Beware $429 Fradulent "ID Safe" Charges

Check your statements. Fraudulent charges of $429 for “ID Safe” are showing up on some people’s credit card bills. Which is odd, because usually these places use tiny charges so they’re more likely to go unnoticed. If you see a suspicious charge on your credit card, call your card company immediately to check it out and get it reversed if need be. On the credit card statement, the phone number listed for ID safe is 888-261-6045. After the jump, what happened to one consumer when he called the number and got through to the mastermind, who sounded like she was banging pots around in her kitchen…

Same thing. Noticed a $429 charge on 1/4/08 from ID SAFE. I called the 888-261-6045 ID SAFE and the same rude woman that other people talked about answered the phone “customer service”. It sounded like she was cooking dinner slamming around pots and pans and out of breath. She could tell she was not sitting at a desk in a prof. environ. I asked about the charge and she said it was basically a fraud protection plan and I laughed and said that is ironic I feel like this is the first time I would actually need it and she laughed. I asked for a website that I could go and research the company ID SAFE and she said she did not know it. When I insisted that I speak to a supervisor-no go then I finally said I would like to speak to any other human being in your office- no one available. I asked if it was a corporation and she said no an independent company. I asked for an email address-no go. She said to google the company and I said I did and you didn’t show up! I asked for an address and she gave me 1112 Stoneham Road Yucca Valley, CAL 92284. I asked for a name and she gave me June. I asked for a claim # when she said they would look into the charge and call me-she gave me #ProtectR07Volunteer Refund – which was odd. I told her I was going to contact the Better Business Bureau about this company and she said GO FOR IT and hung up!

Some sense of humor, the identity theft is for a supposed identity theft protection company.

[via 800notes] (Thanks to Mike!)