Top 20 Consumer Fraud Complaints Of 2007

The FTC today released its top consumer fraud complaints of 2007. Based on complaints filed by consumers, identity theft is the number one complaint by a very wide margin, taking 32% of all complaints. The next closest complaint category was Shop-at-Home/Catalog Sales, which only took 8% of the complaints. Here’s how the bastards break down:

Rank | Category | Complaints | %

20 Charitable Solicitations | 1,843 | <1
19 Multi-Level Mktg./Pyramids/Chain Letters | 3,092 | <1
18 Debt Management/Credit Counseling | 3,442 | <1
17 Employ. Agencies/Job Counsel/Overseas Work | 5,932 | 1
16 Telephone Services | 8,155 | 1
15 Office Supplies and Services | 9,211 | 1
14 Real Estate (Not Timeshares) | 9,475 | 1
13 Business Opportunities and Work-at-Home Plans | 11,362 | 1
12 Magazines and Buyers Clubs | 12,970 | 2
11 Investments | 13,705 | 2
10 Advance-Fee Loans and Credit Protection/Repair | 14,342 | 2
9 Travel, Vacations, and Timeshares | 14,903 | 2
8 Health Care Claims |16,097 | 2
7 Internet Auctions | 24,376 | 3
6 Computer Equipment and Software | 27,036 | 3
5 Prizes/Sweepstakes and Lotteries | 32,162 | 4
4 Foreign Money Offers | 32,868 | 4
3 Internet Services | 42,266 | 5
2 Shop-at-Home/Catalog Sales | 62,811 | 8
1 Identity Theft | 258,427 | 32

FTC Releases List of Top Consumer Fraud Complaints in 2007 [FTC via]
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  1. Myron says:

    I wonder if there is someway to present tabular data in HTML?

  2. socalrob of the 24 and a half century says:

    I’m surprised that charities are not higher up on the list. It’s rather annoying to walk out of any type of store and have someone there bugging you to buy something or give them money to help save something or someone. I don’t mind the Salvation Army because I know where the money goes. But these other people using a coffee can with a a slit cut in the lid and a badly xeroxed copy of some picture taped to the front… don’t quite know how much of that money is going to charity.

    I remember one charity that only 20% or less went to do charity work, the rest was used as a profit almost.

  3. stacye says:

    Yea, I’m also surprised that charities are not higher on the list. I had the Fraternal Order Of Police call me for a donation. I agreed, sent them the money (paid online, not over the phone), and they still called me asking for payment. Every single time they called, they said “This is [insert name here] from the police.” They had my mother-in-law in a panic. I called them back and told them they can take me off their list for future donations.

    Now I get calls for all kinds of charities (I guess they share lists).

  4. NoWin says:

    Hmmmm, no mention or ranking of scummy politician promises

  5. descend says:


    I do mind SA precisely because I know where the money goes.

  6. sakanz says:

    @NoWin: That would be in the list of Top Constituent Complaints of 2007. This one’s for customers.

  7. MercuryPDX says:

    @descend: Seconded. I don’t even make eye contact.

  8. Ariah says:

    “Foreign Money Offers” are number three, huh? I don’t think the FTC is going to be able to help you with those, folks.

  9. Dalinae says:

    @stacye: Yup, they do. Usually, for people who’ve donated to related charities but sometimes it’s more random.

  10. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    My only complaints about last year were that someone stole my identity to shop-at-home for internet services, where they heard from a gentleman in Nigeria about software he bought at an internet auction to help win the lottery. This made me so sick, I had to go on vacation (at a timeshare) but I had no money (because of bad investments and too many magazine subscriptions) so I had to borrow some cash from Amscot. When I got back, I had been fired from my work-at-home job (selling telepones and office supplies to real estate agencies), so I looked into overseas work doing credit counseling for victims of pyramid schemes. I then gave the rest of my money to the March of Dimes.

    What a conincidence!!

  11. SexCpotatoes says:

    Hey, shouldn’t the gummint be first on the list?