Microsoft Has No Answer For Their Broken XBOX Live DRM

Reader Kevin’s XBOX 360 suffered the usual Red Ring of Death, so he sent it in to be repaired. He got back a different XBOX 360 with a different serial number. That would be no big deal, except Kevin has purchased a bunch of content through XBOX Live… content that is no longer fully functional due to Microsoft’s broken DRM.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • November 2007: Kevin’s XBOX 360 is replaced, causing his content to lose full functionality. He calls Microsoft.

  • Microsoft keeps Kevin on the phone for an hour trying different methods of restoring functionality to his content. Nothing works. They say they will call him back in two weeks.
  • They do not call him back, so he calls them. Microsoft makes him repeat the steps he tried the first time he called. They tell him they will call him back in two weeks.
  • This cycle repeats twice more before Kevin gets a call from Frank at XBOX escalations. It’s now the second week of January.
  • Kevin periodically speaks to Frank. Frank has no answers for him.
  • February 7, 2008: Frank tells Kevin that there’s nothing more he can do and, when Kevin asks when he can expect a resolution, Frank says “hopefully sometime in 2008.”

We suggested that Kevin escalate his complaint. He did. This resulted in another call from Frank confirming that there was nothing Microsoft can do.

Kevin writes:

I just wanted to drop you a line about my recent experience with Microsoft’s horrible customer service for their 360 consoles. First a bit of background for folks not familiar with the 360’s problems and it’s DRM system.

It’s well known that Microsoft’s 360 console has an unusually high failure rate resulting in many users suffering what has been coined the ‘Red Ring of Death’ and being forced to send in the console on warranty. While Microsoft has extended the warranty on these systems for 3-years against this problem they are refusing to fully repair the devices. While they are happy to replace the device if you are an Xbox Live Marketplace user your box will not be fully functional on return. If you have purchased any content through their Xbox Live service which sells full games, movies, tv shows and add-on content for various titles you will find that it no longer works properly on your replacement console.

When you purchase content on Xbox Live it’s linked to two things. The Xbox Live ID of the original purchaser of the content and a secret ‘code’ of some sort inside the Xbox 360 itself. You can use your content on any Xbox 360 anytime your are signed into Live using the original purchaser’s Xbox Live account. You can also use the content offline or with any profile signed into the 360 the content was originally purchased on. This is particularly good for families who have multiple gamers with separate profiles. Any content purchased on the system is available to everyone who signs into the box online or offline. Well, that is until your box red rings.

In October of 2007 my 360 experienced a hardware failure and the red ring of death. I sent it in for replacement and after waiting over a month I was shipped a new replacement console. This new replacement console has a different serial number and as a result all of my downloaded content only works now when the purchasing profile is signed into Xbox live. Additional profiles on the system can no longer access the content. I can no longer access the content when I’m not signed into Xbox Live. So any internet issues with my system or Xbox Live (which experienced serious problems for most of last month) means I can no longer use the items I have purchased. As far as I’m concerned since the functionality I had before is now crippled my console has not been repaired.

I immediately contacted Microsoft when I noticed this a day or two after I received my system back in November of 2007. They had me try a few things in the system blade and redownload one of my items. This did nothing to resolve then issue. At that time they put me through over an hour of providing them with serial numbers, reference numbers, UPS tracking numbers and all sorts of other information while they located the information about my repair. Somehow they had apparently lost it. After this frustrating episode was over they escalated me to a supervisor. He informed me this had to be reviewed and that someone would call me back in the next two weeks.

Two weeks go by, I call back. I first get a Xbox Live rep who doesn’t know what to do with my reference number from my previous call and makes me go through the whole process again of giving serial numbers and items from the previous ticket. I get escalated to a supervisor who thankfully can use my original reference number. He tells me he has nothing new to tell me and that I should expect a call back in the next two weeks.

This cycle repeats two more times until I get fed up with constantly being told ‘two more weeks!’ and I email a different contact address in Microsoft. This seems to get things moving since I’m contacted very quickly by a representative who only calls himself ‘Frank’ from “Microsoft Xbox Escalations” he assures me that he is going to follow the issue to resolution. But he has nothing to tell me at this time but promises to give me weekly updates until the issue is resolved. It is now the 2nd week of January.

The next week he calls up asking me to give him the serial number for the console so he can pass it along to whoever is working on the issue. He says he doesn’t have anything new but hopes this will help. The next week he calls up to report that he has nothing new to tell me yet. Still no ETA. This continues weekly until February 7th.

Yesterday, February 7th, Frank calls to tell me he will no longer be working on my case because there is nothing he can do. I ask if he is passing me onto someone else who will handle it and he says he is not. I ask if there is anyone I can call for status updates on my issue and he says there is not. I ask him when I can expect it to be resolved and he says I quote: “hopefully sometime in 2008.” I ask to speak to a supervisor and he refuses assuring me there is nothing that can be done. Apparently my issue is being handled by the “Live Team” but whoever this team is they do not talk to any department outside their own, they do not give ETAs. Essentially I’m being told that since my console suffered a widespread hardware failure, was serviced by Microsoft under warranty, that now I’m supposed to wait for a call back from Microsoft some day in the next year or more for the system to be fully functional again. Furthermore I have nobody I can contact or speak to regarding the status of my problem.

Let this be a warning to anyone considering making purchases on Xbox Live. Microsoft does not stand behind their product in regards to this service and failures of their own systems. They are happy to take your money and give you the run around until you simply give up and go away. This is honestly the worst customer service experience I have ever had with any company.

Intern Alex asked if he tried escalating his complaint and pointed him to some contact info that we’d posted. Kevin wrote back:

I saw that and sent an email to each of them and one to Major Nelson who runs Microsoft’s official Xbox Live blog.

As a result of those emails, Frank called me again.

He confirmed for me the following:

* That he can give me no ETA for when this issue will be resolved.
* That there is nobody I can call for status updates since the team that does ‘relicensing’ does not give updates.
* That they will only provide me with resolution when all my content is relicensed not partial.
* That there is no compensation for the fact this has taken and will likely take months more to resolve.
* That there is nothing more he can do.
* That he ‘hopes’ that it will be resolved shortly.

I’m expected to accept this as the resolution and basically “don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

Worst Customer Service Ever.




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  1. Jonbo298 says:

    I’m in the same boat. I have both Carcassone (XBLA game) expansions, and every time, the better one (Not the Rivers2 expansion, can’t remember other one) always fails to run which makes the game so much better.

    But then again, with how slow Microsoft is to patch XP, let alone fix the RRoD and how long Xbox Live itself was acting up, I’m not shocked at the time spent not fixing this.

  2. shadow735 says:

    I have an answer and its one word…………….MICROSOFT!!!!

  3. Buran says:

    I remain amazed that people continue to buy these fatally-flawed devices and any service associated with them. Microsoft can’t get their act together to save their lives, it seems. I’m not blaming Kevin here, since he doesn’t deserve this, and for all I know wasn’t aware of the unreliability, or bought his device before the news started getting out, but at this point I’d strongly be considering selling the thing and getting out.

    I did that when I got sick of Windows Mobile (another Microsoft product, hmmm).

    Good luck.

  4. Murph1908 says:

    Ok, wouldn’t an EASY solution for this mess just be, credit the account with enough points to purchase the items again?

    Ok, so instead of ‘buying’ Gauntlet again, I ‘buy’ a different game.

    Customer gets what he wants, MS can cut the support on the issue to just trying to find a permanent fix.

  5. edrift101 says:

    Simple solution – stop buying DRM protected content. It’s a hassle and NOT designed to be consumer friendly.

  6. Jaysyn was banned for: says:

    AFAIAC, anyone who buys DRM laden products gets what they deserve.

  7. iameleveneight says:

    hey microsoft. Simple solution.

    You have records of what he’s bought. You have records of the problems hes having. REFUND. THE. FUCKING. POINTS.

    DUH. I’m sure he would be and have been much happier with the solution that hey, we can’t do anything to fix the problem so we are going to refund your live points so you can repurchase those items.

    Easy fix.

  8. shipwreck says:

    I’ve been going through the same hassle and it’s really ridiculous. They give you a 30 business days time frame from the point the supervisor authorizes the license transfer. I call them every week to get an update and they keep telling me to “kindly wait” and that they have the “highest level people” working on it.

    Just give me my content back so my wife can play Puzzle Quest. This is ridiculous.

  9. Randy says:

    A similar situation happened to a friend, and he’s so unhappy with M$ right now that he simply refuses to even consider any more M$ products, including their PC OS systems.

    Someone needs to get the ball rolling and start lawsuits and complaints with the Attorney General’s office of the state they reside in. Hopefully, enough lawsuits will occur that it’ll be branded class-action and M$ will wind up having to fix their system or suffer some seriously heavy financial losses.

    I had considered an XBoX 360, but I think I’ll go with either the Wii or the PS3 when I decide to finally purchase one. Right now, I’m happy with my GameCube and PS2.

    Kevin, file complaints with the BBB, your state’s Attorney General’s office and possibly start a lawsuit against M$. Other than that, not much you can do.

  10. skwish says:

    What i dont understand is why dont they “pair” your content to your Hard drive instead of the console.

    The purpose of the hard drive is to be able to “bring your console to a buddies place”

    and since you dont send back the hard drive when your console explodes it wouldnt be a problem when you got the new software

  11. MercuryPDX says:

    This is why I am VERY wary to purchase anything from the Playstation store. The $10 you spend is on 1’s and 0’s and not a physical product. Supposedly you can re-download your purchases, but I’m not to keen on testing that.

  12. Razlo says:

    I’m starting to buy less content on 360 and more on PS3 because my HD is getting full on my 360 and MS seems to have no intention to allow me to buy a new HD from them and be able to use the content I BOUGHT offline.

  13. Crymson_77 says:

    @Murph1908: I like your idea. In fact, take it a step further. Offer him Live Gold free for 2 years, enough gold points to buy double what he previously had, and a huge apology for making him wait so damn long.

  14. Szin says:

    Refuses to let you speak to a supervisor? Damn. I still say Linksys has the worst customer service I’ve ever had to deal with, but that’s pretty bad right there.

