Use An Online Coupon With In-Store Pick-Up And Get Tossed Out Of Office Depot

Reader Jason writes:

So besides your site, Lifehacker, and a few others, I also follow The other day there was an Office Depot item, where you could buy an office chair, set it for in-store pickup, and if your order was over $50, you could use a coupon to take an additional $20 off. Sweet. I placed my order and went pick it up today.

When my turn arrived, I stated I would like to pickup my order I placed online and the clerk asked for my name. When I gave her my name, her attitude changed from pleasant to “Red team Go, Charlie in the trees.” She actually turned away from me, leaned over, and whispered in their little knock-off FBI headsets. She turned back around and said I could not buy the chair unless I had the coupon. I explained that the coupon was entered online and that why would I bring a coupon if the system accepted it and took my order. I also stated that it did not say a coupon was needed.

So we went back and forth, I maintaining my cherub like demeanor.
She again used her FBI ear piece, this time calling a manager, and he was as helpful as well….he wasn’t.

They could not give me an answer as to why I needed a coupon if it was placed online.
Love not getting what I ordered.
Love being treated like a criminal.

From the looks of the thread over at Slickdeals there were quite a few people who were treated the same way. One guy was accused of calling people and telling them about the coupon. Oh no!

Bloomington, MN manager seemed pretty upset. Wanted to know if I called a bunch of people about this. Ha! Thanks Slick Deals!

Other people had no problem at all:

There were three others sitting by mine with pens/rulers on them when I went to pick mine up. All the invoices said MUST HAVE COUPON. The gal asked if I had mine I said that I didn’t know I needed it. She slid my cc and off I went.

We examined the coupon and it does say that the “original” needs to be present, but since it was apparently an emailed coupon with a coupon code… we understand how people were confused. Heck, we’re sort of confused.

Slickdeals says that Office Depot has deactivated the coupon code… but we suppose you could try to print it? Just for kicks? You might run into the delightful employee described here:

Went to pick up mine today. Asked for the coupon (shown). The sales then proceed to show me some kind of office depot memo:

“We don’t accept that coupon.”


“It’s been posted on fatwallet, I think you know what I am talking about.”

Curse you, Internet!

DEAD (now $40): Office Depot High-Back Leather Chair or Fabric Chair $30 with instore pick-up [SlickDeals]

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