them believe you will be a regular – people who are regulars usually get great service… since they of course want them to come back)

    Of course there is probable no guarantee of the quality – but 99% of the businesses like that will try to do a good job…. especially if they believe doing a good job will lead to more business. (if they just fulfill orders through FTD or 1-800, then there is less reason for them to go the extra mile and may skimp on the final result.)

  70. K-Bo says:

    A lot of search engines, like Yahoo offer ratings services, so check there and look for one that has good reviews from other users.

  71. Crotty says:

    @UpsetPanda: It may also be possible to use a site like Citysearch to get reviews/recommendations of florists in a different city.

  72. Crotty says:

    @Toof_75_75: You can stay within your budget with a local florist, I think, and others have pointed out this may actually be the cheaper option. It’s very possible the more expensive roses will last a week, while the Fed-exed dozen will wilt by the next day. If you go the commodity route — the cheapest dozen roses, which may be mis-delivered, delivered at 5:30 to a an office after the recipient has left, you have really lost your money. Regarding Sees, whatever, maybe they had 1 recall over the past 30 years. My mom really likes the nut clusters, so that’s a personal touch that says I thought about her.

  73. I’d much rather give someone a live plant, which can provide years of happiness, than waste money on some flowers which are a few days away from rotting.

  74. NefariousNewt says:

    @K-Bo: I usually get my roses at our local Wegman’s. Normally you get a dozen for $9.99, but of course the price shoots up right before V-Day.

  75. kerrington.steele says:

    @UpsetPanda: as others have said, use Google to find a florist near the delivery address. Google Maps usually has reviews and ratings of local business, so pick one with multiple high ratings and good reviews. call the local florist directly and tell them you’re from out of town and would like to send a bouquet/arrangement/boxed flowers to a friend/relative in the area. tell them your budget, the type or color of flowers you want, the kind of vase or box you want, the desired delivery date/time, and ask about delivery charges.

    I just did this: I live in New York and wanted to send a condolence bouquet to my boyfriend’s family in Nashville. The highest-rated florist in Nashville was 2 miles from their house, so I called, said, “I’d like to send $50 worth of yellow, pink, or other pretty colored lilies or tulips to this address tomorrow.” They took my notes, wrote my message on a card, delivered it on time, and everyone said it was beautiful and fresh. So easy and cheap! I totally recommend this method.

  76. KogeLiz says:

    How about they put a little more effort into calling the customer service line BEFORE they go to the attorny general’s office over a few bucks?

  77. Gopher bond says:

    Another vote for live plants. We grow flowers during the season and enjoy them then, alive, in the garden and window box. Missing them during the winter makes us appreciate them more when they’re here. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m better than you because of it.

  78. marsneedsrabbits says:

    I have experience with one of their affiliated companies, Magic Cabin, where after years of great service got very poor service after they messed up a toy order and didn’t seem to care if they ever made it right. Broken promises to send the missing items, lies about them being sent, etc. It was only after threatening a charge-back that they grudgingly refunded the money they had charged for the items they never shipped.
    If you do a search for “1-800-Flowers review” one of the first sites that comes up is a Yahoo! merchants review site with over 85 entries. Most – probably over 75 give abysmal scores and the only ones with decent scores are at the end – chronologically near the oldest.
    My one and only experience with 1-800-Flowers was poor, too, mirroring others. I won’t order from either company ever again.
    It seems that the entire company is wanting in the customer service/customer care department.
    Here is a wiki entry of all the companies they are affiliated with: [en.wikipedia.org]
    I avoid all of them.