  15. Talli says:

    The truth is that all of his hassle could have been negated by the first person being well-informed that this is what happens when a console is replaced. Nothing broken, the system was working the way it was supposed to.

    (NOT THAT I AGREE WITH THE DRM STUFF. Please understand where my criticism comes from.)

    With all the red rings out there, I can’t believe anyone was surprised! By his account, he spoke to three different reps, none of which let him in on the situation? Or did he keep complaining, and the rep did the whole “Well, I don’t think there’s anything we can do, but I’ll have someone give you a call” thing to get him off the phone?

    My money’s on the last one.

  16. Beatseeker says:

    I don’t see why Microsoft just gives him some promo codes so he can re-purchase everything on his new box.


  17. wallapuctus says:

    When my 360 failed, Microsoft emailed me a code for MS Points that I could redeem to repurchase all my content on the new console. I had to create a new Gamertag for the console (I used my girlfriend’s) since you can’t repurchase content you already bought with the same tag.

    The rep read off a list of all the things I’d downloaded, even hitting things I’d forgotten about, so clearly they have access to this information. He added up the point cost for all of them and I ended up with an extra 50 points for my trouble (because they sell points in multiples of 500).

    I don’t know why they didn’t do this for you, seems like a simple, if round-about, process.

  18. Buran says:

    @Randy: I have a PS3 that I bought as a hi-def DVD player (I’m not a console gamer) and I poked around the net some while researching what to buy. It was highly recommended for the DVD purpose, and I didn’t run across rampant complaints of bad hardware, either. Should be a safe buy.

  19. Crymson_77 says:

    @Razlo: You can get a 120GB hard drive…for $200, which is insane since I can pick up one brand new of the same size and type at Fry’s for $59.99.

  20. jackal888 says:

    Microsoft has a great problem on their hands. All Xbox 360s will be replaced in the future at least once. The draconian DRM should push consumers not to buy anymore from the Marketplace. I may be wrong because I also thought the failure rate of the of system would lead to loss of sales.

    PSN and Wii VC have a better system. Your account holds what you purchased not the hardware.

  21. wallapuctus says:

    Also, if you think MS has the worst service ever, I guess you never had to deal with Sears.

  22. Crymson_77 says:

    @Crymson_77: Without showing a receipt at the door even!

  23. Daniel-Bham says:

    Incidentally I have a replacement x-box and have had no issues with problems with pre-licensed video. I’m not certain which videos have or don’t have a special serial-number specific drm though. I thought it was determined from the hard drive?

  24. shipwreck says:

    Oh, and another thing, the licensing agreement for several games on XBLA does not follow the terms of service that you agree to when you download the game. Certain games like Puzzle Quest and some of the Sega titles will not allow other users to play the game on your replaced console even when you are signed into Live.

    It’s somewhat of a different issue, but related to this DRM problem as well and something that I’m sure a lot of people are frustrated with.

    I have also emailed Major Nelson about the problem, and while he provided a quick response, there was nothing he could really do since it’s not really his department.

  25. LongDarkBlues says:

    I’m on my 4th 360 and this has become a huge problem – I’ve bought a lot of games through Live only to find that I can’t use the content anywhere that I’m not online. I brought the console over to play Rock Band at a friend’s house and, lo and behold, the $35 worth of songs I bought couldn’t be played. And lately, with Live being up and down so much I often can’t access any of the 20-some games I’ve bought without being kicked out of them halfway through.

    The BBB is a joke – they have no power and exist purely for companies to subscribe to to look more official, so you’re wasting your time contacting them about anything. If you want to get something done, find a lawyer who’ll take on Microsoft in a class-action suit. One that I will gladly be part of.

  26. Contra666 says:

    To all the people who are saying they should just refund the points, that is their exact policy.

    The best way to get it is to tell the support rep to look up “MS POINTS AFTER REPAIR”, the exact name of the relevant support document.

    They’ll give you the points value of your content on another profile of your choice (sometimes they may give you codes to redeem for the specific content).

    The DRM is theoretically quite generous, but they didn’t add anything to allow for people to move between consoles on a more permanent basis.

    @Razlo if you have only ever had one console, you wont experience any issue if you go from a 20GB HDD to a 120GB HDD.

  27. Dolgo says:

    I picked up an Elite and purchased an Xbox live arcade game (Streets of Rage 2). I returned the xbox 2 days later and received a new one (it was my tv not the 1st Elite btw). Streets of Rage 2 would not allow me to play it unless I unlocked the game again, which I have to do each time I want to play it (not a huge deal just aggrivating). I have gotten the “two weeks call back” run around since late August 07 and even faxing of my receipt. They stopped calling me and I stopped calling them around 3 months ago. Out of the blue I got a got a call asking me what my serial# was for my current xbox (the same one they had on file) but they wouldn’t tell me what for. Still not fixed. Over 6 months now. Only 1 game to fix. LOL!

  28. shipwreck says:


    The refunding of points was their old policy. It changed late last year and everyone has been going through this headache. I specifically asked the Microsoft representative about refunding the points and was told on multiple occassions that they no longer do that since they have this “License Transfer” system in place.

  29. JackAshley says:

    I don’t understand why businesses are so anal about their customer service these days – rather than having your customer wait months in agony so that their problem can be “properly resolved” wouldnt it just be easier to refund their money for an “instant resolve”? I think most customers would be more than happy to accept a refund for their defective product rather than waiting for ever to get it working properly again…

  30. dowingba says:

    Wha? I had to replace a 360 and my arcade games work fine and dandy.

  31. jackal888 says:

    @iameleveneight:You can’t just create virtual dollars,it could damage the virtual economy.

    @MercuryPDX: PSN is great about downloadable games. You can download a game as much as you want on up to 5 different consoles.The potential of you breaking 5 PS3s is so low that it is never going to be an issue.

  32. P-Sheddy says:

    @MercuryPDX: I downloaded a few things fron the PS Store and then reformatted my HDD, then just redownloaded them. Pretty easy. Only thing though is I think your only allowed 5 downloads, and I let my friend borrow some. Hopefully I don’t need 2-3 more downloads, haha.

    But that of course would be my fault, not Sony’s. Unless my system broke 5 times, that would be a whole different problem.

  33. Murph1908 says:

    A) Your machine was fixed, and not replaced
    B) You are not trying to play them under a different gamer tag.

  34. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I have known of this for quite awhile, as I have had many replaced Xbox 360 consoles. Frankly, it sucks that I have to be sure to pay for broadband internet acess for the life of the console, just to play 16-bit era games I bought through the Live Arcade. I also can’t take my 360 to my friend’s shore house and play any of the arcade games.

    I’ve complained, but they said there is nothing they can do.

    If the only thing they CAN do is give me points to repurchase it under a new Live tag…I won’t do it. I dont want to give up my gamer tag…and what happens when I have to replace THIS unit??

  35. jackal888 says:

    @LongDarkBlues: Stop buying Xbox 360s if they keep breaking.I only bought one SNES,PS1,PS2 and PS3. The only way Microsoft will change their policies is a loss of money.It is corporate culture.
    Japanese companies do care about image and honor US companies only care about margins.Customer care takes a back set to shareholders and profits.

  36. JerrD74: ..drawing a blank says:

    Ha, I’m in a similar situation as the guy in the article:

    I have $145/11,400 points worth of stuff that I can’t access unless I’m connected to Live. About 2 weeks ago I spent a total for 4 hours on the phone with numerous different customer service reps and even some of their superiors trying to get this issue resolved. I even had a conversation back and forth with Hyrb who fed me the same “we’re working on making these types of situations more manageable but currently don’t have a timeline for it” line that the other guy got.

    The customer service people basically told me that they were capable of transferring the licenses, but in my case, they weren’t at liberty to do so, so I was more or less S.O.L.

    Don’t tell me you can fix something and then tell me you’re not going to. That’s BS. This is getting ridiculous.

  37. MercuryPDX says:

    @jackal888 & @P-Sheddy: Thanks for the clarification. :)

    Still, would you not prefer a “hard copy” though… or am I just showing my age here?

  38. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    @dowingba: Unplug your internet connection, log into your gamer tag, then try and play them. It wont work.

  39. Buran says:

    @shipwreck: “It’s Policy” is an excuse for “We don’t give a shit” — ironically there’s an article on this site TODAY about how “them’s fightin’ words”. Make YOUR policy “I won’t stand for this crap” and fight, fight, fight!

  40. timmus says:

    Is it possible the call center employees (in India maybe?) have access to a pool of MS points but skim them for off-the-clock profit or fun, denying them to some of the customers? This could explain some of the lack of service.

  41. mkmead says:

    They need to refund the credits. They can see his account history. Give him the credits and let me repurchase the content.

  42. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I gotta say that this sounds like more of a law suit situation than the hardware falure.

    You buy a console, buy games to play. Get the console repaired under warranty, and then now have limited access to games you bought.

    I could understand MS’s defense if the units were exchanged in store, but this is something MS did to customers by sending them back different units.

  43. lopey says:

    Weird, because when i sent mine in and got back a different system, all i had to do was connect to live with my gamertag and all my stuff worked again, even when i’m offline.

  44. kathartik says:

    my xbox just RRoD’d and I’m worried about this same issue when I get my replacement…

  45. drweazel says:

    Poor guy. It seems I hear another sad Microsoft Customer Support story every week or so. It doesn’t sound lik eit should be so hard to fix. Maybe I’m naive.

  46. dowingba says:

    @AlteredBeast: All but one of them work when I’m offline, and that one is Geometry Wars. Also, yes I’m using the same gamertag. And yes, it’s a different 360 with a different serial number and different production date.

    (I can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Geometry Wars wasn’t the only arcade game I bought before replacing my 360 but I’m pretty darn sure I had other ones.)

  47. JerrD74: ..drawing a blank says:

    @mkmead: they can refund the points to you but you’d have to use a new tag to get the games “back”. Which is horse crap. There’s no reason why they can’t look up what you own and do whatever they need to do to fix it. In fact, 3/5 customer service reps i talked to had my account up on their comps with all the things i’ve bought on it, they just wouldn’t transfer them to a different SKU.

