Reach Capital One Account Supervisors

Capital One Account Supervisors: 1-800-707-0489. They have full access and powers to fix any account problems. They’re probably even so smart that they can tell what’s in your wallet without even asking.


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  1. azntg says:

    Ah boy, imagine my surprise when I saw that CapitalOne had a strong presence as a bank in Louisiana!

    Yes, credit and banking departments are probably separated, but the brand… it’s pervasive!

  2. RandoX says:

    Anyone have a number for CitiCard where the Account Supervisors have full access and powers to fix any account problems?

  3. richtaur says:

    No luck guys. My account at Capital One has been frozen for over a week now. I called this number, immediately got a human, but was told he couldn’t help me and was put on hold for whoever supposedly can.

  4. stavs says:

    Phone number didnt work.

  5. ravana says:

    Try 1-877-513-9959 as well if you have no luck with the others.

  6. ProjectGSX says:

    Thanks for the posted number. The first time I tried to cancel my crap-tastic Capital One card, I got passed around to multiple customer service reps and eventually dumped onto a non-working extension. Wasted about an hour. I called the number in this thread and had the card cancelled in 5 minutes flat. The person was polite and helpful.


  7. Julam says:

    I have had the same issue as you richtaur my account has been frozen for a week now as well, I called this number the first day and the “verified” my identity via questions about myself and lifted the hold. Next business day my card had a hold placed on it again. They then gave me the wrong fax number, and I called this number again was sent back into the mud pit that is their fraud department. I am on hold with that department right now(the magic people at this number can’t touch anything from fraud i guess). The hold was placed on my accounts when I applied for my “upgraded” card. Apparently they did not like the fact that I have been living at college for 11 months and 3 weeks and 4 days… not close enough to a year. grrrr

  8. abundesen says:

    I called the 18007202500 and got an answer in 3 rings, they not only handled the”freeze” of my account due to me paying it off (i never understood why that was though) but they increased my limit by $500 at the same time, i pulled it right up on the web site and it was reflected before i even got off the phone. NEVER call 18009033637 as they could not help me for 2 days strait and were in another country.