  79. brandymb says:

    My wife and I used to own a retail florist shop. 800Flowers was the most difficult wire service in the world to deal with. You go pay them 75 for a dozen roses for example. When they forward the order to a subscribing florist, They first take out a heavy service fee and give 80% of the rest to the florist who then takes out his delivery charge and then leaves you about 25 bucks for the roses. What do you think you’re going to get? Same with the candy. Be smart and just pick up the phone and call a local florist in the area you’re sending flowers, whatever, to. The long distance cost (free with a cell) is lot less than their fees, and leaves you almost the entire $75 for your gift. Not to mention the wrong addresses, bad order info, etc we used to get from them.. and corrections were so difficult.. and they never admit their errors…

  80. SkyeBlue says:

    A few times when I have ordered flowers to be sent to people who live in other states (For some reason I just never felt right about those online florist sites) but I didn’t know which florist in the town was a reliable one I’ve gotten online and looked up the telephone number for the local Chamber of Commerce and called them. I ask them “Can you recommend one of the florist’s in your town that has a good reputation that I could call?” I’ve just explained to them EXACTLY what I want and how much I want to spend.

  81. rolla says:

    1800flowers is a scam…just call a local flourist and get cheaper prices.

  82. kidzmatter2me says:

    I have placed two orders with 1-800-FLOWERS in the last year. Both have been extreme disappointments.

    The first was last year for Mother’s Day. I had ordered an arrangement with a teddy bear (she loves bears) for her to be delivered while she was in another state. The local florist did not delivered the flowers. 18F knew about the delivery failure as they had been contacted by the florist, but failed to contact me. When I contacted them, they gave me the runaround then refunded my money.

    The most recent was just this week. In lieu of her Mother’s Day flowers last year, I gave her flowers for Valentines Day. They were delivered on time, but the arrangement had carnations instead of roses and had a substituted (ugly) vase. I wrote them and complained and their response was:
    “Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We pride ourselves on building a trusting relationship with our customers through ease of access, tasteful and appropriate gifts, and superior service. Your feedback will help us to remain the leaders in the industry, and reinforces our belief in 100% customer satisfaction. We look forward to serving your gifting needs in the future.”
    Um, yeah. You just lost a customer.

  83. synergy says:

    @raleel: Excellent! That’s what I like to hear. A guy who takes the time to hand-select something! Your wife is lucky. :)

  84. synergy says:

    @UpsetPanda: Like someone above mentioned, go to maps.yahoo.com or maps.google.com and there’s options for the map to show you locations of florists around the address of the person you want to send flowers to.

  85. Peeved Guy says:

    Nothing says “I Love You” like crappy salted snacks.

  86. synergy says:

    @synergy: Or what you could do is the next time you visit, go for a walk or drive around the neighborhood and drop in on florists to check them out. Of course, that’s a good idea if you’re visiting someone you think you’ll send flowers to a couple of times from out of town.

  87. smythe says:

    Thats unfortunate… About 2 years ago I used them to get flowers my girlfriend bacause the week she moved in with me I had to travel for work.
    The flowers didn’t get delivered until after I returned but 1 call to CS and I got another dozen roses sent for free along with a full refund.

    Hopefully they will make it right.

  88. bunnymen says:

    @RokMartian: I did similar stuff when I was closing the gas station I worked at in my much younger days.

  89. quieterhue says:

    I recommend organicflowers.com. The flowers are gorgeous and I’ve never had any problems with ordering. One time I got a bouquet of roses that wilted very quickly, so I called customer service and they sent a replacement bouquet for free.

  90. silentluciditi says:

    My boyfriend and I both sent each other flowers yesterday- he used FTD, I used 1-800-FLOWERS (I ended up with them because FTD wouldn’t deliver any of the arrangements I wanted to where he works). After they arrived to our respective offices, we snapped pics to compare. He was surprised that the bear that came with mine was a little beanie baby size instead of the typical looking about 6″ high teddy bear listed on the site, but it came with a differnt vase that I had liked better anyway. His looked exactly (well, with some differences in the attached balloons’ designs) like what was on 1-800-FLOWERS site. Incidentally, BOTH companies used local florist to create and deliver the arrangements, so in the case of the chocolates, maybe it was the florists fault? Maybe they didn;t want to pay the cost for buying a ton of actual assorted chocolates and went/sent someone down to the closest store and had them pick something out on the cheap. Sleezy, but, c’mon, it happens.