  48. Korbei says:

    @mkmead: The problem with that is that people will abuse it inevitably, recycling points for new content. Like people exchanging new games after beating them in under 7 days, over and over and over.

  49. @edrift101: Not quite that easy.

    The content didn’t use to be protected. The foobared DRM scheme was introduced as a dashboard update sometime after the launch, i.e. after some content was already purchased.

  50. shipwreck says:


    Sometimes they actually relicense the replacement Xbox 360 before they send it back to you. Major Nelson actually told me that this should have happened with my unit, but it did not.

  51. JerrD74: ..drawing a blank says:

    @lopey: @kathartik: Reps said they’re able to switch the licenses over to the new boxes they send back to us because they have the old/broken one in hand. As long as you’re sending it in, you should be cool.

  52. At least these items are 360 content supported by points, I had a similar experience with the last download map pack for Halo 2, my 360 red ringed 2 weeks after I got it and the new one wouldn’t recognize the maps, I finally had to pony up another $4 or whatever to play them.

    I understand the anti-piracy viewpoint that leads to this, but frankly it has crossed over from protecting MS to hurting them, as this story clearly demonstrates. Until their hardware is reliable, they need to build a bit more flexibility into their DLC restrictions, lest they earn further ill will.

    To everybody saying “What do you expect its MS?” or “My PS3 with PSN is better because of reasons X, Y, Z, etc”, how does that in any way help here? MS has bought or bullied some of the best game devs in the business into making games for both their platforms over the years, thats nothing new. Until people collectively stop buying crappy versions of Windows and Office, and companies stop saying “Oooh, Money” when MS comes to buy them out, their existence in this market and others is a fact of life, and dealing with them is relatively inevitable.

  53. iToke says:

    That is so fucking weak, honestly. Man MS can take a page out of Sony’s book here….I don’t even have a warranty with my PS3 and now that it is breaking – Sony has been so understanding of my situation they are honoring a Good Will Gesture…..not too mention that the shit I bought will be right back where it was….just deactivate the user and you free up the download spot. MS is crazy, honestly. Dude has been dealing with this from Nov of 07 to Feb of 08 – that is outrageous. I feel for this guy, seriously as a gamer that is kinda weak.

  54. Dolgo says:

    I hope Major Nelson would explain what ever knowledge he knows about this situation. He looks at Kotaku and maybe he will see this article.

  55. AryzonaBay says:

    It’s at least good to see that this issue has gotten some sort of attention other than people whining in forums.

    To those who say, “thats what you get” – thats about the sorriest general cowardly peanut gallery cop-out response you could give to this. Maybe if someone had purchased DRM content multiple times after having multiple 360 failures – I’d understand the venom. But this guy is just someone that bought something that was supposed to work, when it didn’t he had it replaced, and now the games he purchased for it don’t work. He’s just trying to get it working again.

    As someone that has experienced this problem and have been offered absolutely no resolution, I’m glad to see this finally get some attention. Yelling at Major Nelson doesn’t work, complaining on MS’s own forums don’t work – maybe some mainstream gaming media press will finally force MS to find a solution? Or not.

  56. AryzonaBay says:

    People have been bringing up this issue for months in the comments section on Major Nelson’s blog for every post under the sun. Doubt he’ll explain anything.

  57. Quanji says:

    I am amazed at the issues people keep having with Microsoft support and their Xbox 360. I am on my fourth Xbox (RRoD each time) and all my downloaded content still works fine for me. The last Xbox I got back was in late December and I had several things already downloaded before sending it. When I got it back it was a machine with a different serial number but everything seems to work okay. Yeah, it is kinda annoying that it happens but I’m just glad to get it back and get my game on once more. EVERY time I’ve called in for support the support team has been VERY helpful, courteous, and everything is returned to them and then back to me within 3 weeks. It is very unfortunate that other people aren’t having the same experience that I have had. I guess maybe my terrible experience with Xbox support is coming (hope not). I think this all goes back to “treat others how you like to be treated.” Cheezy, I know. I think it’s true though. If you call in all pissed off, people aren’t going to listen to you very much. If you call in with a friendly voice and some reasoning, they seem to respond better.

    It sounds like in this case you were being civil but got caught in the middle of some wierd issue with DRM and such. I think had support handled it differently, for example, explaining that this is an odditiy and please be patient because we don’t have a solution, you’d still be frustrated but not nearly so pissed. Believe me I have been pissed about my RRod before. I have had to wait a couple days before calling because I couldn’t be civil.

  58. jackal888 says:

    @MercuryPDX: I have the same fears about download games.I bought the disc for Warhawk even though I could get the download. The game’s cost made me weary about download alone.The disc also gives the option of playing the game across usernames. Warhawk is the only download game so far that is limited based on username.I am assured that I can re-download any of my PSN purchases as many times as I need to on my PS3.

  59. LongDarkBlues says:

    @jackal888: Well, I’ve only bought 1, they just keep getting replaced. But, yeah, there’s no way I’d buy another, as much as I’ve enjoyed the games on the system, the pain in the ass that’s been owning one is just barely worth it. If I had to actually purchase another, I wouldn’t.

  60. SigmundTheSeaMonster says:

    Kevin: Come to my RRoD meetings; eX-Xbox users support group. I’m a 3rd ringer. Then I saw the (red) light. I rid myself of the stress and chains that Micro$oft has beset on me through impulsive marketing, shoddy & loud hardware, direct downloads and pisspoor support. Rid yourself of that hyped gaming machine. Sell it on ebay, but do not loose it on a friend or loved one. Micro$soft does not care about you. Buy their DRM-locked games, and you WILL have another RRoD. And unless on the internet, you will never get to enjoy that Driscs of Tron or Oldskool game. You might beg for renewed points, which they will give you, to again shackle you to their inhibiting game system. You have choice!

    (Simple. Replace it with Wii, PS3 or a PC.)
    (I’m just joshing. But you know, we could use a support group! Oh, we have one? Kotaku!!!)

  61. Manji Kengo says:

    Maybe he should login to xbox live. there problem solved. all his crap is working again.

  62. cleverlymadeup says:

    OMG sigfreid and roy’s tiger attacked them!!!

    the live support ppl are useless there’s not much they can do, working for live support for a few months, they are given a list of responses for almost anything you have to say and most of it begins with something similar to “i’m sorry to hear that but we can’t help you”

    they do have good training, but when you have crap pay for the job, last time i checked it was $10/hr for the call centre for all the abuse they recieve, yeah you can’t hang up if someone swears and curses you out, you get in trouble for it. so why should they care about you? for 10/hr i never did

  63. LongDarkBlues says:

    @jackal888: Well, I only actually bought 1, they just keep getting replaced when they RRoD. I agree, though, I wouldn’t buy another one if I had to actually pay for it again – despite the great games, it’s only barely been worth the pain in the ass it’s been.

  64. jinjin1080 says:

    Very strange, I’ve had 2 RRoD’s and both times MS resolved the issue for me and the turn around time was less than 10 days for each time. Also they were very explicit in saying to NOT send the HD with the console. The first time, I got a different console with a different serial number, I plugged my HD and everything worked fine. The 2nd time I got my “original” console back and everything worked fine.

    It’s very strange that you’ve had all this hassle and MS has been very good to me. oh well, good luck.

  65. Doctor Cathattan says:

    Wasn’t there a story a while back about a guy who complained about his Xbox to Bill Gates? Maybe this guy should consider taking a similar route. It’s pretty unlikely to work, but if it worked for that one guy….

  66. LongDarkBlues says:

    Ack – crap – this posting thing totally got weird there.

  67. yashichi8bit says:

    Well, I would still have to say C0mcast is the worst service & support in my book.

    But that story is just ugly. Now I’m a bit nervous about my downloaded content. My 360 has been running fine since day one but I easily have over 100$ worth of games and expansion packs that I have paid for. I would be furious to loose it all and get a response like the one above.

  68. AryzonaBay says:


    Nice suggestion but no. I have the same problem, have logged in and out of XBL many times and still cannot play anything I purchased on the broken 360 offline.

  69. Topcat says:

    @MercuryPDX: From experience there: your Playstation Store purchases are recorded against your PSN account. Logged in, you can redownload them to your PS3 (even content that is no longer available through the store will still be available to you in your download list), or if theyre a PSP game you can download them through your PC as well. As far as I know the software has no ties to your particular box, only your PSN login.

  70. dvddesign says:

    Microsoft is doing the same thing to me right now.


    I’m waiting for a call back that’s supposed to happen by Feb 29th, but I’m probably going to call them here shortly to find out what the status of this now that I’ve read this.

    When my first Xbox failed back in May, Microsoft DID refund me my points that I had purchased and let me repurchase my games on a silver account that’s in the same machine. That fixes the issue, at least until the system fails again. I’m not taking no for an answer. They fixed this last time and they will again for me now. I have over $100 of content invested in the XBLA and I want control of it again.

    They’ve already established a precedent with me that they DO do refunds and I want that same courtesy extended to me a second time, since doing so prior FIXED my problems.

  71. LongDarkBlues says:

    @Quanji: Have you tried playing your content without your 360 being online, though? Or with a different gamertag?

  72. randygbk says:

    I had a similar situation happen when I tried to help my father purchase some XBLA games to play while he is out of work due to surgery. He loves games but does not have an internet connection at home. He brought over his Hard Drive and I connected it to my console and proceeded to download games using the 5000 MS Points ($62.50) he bought. After the games were downloaded he went home with his Hard Drive in hand and hooked it up to his box only to find that the games showed up as trial versions.

    He brought the Hard Drive back over to my house as well as his console, we hooked it all up to my router and the Trial Version magically became full versions once he signed in on Live after almost 2 minutes (the content validation process took forever and the Xbox Blades were showing no content, we thought the console was crashed). At that point I realized that my father was probably screwed, but I proceeded to call Microsoft on his behalf. After going through the escalation process, and ultimately talking to RJ, I was told that nothing could be done to help him. The money could not be refunded, nor could points be credited to his account.