  91. krom says:

    Gee, a flower company’s phone line is busy on February 14. Um? Concept…

    Anyway, 1-800-FLOWERS is probably not the culprit. They partner with local florists who are responsible for procuring and delivering the items. I’m sure 1-800-FLOWERS would be extremely interested in knowing that this florist screwed up.

    It’s possible that there was a rush on candy (there seems to have been on flowers, at least where I am) and the local florist had to make do with whatever they could get their hands on. But they should have notified either you, and/or 1-800-FLOWERS (who would then have contacted you) and addressed it. Either offer a substitute, credit you, or postpone the delivery so they could get a more accurate item.

  92. starbreiz says:


    I learned that FTD had problems with 10% of their orders yesterday. I got an 8am call that my flowers from my boyfriend wouldn’t make it because they’d been bounced to 11 different florists. (Well they didn’t tell me that part at 8am, I found out later.) I *still* don’t have my flowers, and it’s 3pm on Feb 15, and I’m really annoyed. They also didn’t seem to care when I told them (at 8am) that they’d just ruined the surprise.

  93. starbreiz says:

    Oh, I should mention that my boyfriend DID use a local florist, in person. Local to him, on the east coast. I’m on the west coast, and they used FTD over the wire to someone local here. Apparently, even well in advance, that doesn’t work out so well either.

  94. kellyd says:

    @Toof_75_75: Yes, it’s all about ProFlowers. Their fresh, gorgeous, and always exceed expectations. They’re shipped fedex straight from the grower, so they last longer. Never going back to those folks who contract with cruddy local florists.

  95. BeFrugalNotCheap says:

    Hold on a second people….they’re peanuts covered in CHOCOLATE.

  96. kellyd says:

    correction: “They’re” fresh and gorgeous. I hate when I’m being bitchy and look stupid.

  97. bbbici says:


  98. lakesnake says:

    Last year I ordered flowers from Pro Flowers for my wife’s birthday and they were sent via FedEx. We got the flowers that afternoon around 5PM after they were in the back of the truck all day in heat that was in excess of 100 degrees. Needless to say that when we opened the flowers, they were all wilted and just looked awful. I called Pro Flowers and complained and they did send a replacement. Well, they also arrived wilted and because of that, I will never order there again.

  99. jvette says:

    Give me a break, You get what you deserve. Use these companies at your own risk. Did you know FTD.com, Teleflora.com and 800flowers all take a cut of every order placed with a florist. Not only do they charge you to place your order with them but they charge the florist about 30% of the order amount as a sales commission to give them the order. This is why they can’t find good florists to fill their orders. Who can work on 70cents on the dollar and make a living.

    These companies are scam artist. You should be able to see a scam when you see one.

    You say use ProFlowers? They also have huge amounts of complaints due to delivery and not telling the truth about where their flowers are really shipped from. There is no farm where your flowers are picked and packaged but a huge warehouse made of block walls and steal roofs where labors from your local day labor companies are stuffing flowers in boxes. There are many complaints of non delivery and frozen flowers. Just google proflowers frozen flowers and see what you get.

    There is no better way than your local florist.

  100. Charlotte Rae's Web says:

    @ CUNNIJ98 – I agree! Whole Foods and Fresh Market grocery stores are a great deal!

  101. Waliwalu says:

    @everyone – Never, ever buy flowers or anything else from online flower shops. (Proflowers.com, 1-800Flowers, etc) Just go toCostco, pickup a nice bouquet, and some chocolates.

    Cheaper and you can ensure the quality is good.

  102. alitis1969 says:

    At least your wife got the chocolates.

    I ordered flowers that were never delivered, but I got an email confirmation saying they were delivered.

    When I called, and waited 26 minutes, the very friendly voice did not seem surprised that the flowers never got there.
    Apparently, my girlfriend signed for them, and they were delivered on time at the correct address….$100 spent on virtual flowers….

  103. MusicLand says:

    That’s too bad you didn’t get what you expected. Did you call customer service? I know they give you a refund/exchange if you’re not happy with it.