    Basically they stated that nothing could be done and they don’t know if the problem would ever be resolved. I was given an address that I could write to to further explain the problem, but I highly doubt anything would come from sending a letter to 1 Microsoft Way except the loss of my time. Now my Dad has games that he cannot play, Microsoft has his 62.50 and won’t give it back, and I feel bad because I was an ardent supporter of MS and Marketplace to the point persuading him to try it. I’ve even sung the praises of MS in PR campaigns for titles I’ve worked on.

    The worst part of it all is MS seemingly encourages taking your Hard Drive, Memory Cards, and content with you, but obviously lack good back-end Admin tools to correct the issues. I’m a game developer that works primarily on Xbox 360 titles for a major Publisher and I didn’t even know of this pitfall in the Marketplace process. My question to RJ was, if I didn’t have a clue that this would happen then how would Average Joe Consumer know? Where is this information displayed to the end user when buying the content? If a message appeared warning that the system config (HDD, Console and Gamer Profile) were being married together to access the content then far less people would be screwed by this issue.

    In general MS should be ashamed of themselves for this and should make it a priority to fix the issue with their DRM scheme for XBL Marketplace. God forbid my Console die having purchased over 100 XBLA games — competitive research! :) — I’ll definitely think twice before buying anything else.

    If RJ reads this, remember my questions… “So what you are saying is that my Dad is pretty much screwed and you are keeping his money without following through on your agreed upon service?” RJ’s response certainly slippery as is MS’s use of DRM… “No sir, nothing can be done. I’m sorry.” Heh… Translation – “Yes! Screwed as screwed can be…”

  73. Zerkaboid says:

    Sorry to hear this, Microsoft really dropped the ball with this system. I am very happy with my Wii and PS3.

  74. craigme says:

    Send an email to and explain your problem, exactly the way you did at Consumerist. Also add your phone number. You’ll get a call from the Executive Customer Support within 48 hours and they do fix issues. I’ve used this 3 times for various issues and they have been superb – they also have access to US based support people in case you need technical support (probably not your case). Try it – you’ll like it.

  75. Cwolf267 says:

    @manjikengo: Thats nice and all, but then you have a situation like mine, where I moved out, and no longer have the internet at my house. If you dont log into live, it says all your games are trial versions. I’ve been putting off calling customer support for this very reason, I just dont have the time to deal with Microsofts bullshit.

  76. Zantagor says:

    Just a note, and it’s probably hitting in the dark here. But did any of you, when sending/getting the coffin, EVER specified that you had DLC on the system before sending it? Because quite frankly, that’s what you have to do if you send your Wii back to nintendo, so that they are aware that you have downloaded content to transfer to the new system.

    And a manager I personally know at at a local EBGames did when his 360 died last november. He printed a list of his history for DLC from the billing info site at, and when he called, he specified he had DLC and included the list just in case. He got a new 360(different serial, etc) and his stuff worked. Also, he didn’t sent the HDD either, just the system.

    Like I said, it’s just a punch in the dark, but it obviously makes some sense. At least I know that’s how it works with Nintendo and the wii, as long as you specify when you call, that you have DLC, they should get transfered to the new system.

  77. Moonshadow101 says:

    Sorry, broken?

    It’s not perfect, but no DRM is. Given the alternatives, I’m pretty damn happy with the DRM scheme. It’s designed on the base assumption that you’re always online: If you play into that assumption, it’s the best DRM possible. If not, you’re living in the stone age and need to catch the hell up.

  78. Major fail MSFT!

  79. Hiero Glyph says:

    @shipwreck: Then wouldn’t the simple solution be to have you resend them back your 360 and provide you with some form of compensation for the time you lost? You would think that they would have a way to duplicate this secret code that your system is lacking.

    My second 360 is currently in for repairs due to a DVD drive failure. Mind you that since the system’s CPU did not fail it is not covered under the extended 3-year warranty so I had to pay $100 to get it fixed. As I enjoy the 360 I am willing to provide some payment for the repairs, but given how these systems continually fail it seems a matter of time before I have to send this next one back again. At the current rate they are lasting me approximately 14 months each (just long enough for the 1-year warranty to expire).

  80. bigd7387 says:

    You can’t keep getting a refund on the points. I lost over 10k points and 4 360’s, each time you have to set up a silver account and apply points to that account. If you get fed up an buy a new 360 than your out all together, MS will not in any way refund the points to any account. I got tired, even though I loved the system and bought a PS3. PS3 has the right approach to downloaded content by having you activate the console to the content just like Ipods do. You can activate upto 5 consoles to use the content. Until MS changes that and the quality of their product I will be without the great games. It’s a real shame.

  81. shipwreck says:


    That’s kind of a different issue and the DRM is working correctly in that circumstance. If you read the screen where you download the content, it has the license agreement on there that explains that the content is tied to the console and the gamertag. I’m sorry that that happened to you, but you agreed to that terms of service when you made the purchases on your Xbox 360.

  82. Cola82 says:

    When my console wouldn’t start over Christmas break, I nearly flipped. This is exactly what I don’t want to deal with. Thankfully, messing with channels resolved the issue. Apparently the TV was resetting itself to some other channel…


  83. adamsummers says:

    I’ve had similar issues and had to go as far as file a BBB complaint to get any response. After filing the complaint, they contacted me almost immediately to try and reslove the issue, but since then I’ve gone through about a dozen case numbers with no results. I could transfer the title on my car faster than these crooks can “relicense” my paid for content. Microsoft’s customer service is hands down the worst that I have ever encountered.

  84. Dolgo says:

    @Neophiliack: This is one serious issue, we all agree. But the Wii and Ps3 have nothing to do with this topic, take it somewhere else. I have all 3 consoles and they all have issues of some form. Oh and the one thing I will say is “dropped the ball with THIS SYSTEM”? Get real pal. Microsoft has become a huge force in videogames. The first XBox didn’t do it, this one did. Everyone has counted them out, they are here for the long haul..its Microsoft.

  85. @jinjin1080: Yeah see thats exactly the problem, he still has his original HD with all the stuff downloaded, it just won’t work correctly hooked into the new Box.

    I’m not ready to make a statement like “Situation #X with the 360 is going to make me get a PS3!”, but between Blu-Ray’s seemingly inevitable dominance and crap like this, it becomes more likely all the time. Like I said though, MS knows how to spread the money around to keep us coming…I can’t imagine waiting until 2009 or whenever the PS3 finally gets some “Sigma” version of Ninja Gaiden 2, for example, or buying GTA4 and not even having the option of the episodic content…bastards.

  86. Teiris2355 says:

    wow, as cool as xbox live is..its been really annoying these past couple of months.

  87. CountingConflict says:

    The exact same thing happened to me man.. I feel for ya. In my case, I’ve been waiting 3 weeks to play Puzzle Quest. The only response I ever got from Microsoft is the prerequisite “we’ll call you back in two weeks”, and that they needed to go through multiple departments to clear this problem up. Obviously, this is an outlandish lie from a customer service department that knows less about the 360 than they know about their own ass.

    Email Bill Gates.. that seems to be the only way to get a decent response from these scam artists. Either that or email me at and we can explore our legal options together.

    Good luck with everything.

  88. Randy says:

    @Buran: I’ll give that due consideration. Thanks, man :)

  89. AryzonaBay says:


    Hmm…Living in the stone age. What do you do on the rare occasion that your ISP has an outage? Or how about a move to another residence and your internet isn’t on yet? Or what if (and yes this is reaching) you don’t want the internet anymore? What if your account is banned??

    My example is that I bought games specifically for my young sons to play. After my console died, they can’t play them unless they’re signed into my account. You say, “well so what?”…I say, “I don’t want them playing on my account, I want them playing on the accounts I have set up for them.” It’s nice, in retrospect, to think, yes I should’ve bought them using their account but I never thought I’d run into the problem either.

  90. NutManIV says:

    Actually there is an answer to this. I had to do it. Call 18004myxbox and tell them the situation. Basically what they do is they have you delete all the stuff off your HDD, then you make a silver account and they refund you all of your points to put on that silver account. Once you have the points you download all your crap with the silver account and you can play everything offline.

  91. Seriously, this borders on uppity. I agree that Microsoft should provide a means to update the DRMed content, but to make wide sweeping statements that “They are happy to take your money and give you the run around until you simply give up and go away,” is alarmist. I got my points refunded and I’m sure that everyone else will get the same.

    Microsoft is not the bad guy. It’s just a business trying to get shit done. Be patient.

  92. I once again re-iterate my confusion as to why people stick to Microsoft like Industrial Strength Adhesive Glue yet their console keeps failing and then they get the shaft through customer service. There are two other competing platforms out there…

  93. mzs says:

    I bought a Wii when they first came-out and initially they had some problems. I am on the third one and this one has been very good. The customer service was exceptional. After the second one broke they shipped me one while I shipped mine back. Then I called a number in Washington and two nice ladies arranged for me to move over my account to the new Wii. In about a day the system was up to date and I was able to redownload everything I had before.

    They like to do the repair like so. You send yours back. They fix it or replace it, and it comes back attached to your account with everything recovered if possible. But for the inconvenience that happened where I did the replacement and they sent me one that broke in a couple of days they were very willing to expediate it in the manner I described.

    I have also had a wiimote break and the replacement took no more than a couple of days. Nintendo does customer service right.

  94. I’m glad I have more control over my DRM’ed content on iTunes. I can enable or disable any particular machine. I can disable all my machines at once. I can enable any content on any machine by entering my username or password.

    No unseverable ties to hardware, unlike this box of junk. Go Microsoft!

  95. Dolgo says:

    @Papa Midnight: And neither have at this moment the line up that Xbox 360 has…or the online community.

  96. AryzonaBay says:

    They don’t do the dummy (silver) account points transfer thing anymore.

  97. @Papa Midnight:

    One word: GAMES!

    The two others don’t have all the games … yet!

  98. @Moonshadow101: Its a good thing that ISP’s are so perfect and internet connections NEVER fail then, right? Certainly, its ludicrous to expect a non-multiplayer piece of DLC to work when you want it to, even if your ISP is having issues…:P

  99. FranksnBeans says:

    I like to be jerked off as much as the next guy, but I typically consent to it. What happend to this poor schmoe it just terrible.

    (Walks away from laptop, logs on to Live and prays that his 20 SouthParks, every Drawn Together and some prime Bugs Bunny are still there and working….)


  100. SacraBos says:

    @Randy: I’ve always been leary of MS products. Their software has numerous bugs, why should the hardware be different.

    We got a Wii, and are very happy with it. And it gets the kids off the couch and moving. Not just sitting there twiddling their thumbs.

  101. shipwreck says:

    @NutManIV: @Edge of Blade:

    Just curious, when did you guys get your points refunded? As I stated earlier, they have stated to me on numerous times and it’s been echoed on the Xbox forums, that they no longer do this process. I believe they stopped that method back in October or November of last year.

  102. adamsummers says:

    @Edge of Blade: I wish you were right. Anytime I’ve called 1-800-4-MYXBOX they will say anything to try and appease me to get me off the phone, and then nothing will get done. Frankly, I’m getting a little bit tired of their empty promises, and their custom of always “losing” my case numbers. Considering the large amount of 360 strories that The Consumerist posts, MS should seriously be considered a top contender for the “Poor Customer Service Hall of Fame”.

  103. Tei says:

    I have a solution for this: modify the EULA, if you change your XBOX because is broken, you lose the rights for DRM stuff: FIXED!

  104. AryzonaBay says:

    @Papa Midnight:
    I think the use of the word “competing” is downright hysterical. I could point out several reasons why, but won’t.

    Simply put, the people that have this problem bought the system, bought the content and want a resolution. What’s so wrong about that?

  105. Sugaray says:

    This is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!UNACCEPTABLE! If they cannot relicense the media that was PAYED FOR in good faith and because of MS’own fault, then they should reiisue enough points for the guy and anyone else with this problem, so he can “rebuy” the media and make it applicable to the replacement unit MS sent him.

    If ANYONE from MS should read this, you all should find a workaround for this problem FAST otherwise MS is going to end up facing one helluva class action lawsuit.MS ought to be ashamed for such poor customer service.What they are basicly doing is ripping people off.Media replacement ought to be a part of the “red ring of death” warranty and proper credit given to be used towards replacing the media onto the replacement comsole that MS themselves send to people that have to go through the RRoD BS.

  106. David says:

    To everyone recomending a lawsuit: Keep in mind that it would take years to settle, it would cost everyone involved some money, the lawyers would take ~30% of the settlement, they would probably settle for everyone getting back 500 points or something ridiculus like that, and microsoft might stop answering customer service calls, using the the standard “We don’t comment on issues regarding ongoing legal action” BS.

    It’s a terrible situation, and hopefully there is some manager that will try and get something done.

  107. howie_in_az says:

    I don’t have a 360 (yet), but I have a Wii. The Wii makes you input your credit card number to buy Wii Points via their store, or you can buy a card pre-filled with a certain amount of points. I’m going to assume that the XBox store works the same way. I’ve only ever bought points online, mostly because the nearby GameStop cannot be trusted, but also because they’re ~15 miles away (I live in the boonies).

    Anyway, if this is the case and one purchases XBox live points online with a credit card, why not do a chargeback? Clearly the goods were not as advertised, and if there’s any warranty that MS provides on the XBox Live stuff then your credit card provider doubles that, yesno?

  108. tamago007 says:

    wait…. If something happens to my PS3 and I lose all my PSN content I can just log back to my PSN account and download again my stuff with my new equipement. Can’t it be done with the XBL content too?

  109. Striderhayasa - Can we get some damn m/kb support?! says:

    “sigh”…RRoD….it’s only a matter of time. It’s sad that MS wants people to thoroughly use the 360 but you get raped big time when the console RRoDs. PSWii combination looks better and better everytime I read one of these stories.

  110. nxp3 says:

    Microsoft sure is stupid to tie content to a machine knowing high failure rates of the system. And for the life of me, I don’t understand why don’t they just credit him the contents he purchased so he can redownload onto the new machine. They sure are dumb.

  111. AryzonaBay says:


    You can buy MS Points at retail as well.

  112. adamsummers says:

    @tamago007: The PS3 DRM scheme is an example of a system that WORKS. Similar to the iTunes model, they allow you to download the content to up to 5 machines. The Xbox model is much, much more restrictive.

  113. nxp3 says:

    Wow, I’m glad the ps3 doesn’t have this problem. I had a ps3 replaced and was able to download content I bought onto the new unit without a problem.

  114. 602086 says:

    I have sent my console 3 times for repairs, and havent had problems with my purchased arcade games.
    You mention you have to use the content being under your profile and connected to the internet. Ive taken my HDD and used it in my brothers console, signed to my gametag and used MY arcade games in HIS console.

  115. diablofreak says:

    there is a way to correct this
    instead of giving him back the MS Points, return them in the 25-digit microsoft product codes that so that it would redeeem the correct products that he has purchased

    i mean, you can buy XBLA and XBL subs off of B&M stores and you just have to scratch and use the 25 digit code, why can’t they customize a code for this guy to retrieve all his lost items? and they can even set it to work only on his profile if they are so damn scared that he would sell and profit off of this “refund”, so that his system gets updated properly and all contents would work while offline as well.

  116. diablofreak says:

    yes. but it only works on the XBL profile you purchased from. and it will no longer work offline

  117. coktoe says:

    Get rid of that 360 and buy a PS3.Owning a 360 was the worst videogame experience of my life(3 pre-broke ctrl’s,1 broken system,1 dead headset,total loss of save data in Oblivion and Marvel:UA,total game crashes,online stats not registering,and the nickel&dime BS of XBL.)All in 9 months!My PS3?Awesome.

  118. Ignited_Impulse says:

    Oh no. I just sent off my Xbox off (for the 4th time in a row) and am finally getting it replaced, not “fixed”. Thankfully I didn’t buy too much from the marketplace but still, what I did buy is mine, I paid money for it. And to be denied it is no better than stealing. But then again, it is Microsoft. I’m sure they are just tight on money and can’t afford to give people the stuff that’s rightfully theirs. Poor Microsoft. /sarcasm

  119. @howie_in_az: re: chargeback

    Some of that content has been bought years (well, as far back as Nov 2005 anyway) ago. I don’t think you can do a chargeback on anything going back that far.

  120. adamsummers says:

    @coktoe: Agreed, I own a PS3 and Wii in addition to my 360, and if I hadn’t already sunk a bunch of money into Rock Band, I’d be tossing the 360 in the trash. At this point, the PS3 finally has enough stellar games to make it an attractive alternative.

  121. chenry says:

    I’m having the same issue. Fortunately for me, I’m the only user on the X360. It is certainly a pain to have to sign into XBL to play any of my content though. I’ve been having internet issues for the past week, so it’s a real pain in the arse to not have access the content that I friggin’ paid for.

  122. y2julio says:

    @Buran: It sucks as a gaming console. WHile the 360 might have hardware issues, it currently has the best games around. Thats why lots of gamers put up with the issue.

  123. unhappymatt1 says:

    When my 360 malfunctioned I sent it it and in eleven days I got a new one in return. All my downloaded content was still intact without any problems whatsoever. Some say to disconnect from the internet and then see what happens. Why would I do that? A lot of the ppl complaining are Sony fanboys who want to make Microsoft look bad in the eyes of potential customers. Grow up, man up. Play with your Sony products and when you have enough money for internet service don’t waste it, save it up so you can move to Japan. Oh, don’t forget to get a Moe haircut so you’ll blend in.

  124. Justin42 says:

    I haven’t bought anything from XBLA since August due to this issue– my 360 is acting a bit flaky and I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time before I get on the refurb merry go round, and I don’t want anything more tied to this specific Xbox than has to be.

  125. @unhappymatt1: You’re an idiot. That is all.

  126. Atilla_the_Nun says:

    I think it’s time for Microsoft to simply tie the DRM to a Gamertag (drop the unique hardware check) and let them just EAT it when it comes to unscrupulous use of content for a while. It’s *their* turn to feel the pain and give us a break.

  127. fostina1 says:

    sounds like theft. sue em

  128. Phenom88 says:

    This whole RROD thing and the way Microsoft goes about handing a lot of these cases is so damn atrocious its not even funny. Its pretty clear that they still dont have their act together and really dont give a shit. Microsoft is a joke!

  129. tabion20 says:

    The sad thing is that Microsoft’s defective XBOX360 is currently either the best or the only platform on which to play many, many exceptional games. And no, I’ not referring to the Halo franchise. Its competitors don’t really offer much of a competition. Sony is selling a 600$ piece of equipment which is far too pricey for their target consumers and their console supports only a handful of worthwhile games. And while it’s true that Nintendo has sold quite a few Wiis in the last year, the savvy gamer must soon come to the realization that Wii games are generally garbage developed solely to lure the unsuspecting casual gamers. That and the fact is that “motion controls” don’t work well 80% of the time.

    It’s a very sad time for gamers. Microsoft’s defective box, Sony’s onyx monolith of overpricing or Nintendo’s trap for the average Joe. Hurray for choices!

  130. Atilla_the_Nun says:

    @unhappymatt1: So your ISP never goes down? You never move your 360 to a location w/o internet? Live never goes down? Well, good for you. Move on then…

  131. Atilla_the_Nun says:

    @tabion20: no kidding. I mean if the 360 had the PS3’s game library and PSN-like features, there would be absolutely no reason to complain about the DRM issues…I’d simply switch. The reason people are complaining about 360/rrod/drm is precisely because it’s the best console in every other respect!

  132. Chilijohn says:

    I had my launch 360 fail with RRoD back in June. I got a replacement system in September and have been trying to get my Live purchases reset for the new system since that time. They originally told me after two calls in early September that my problem would be sorted out within 30 days. I got a call back a month ago that they’ll have me sorted out within 10 days. Again, that was 30 days ago. I refuse to make any Xbox Live purchases until this DRM business is sorted out. However, considering that the replacement console is nearly guaranteed to fail I doubt I’m going to make any more XBLA purchases at all to save the trouble of doing all of this over again.

  133. clevershark says:

    Clearly forcing a customer to purchase his content all over again is not a problem as far as Microsoft is concerned.

  134. Homard says:

    I’ve had two red-ringers, and both times, when I got them back, all I had to do to get DRM to play nice with my new machine is simply delete the XBLA titles from my HDD and re-download them (for free, since my account already downloaded them).

  135. dfellars says:

    I had the same problem with my Xbox360. Likewise, my fix required me to reformat the harddrive, losing my data. All I did, was recover my gamertag and then redownloaded everything (games, vids, etc). Everytime I chose to download something it informed me that I had done this previously and asked if I wanted to do it again.

    I was never charged for any of the downloads.

  136. lostalaska says:

    I’m waiting on my 3rd refurb to come back from MS, my original and the replacement they sent me both failed with the 3 blinking red lights. My first box lasted almost a year my refurb unit lasted 4 months. At the rate I’m sending the 360 back I’m not even sure if the fight to get my paid for arcade games and add-ons working is even worth it. Oh well I guess I’ll get another month of free Live… yay…. *sigh*

    I’m curious how hard it’s going to hit the fan next fall when the 3 year warranty runs out for the early adopters. You know the people that tend to be the loyalists toward their game system of choice. Some of those people are on their 5th and 6th 360’s at this point. So what happens when the warranty runs out and your sixth box red rings on you? It will be interesting to see how MS deals with the backlash of never fixing the problem and only putting it off for 2 extra years, because if you’re on your sixth 360 did they actually solve the problem?

    I’m anticipating full on geek riots in Redmond.

  137. fuchikoma says:

    Good lord, they’re still doing that? I’d just assumed they’d worked that part out after returning so many consoles.

    Now why is it that some people are trying to launch a class-action suit for a little downtime and not for stealing all of your online content? It’s certainly a story I’d heard since the 360 first came out…

  138. sludge13 says:

    hey man, do u live in america? coz if u do, act like one and sue them. sue them and try to get some media coverage on this. apparently foxnews has run dry on stories, give it a shot. worked for that dusty ps3 boy.

  139. bionicjim says:

    Let me tell you how this issue totally opens up Microsoft to “unauthorized charges” on credit cards. Kevin’s issue in this story is essentially what happened to me. Not willing to talk with the incompetent fools who have been answering the 4-MY-Xbox phone in my experience, I’ve just gotten used to signing-in with my Parent account to play DRM stuff. Sure, when Xbox Live is down, I can’t play Tomb Raider: Anniversary or watch any of the Looney Tunes cartoons I downloaded, which sucks, but I don’t want to call.

    Note that I have a Parent account and use the Family Settings to protect my children from unlimited access to Live services. Last month, my son (who is a Kindergartner and doesn’t read much yet) really wanted to watch some of the Looney Tune Cartoons that I had downloaded, so I signed on to Xbox Live with my Parent account which is the only way to view that product that was originally downloaded on a 3 Red Lights victim machine. On this rare occasion, I had some work to do in another room and allowed him to watch the cartoon unmonitored. At the end of the cartoon, a message pops up with a recommendation for another cartoon, which I had NOT purchased – it is essentially a targeted ad. My son clicks through and PURCHASES this cartoon without my knowledge (or his knowledge, being 5 years old). He watches the new cartoon and proceeds to burn through my MS Points!

    Luckily, he had no clue how to “add points” using my credit card or I may have owned the entire Looney Tunes library eventually. I discovered the problem later that night when I tried to purchase something and only had 10 points left. I talked with my son, who admitted to watching several cartoons, but he had no idea he was “buying” them.

    Instead of calling the 4-My-Xbox morons, I used the email support option on and explained everything that happened. I also requested a refund of the points that were used without authorization (I knew I was stretching here, as I did sign-in and failed to monitor him). What sucks is I received absolutely NO RESPONSE from my service request in a month.

    Essentially, Microsoft’s system required me to follow a process that opened me up to unauthorized use of my MS Points and Credit Card. This is because their policy of DRM recovery is BROKEN.

  140. Anonymous says:

    It sounds to me like Kevin’s content was not transferred correctly to the HDD of his replacement system. From what I understand, the DRM’d content is tied to both a gamertag and the serial number of the hard drive. It is possible to transfer that number to a new drive, but it appears that this is not current Microsoft policy. They should definitely be more transparent about this.

    When you send in your RRoD’d 360 in the future, either keep the hard drive or be sure to tell customer service that you have DLC on the drive. This advice has already been posted several times; I just wanted to reiterate.

  141. NKato says:

    This is a solid case for failure to provide customer service. If I recall, there are laws covering this, and if Microsoft keeps up, this could turn into an explosive class-action lawsuit that Microsoft would quickly lose.

  142. InThrees says:


    Jesus, this isn’t goddamn rocket science.

  143. DaStuph says:

    I don’t understand why under your gamertag in some big database somewhere each item you buy isn’t assigned the serial number of your machine. Then if you get a new machine the serial number is updated. That way no matter what machine your account was on everyone would have access to the content on that machine. I mean, you’re not going to recover your account to somebody elses machine and assign their serial number to your gamertag and then go home to play and leave your purchases tied to their machine.

    You’re always going to want YOUR purchases tied to YOUR gear. Ugh, this all makes my head hurt.

  144. dvddesign says:


    No, it doesn’t matter.

    They specifically don’t want the HDD back when you send the console in, and even to that end, that would actually show some concern on their end and MS hasn’t done that so far.

  145. coolfelix says:

    And they dont want you to email bill gates directly. maybe if issues were properly resolved we wouldn’t go to the head of a company. I’m just getting ready to receive my console back after my first RRoD and suddenly I’m not so excited.

  146. Zantagor says:

    @dvddesign: Odd, everyone I know who didn’t have DRM issues with repaired 360, specified when they called for the coffin that they had DLC, and oddly enough, those DLC licenses were transfered to the new system, all they had to do was delete and redownload them.

  147. theprof00 says:

    Put your controller on the ground and lie face down.
    Do not try to escape, you will be going the wrong way anyway, your DC will be incinerated. I am not trying to use reverse psychology. When everything is over, you will be thanked for buying this piece of trash, and there will be cake.

  148. dvddesign says:

    Here’s Xbox’s forum for this. This has been a persistent problem that they’ve ignored since apparently about a month after the console launched.


  149. StupidDufus says:

    I’m surprised this got a mention. It’s a known problem that has existed since customers started getting systems returned to them that weren’t the original.

  150. Benstein says:

    On Friday my 360 died for the 4th time (my original 360 died three times and on the 3rd time they gave me a new one). So this is the first time my new one died, but my 4th failure overall. When I called customer service I was amazed how bad it was. The first three times were very pleasant experiences, this last time was absolutely horrid. MS is clearly cutting costs with there customer service.

    To top it off, when they sent me a new console they did not update my warranty to reflect my new serial number. This is the same company that *makes* Access. The customer service guy told me to send a written letter in to the warranty office and tell them to update it. He could do nothing for me, but the service was 100% free including shipping so I will follow his instructions for now.

    When my 360 gets repaired I am going to hurry and play all of my games that are in my backlog, because when it is out of warranty I am done with this console. I will be buying a PS3 and all of my new game purchases will be on that (if they don’t come out for the PC) from now on. I was a big XBOX supporter but this is now far beyond being a joke and entering into the pathetic category.

  151. joelface says:

    wow… that is ULTRA SHIITTTTY.

    i’m sure microsoft is hoping he’ll just give up and re-buy the same content over again.

    those bastards!

  152. robochick says:

    I mean it’s a M$ product what did anyone expect they never made money off the first xbox they are not making any money on the 360 they repair it. They like to screw their customers for everything they have and again i am surprised people are dumb enough to buy their console, has no one seen what it does to people, it upsets them, it makes them stressed this is a stressful console. I would sell the console who cares about the content and go with another console Hmm like a PS3 now thats reliabilty!

  153. This seems so easy to fix. It’s digital content from their site. They have his account transactions. Just redo him. And, give him a month free. Or whatever, somekind of credit for his troubles. It’s DRM, so it should not be hard to relicense the stuff to him.

    Retarded company.

  154. deadlizard says:

    Remember when the only thing you had to do to fix a videogame
    console was blow air on the game cartridge? It took Microsoft to erase
    that. I wish they could just keep their hands off Yahoo or any other
    venture before they ruin it too.

  155. Y0URGOD78 says:

    I’ve dealt with just this, and have currently put off doing it again because of the drama.

    Last year when this happened it took from 11/11/06-3/07 to get it fixed. What has to happen is you make a new gamertag (because your original tag cannot purchase the same stuff twice), and microsoft has to GIVE YOU new points to cover the purchases originally made on gamertags you own.

    This can, and has been done. I have spent at least 2 solid weeks worth of my life on the phone with M.S. since the launch of 360…..I’m on my 9th 360 console.

  156. MonkeyMonk says:

    I’m soooo close to getting an Xbox 360 but then I go and read one of these stories and it scares me off for another 2-3 months. Sony isn’t much better but MS’s faulty console and crappy service has gotten me seriously intersted in just getting a PS3 instead.

  157. Manji Kengo says:


    Unfortunately I don’t know of any solution to it besides logging into xbox live. If this is a major problem I’m sorry. I’ve got my dsl running constantly so it was moot for me.

    I am on a 2nd console though and I know exactly what he’s talking about.

  158. interstate78 says:

    You CAN use the content when you’re on XBL. One would assume since you downloaded it there, you have access to it. Right?

    It’s not perfect, but it’s probably the only way they have to prevent pirating.

  159. Manji Kengo says:

    @joelface: Probably.

  160. @Benstein: This is the same company that *makes* Access.

    Didn’t you just make the main point right there, in that sentence? Access is one of the worst database apps known to mankind, and since obviously MS thinks its just peachy (they’ve made superficial changes at best the last 5-10 years) the way it is, that pretty much encapsulates this entire situation!


  161. Techguy1138 says:

    @jackal888: One thing I’m curious about is the backup feature. you have the option of using an external hardrive to back up your whole ps3 systems. Does the content restore when you restore your system or will you have to re-download it?

  162. jf04gli says:

    This should surprsie no one. I live near Microsoft in Seattle and have many friends who work there. I was a strong advocate for them and the Xbox until I recently had to call their customer service. My request to speak to a supervisor was also denied. I was calling to get the stupid free game they had offered over those 4 days for the Xbox live interruptions. I was a beta tester for Xbox live and have been a paid subscriber from the first day they opened the service. My internet was down all weekend and I had tried to download the game with no success. I called Monday morning to microsoft to let them know my situation and I was told to try and download it again. When I got home I tried to download it and it said I had to pay. I called their crappy customer service again and was given the runaround just like this fella. I told them to look up my account history so they can see I have spent over $250.00 on LIVE service and have purchased both Xbox 1 and Xbox 360 and have been a loyal customer since day 1. I was told that if I called earlier they could have done something. When I told him I had called earlier he basically said he didn’t have a record of it so there was nothing he could do. I asked him if he Microsoft was really willing to alienate one of their more loyal customers over a stupid downloadable game that was supposed to be compensation for the service being broken. All he could say is “There’s nothing I can do”. I love the Xbox 360, as far as I’m concerned F**K Microsoft and their crappy customer service. I recently bought a PS3 as well. That system is way more open than the Xbox. I can back up my game saves and movied to an external hard drive and restore them at any time. I can install Linux and easily access video and audio on my home network. Hell, it’s worth it just for the media capabilities alone. If I didn’t have a friend who can get me cheap games at the Microsoft store I would never have bought such a sh**tty game device. Thanks for not caring Microsoft. By the way, I’m experimenting with Linux now too so they can go blo themselves with Vista.

  163. jf04gli says:

    techguy1138-if it’s the same PS3 system the content will work. If it’s a different system you have to log in to your account and download it again. No biggie.

  164. mrbiggsndatx says:

    Looks like someone needs to call the law firm of Jason Gibson and Associates. He is the same person handling the class action lawsuit for Texas Residents againts MS. I cannot discuss anything further regarding that particulat suit, however it appears to be another reason MS needs to pony up a large sum of money!!

  165. WEGGLES90 says:

    Same thing happened to me, I lost a whole MS card to it :(. I had to re-buy a bunch of content. When I called I figured they;d just give me a new points card and that’d be that. But no. MS doesnt seem to think thier inability to make reliable hardware, combined with a flawed DRM system is to blame for me being out $20. Lame.

    And to the person who said “why do people buy MS stuff if it’s so unreliable” I prefer x-box to Wii/PS3 because it’s got superior (though, not free) online, and a better more relevant selection of games based on what I like. Sure the PS3 is more reliable, but the online isn’t as good, and I would hardly play it since there aren’t many games on their that appeal to me.

  166. mrbiggsndatx says:

    call the Jason Gibson law firm!! HOUSTON, TX. They are handling the class action for Live outage in TX, im sure this is similar!!

  167. statnut says:

    @Murph1908: Well sure, but when have MS and easy solution ever belonged in the same sentence?

  168. @shipwreck:

    It was a while back, after my first RRoD. I did my second exchange via a Best Buy replacement warranty because I didn’t want to wait. If you do an in-store replacement, it won’t count to Microsoft.

  169. @mrbiggsndatx: People like you make the rest of Texas look bad.

  170. SaraAB87 says:

    This is exactly why I am never considering an Xbox 360 or any of the next gen consoles for that matter, I am happy with what I have. Sony’s system is much more open though, so if you have a DLC issue you can most likely just redownload the content. I think you can download as many times as you want but there is a limit of 5 consoles, so unless you had your PS3 replaced 5 times which is really unlikely you should be safe. Plus you can also back up your data and move it around as you wish.

  171. adamsummers says:

    @Edge of Blade: That is exactly the problem I’m having. I luckily bought an in-store replacement policy, and didn’t have to wait for months to receive another broken console. But after faxing my return receipt to them and jumping through every freakin’ hoop they throw at me, I’m still without a resolution. I think they are just trying to wear me out, and hope I give up.

  172. VicViper says:

    Frank the Xbox Escalation guy is gonna get fired over this one…

  173. RastaSega says:

    “no custom orders!”

  174. Chance says:

    Try emailing Bill Gates. I read an article on Kotaku where a guy having problems with his 360 emailed him and was promptly sent an elite for his troubles. I’m not saying it’ll happen again, but it wouldn’t hurt to try since I’m sure the problem is well documented.

  175. Leiterfluid says:

    I emailed this exact same issue to the Consumerist in May 2007. They obviously haven’t fixed their broken system. What they did for me was to issue me credits under an Xbox Live Silver Account (I used my wife’s) to allow me to repurchase everything I had. I had to send an EECB to escalate the resolution. At the time Peter Moore was in charge of the Entertainment division. Knowing that Microsoft email addresses are in the “first name + last initial) format, I sent my email to the wrong person. However, the person who received my email forwarded it to the right people took care of me.

  176. josh924 says:

    Frankly, I don’t think its as big a deal as most of you are making it out to be. I mean, how hard is it to stay connected to XBL? I have to send in my 360 (disc tray won’t close), but if they send me a different 360, I’m not gonna bitch about having to connect to XBL to use the DLC because I always sign in to XBL anyways. Its frustrating for DLC not to work when my internet is down or when I can’t connect to XBL for whatever reason, but those times are extremely rare for me.

  177. Xiedo says:

    RROD is a mess, but the Marketplace is where the real shit happens. Virtual sinkhole fo’ dollars.

    That is one thing you gotta love about the Sony model. No made-up currencies and no getting locked out of purchases. The way Microsoft runs their Marketplace business model seriously fucks the consumer and I want no part of it. It gives digital distribution a bad name.

  178. shafnitz says:

    I am in the middle of the exact same situation with my 360. Last time I spoke with a “supervisor” I was told to wait another 10 days or so for them to get my issue “escalated.” I’ve been dealing with my DRM’d content since November with no change and I’m constantly told to wait and see if they can get my problem fixed.
    I think with more people working together, we might make a bigger splash than we can individually.
    Kevin, you can e-mail me at shafnitz [at] xboxoverdose [dot] com, I would like to get involved in any way possible.

  179. adamsummers says:

    @josh924: It was a HUGE deal when Live was down for a good month or so for me over Christmas, and it is still a big deal now when I have to explain to my girlfriend why she can’t play half of the games on our list.

  180. Tortri says:

    I have the same exact problem. Literately exact. From Nov to now, nothing! I want 3 years worth a live free for this BS! My wife can’t play oblivion shivering isle without loading my profile(which loads the live content) then she loads her account and it works.



    KEVIN, if this applies for your situation, FOR A TEMP FIX try what my wife does. Login the account that can access the live material, then load the game, after the LIVE material loads into memory, LOAD the other account with the issues. Oblivion seems to trick the 360 by PRELOADING the live stuff into memory.

  181. josh924 says:

    @adamsummers: Just to be clear, XBL was never really “down” during that time.

  182. adamsummers says:

    @josh924: Yes, according to the Live Status page it was “up and running”, yet the official board was overloaded with users who couldn’t access the service for weeks at a time. I guess the current class action against them is without merit, eh?

  183. SilentAssassn87 says:

    The DRM issues with MS don’t stop with the 360, I have about 6 songs that I legally purchased with MS points in my Zune library that wont play anymore.

  184. Difdi says:

    Personally, had I been in the OP’s shoes, I’d have told “Frank” to either refund me the affected points, or supply me with contact information for Microsoft’s Agent-for-service. I’ve found that asking for the address you need to know to sue a company to be remarkably effective when all other avenues fail.

  185. JerrD74: ..drawing a blank says:

    @josh924: well i’m glad you live in the world of perfect. We don’t, however, all live in a land where times like that are ‘extremely rare’. How about the people who don’t have internet access? Or worse yet, don’t have high speed access? The point is that I should be able to play the games I’ve purchased whenever I want, regardless if I’m online or not.
    It was a completely asinine decision to make DLC tied to BOTH gamertag and SKU. It serves no purpose.

  186. Fixxxer says:

    There is a HUGE thread about this issue over on the Xbox Live forums. On 12/07/07, Major Nelson chimed in and said that anyone still having this problem should email him with your support ticket numbers and he will personally escalate it. You can see his post here (the last one by him on the page):


    Good luck!

  187. Crystal Quest is the worst with the DRM stuff. I sent in my Xbox after the RROD and a new one came back to me. I log in to live and I can access all of my stuff but the extra content on the game Crystal Quest that I purchased. It was programmed incorrectly or something and even when logged in you can’t access the extra content without being on the original 360 even if you purchased it with the account you are logged in with because of some whacked out DRM issue.

  188. blakbuzzrd says:

    Ongoing stupidity. We’ve been gnashing our teeth for months in the Carcassonne forum over on


    It’s worth scanning the four pages to just read the posts by Lucky 13 X, an MS employee. It’s a constant put-off.

  189. Koneesha says:

    email Bill Gates. Like that othe rguy did a few weeks ago that will solve it. :)

  190. Evo says:

    As long as customers continue to support MS with their wallet, they’ll continue to do this. Why should they change when broken or not, people keep buying their service? Vote with your wallet and see them scrambling to cater your demand.

  191. Tepoz says:

    It seems the problem with the DRM is that it’s too PC centric. STEAM on the PC works in the same manner in that you can’t play any of the games you have purchased under STEAM unless you are logged in to their servers. With PC users this isn’t much of a problem since PC gaming has always been a one PC per person type environment. Consoles gaming on the otherhand is a totally different beast. Consoles have always been used by more than one member of a household since the Atari 2600. The DRM setup currently used for LIVE downloads does not take this into account and expects only one console per person in a household.

    The compromise would be what Sony does with its downloadable content. Allow five activations of downloadable LIVE content. It allows DRM to be in place so that games cannot be indifinitely copied from 360 to 360 and also allows for games to be unlocked automatically in instances where warranty repair causes the 360 to be replaced.

    I believe it’s time to flood the forums again. 360 owners, you know what to do. It’s time to force another change.

  192. Tepoz says:

    @Evo: Because consumers banding together forces change on a company. Unless you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere you know that 360 owners as a whole have been succesful at getting concessions from the 360 division.

  193. Strider-No.9 says:

    Okay, get a girl to call they always get what they want, ask for the equal amount of xbox live points you used.

  194. kneehighspy says:

    i don’t see why microsoft doesn’t have some sort of way, hardware or software, to be able to change serial numbers on boxes they repair or replace to the serial number of the original owner, then this would fix this issue.

  195. ReconToaster says:

    Either this guy’s lyinge or there’s something specifically different about his problem. when my 360 red-ringed (back in september) i had the “Texas hold ’em” arcade game downloaded to it. i sent my console in and recieved a replacement about three weeks later and it worked just fine.

    in the letter, the guy clearly stated that once downloaded, an arcade game will work on any system that is signed onto the profile. i don’t see how that would change with a replacement console, which is no different from any other.

    my arcade games were salvaged. this guy must have a seperate problem that is not related to the red-ring. i apologize but i don’t see what the problem is. if you have a 1 year warranty on your TV and the screen falls of 2 years after you get it, you’re not covered. the 3 year warranty extension for 360’s only covers red ring issues and this is clearly unrelated.

    i pitty him but i don’t see it as microsoft’s problem

  196. Pancho_Villasan says:

    You have great patience Kevin, and I hope all goes well. If I was in your position heads would have started rolling after the fourth week of nothing being fixed.

  197. balls187 says:

    Sucks to be you.

    Sometimes there is nothing a company can do.

  198. rolla says:

    doesnt MS get the point that theyre inability to fix the consoles actually is affecting their future sales of xbox 360’s??

  199. photoboy says:

    This is the reality of DRM and why we the consumers should attempt to reject it at every opportunity. If you think the DRM is bad now, wait until the next (next?) gen when games will likely only be delivered via the internet and everything has DRM in it. What happens to your collection of 60+ games when your console dies? What happens if the company shuts down their service, how will your games work then? Digital downloads will be the worst thing to happen to games since ET on the 2600.

  200. amejr999 says:

    Absurd. This is worth an email to If that doesn’t work, file a complaint with the WA attorney general and dispute the charge with your CC company.

  201. jinjin1080 says:

    @DAIMACCULATE: I’ve have my original HD and all my stuff works ok. Maybe MS needs you to sign on to live to verify your acct. I’ve checked with some of my other friends who had this happened and no one I asked has had a problem getting their content back (all kept their HDs when their X360s were being fixed).

    Overall the MS Xbox360 repair process has been some of the smoothest CS I’ve gotten (I wish I could say the same about support for their other products).

  202. crapsh00t says:

    I’ve never really bought any media on Xbox Live, and with good reason. Same reason I don’t use iTunes, and won’t be dl’ing that much from PSN when I get a PS3. DRM can suck it. MP3 Downloads… now there’s a beautiful thing that I gladly pay for on a weekly basis.

    //Then again, I DO have Xbox Gold and am always connected to the Internet… What’s the point of owning a 360 without that?

  203. San says:

    Call Bill Gates. It seems that people who contact him or other high ranking stockholders might see better results. Maybe that will teach them not to let a 30% failure rate occur anymore.

  204. temporaryscars says:

    SHIPWRECK! My CAG brother.

    Anyway, yeah, same thing happened to me. I didn’t even bother to call MS just because i’m not a masochist.

  205. MostAnticipated says:

    All he has to do is be signed in to Xbox live. All downloaded content is tied to the hardware and gamertag, so he will not be able to play offline, online should be no problem.

  206. cofn42 says:

    And people wonder why I download my Xbox 360 games instead of buy them….

    MS bent me over a barrel enough times in my life to finally wake up and smell the microchips and give them what they deserve, not a single red cent….

    And people wonder why the Wii is selling so fast, and the PS3 is catching up daily…. they are products that work and have a rather outstanding level of customer satisfaction behind them.

    It is issue like this one, and the hundreds of othere we have read in the past 2 years that will cement MS a losing position in the console market.

    MS can’t make a decent stable operating system, what made them think they could make a console that lasts….

  207. ogman says:

    This is actually pretty typical of Microsoft customer service. I left Office Live due to similar service and am canceling my Microsoft Partnership next month because of completely incompetent customer care. It’s a systemic issue that the company arrogantly refuses to address.

  208. Crimson_Ryan says:


    Actually, you can redownload everything again. My friends PS3s Harddrive fried because he kept it on for two and a half months, and he sent it in to a shop around his town and they gave him another Harddrive. All you’ve got to do is sign into the Playstation Store and hit “Download List” or whatnot, and click “Download”. Real easy.

  209. Soulgenesis says:

    hmm..I don’t seem to have this problem. My 360 just RRoD’d (2nd time) and I just sent it in and purchased a new 360elite. Since I didn’t send in the HDD with the broken 360, I used it on my Elite until my transfer cable came in. (to transfer from the 20GB to the new 120GB HDD).

    When my transfer cable came in, I transferred all my items to the new 120GB HDD and played some live arcade games. Keeping in mind of course that I was online with the tag that purchased the games.

    So, using the gamefaqs boards I asked about what to do when you get a different machine, such as an elite or a new 360, when using my new HDD.

    I was notified that all i had to do was sign back in to live with the new HDD (after the transfer of course) and redownload all my games. (so, delete game and them redownload). Since my account was signed in, my games were all ready to be redownloaded for free (since i bought them). Now I wanted to test the games.

    To test this, I went offline (unplug ethernet cable) and tried to play my unlocked content (full games) that i just redownloaded.

    it works. Since the game is now tied to the new machine (the elite360).

    As far as videos go, i haven’t tried it yet, but i will when i get home :)

    take care!

  210. unhappymatt1 says:

    My ISP has yet to go down. I have Verizon. I don’t need to move my 360 anywhere because all my relatives and friends have one. Also as someone wrote in earlier it’s how you speak to customer service that counts. Don’t call them with an attitude,they are there to help you. Oh, I almost forgot,PIXELANTES ANONYMOUS you are bound for a one way trip to The Land of the Rising Sun and don’t forget to use a rice bowl for your haircut. Take it with you for your new diet. You’ll blend in fine.

  211. Mend0zA says:

    I’m in the exact same boat, even down to the approximate date (my 360 died on Oct 31, 2007) and number of supervisors/non callbacks.

    On the upside, as I’m in a position to sell both the PS3 and 360, I’ve made it a point to tell customer’s my experience and sold them PS3s instead.

  212. lkgemini says:

    After reading Kevin’s story, I was suprised at how similar it is to what my wife and I are going though. We got the repaired console back in October. Many promises that the license issue will be fixed in 30 days, after 30 days. Having to repeat the reference number and serial number over and over each time you call in. Right down to a friendly call from Frank… (I almost want to post his number here since I am looking right at it.)

    After reading the 200 plus comments, lets clear up some things, shall we?

    1) The DRM issue appears because your online content does not match your machines serial number and gamertag.

    This means that if your console has been RRoD like most of us (on my 4th console personally) the serial number automatacilly won’t match up since they send you out different console. This also means that if you are not using the same gamer tag you can’t use content you bought and saved to a hard drive. (Yes tying the DRM to a hardrive would make much more sense then to a machine with a 90% failure rate, but it ain’t going to happen.) So if online is down or someone uses a different gamertag (like if your wife or other family members have their own tag), you have the privlige of playing a trial version of a game that is fully saved to your hardrive for the cost of a full game.

    2) Don’t e-mail or call Bill Gates. (My wife tried this.) You will get Frank. Frank is frank. Frank is nice. But as the article points out, Frank is ultimately useless.

    3) There are no Microsoft points or redownloading fixes. For some reason M$ has killed both of these programs. If you get a smart IT person (they are very hard to come by) they will tell you that the license will be switched to the new console. This will never happen.

    4) People complain loudly on this issue because it has been mostly ignored by the press and M$. RRoD and X-Mas time internet failures are sexy. DRM issues that affect a family being able to play is not.

    5) I am not a Sony or Wii fan boy. I think the Wii is a toy, and I was pissed when Sony said they were making a price cut at E3 when really they were making a clearance sale. But after 5 months of run around, not solving what should be a simple software fix, and being lied to… I am considering trading in all my 360 gear for a PS3. Sony might suck as a company, but I haven’t heard of this many hardware and sofware promplems tied to their machine. Maybe it is time for a trade…

  213. jaymac says:

    MS game group is so, damn, evil.

  214. robinandtami says:


    They were probably getting completely ripped off by people who just wanted the points. The content still works as long as you are online. Anyone who DL’d the content in the first place, obviously has a connected box. So really this is only an issue if your internet connection is down, or if you take your 360 someplace where there is no internet. Seriously…. how often does that happen? The vast majority of people when given refund points, decided the scant limitations on their old content could be lived with, and just used the refund points to buy new content.

  215. lkgemini says:

    Strider-No.9, I can assure you this is 100% not true. I’ve been dealing with this same issue since October 07 – see my hubby’s post a little later on. Calling weekley doesn’t help, sending an Open Letter to XBox Live Support via the XBox forums doesn’t help, and crying doesn’t cut it either. It’s completely wrong to call it Live Support unless the habit is masochism.


  216. iRloading says:

    this is what I fear most if digital downloads become a mainstream medium, suposedly replacing the need for physical data mediums like DVD/BR/HD-DVD

  217. robinandtami says:

    Who knew your mcjob at Best Buy would put you in a position where you alone could bring the corporate Goliath that is Microsoft to it’s knees? You go boy!

  218. TheNextLevel says:

    If this was posted above already, then I apologize (in a real hurry).

    This happened to me waaay back at launch. I spent countless hours on the phone with MS. They ended up crediting my account with points, which totaled the cost of the titles I had purchased prior to the system malfunction. That was great and all, but it didn’t solve the problem, because you cannot repurchase titles that have already been purchased with your profile. So the points they gave me ended up going to other games.

    The only way to fix the problem completely is to “re-lock” the original downloads to the new 360. In order to do this, I had to: create a new silver profile, set-up credit card info on it, delete the original purchases from my hdd (the ones that I “redownloaded” with my original profile), buy points, and repurchase the originally purchased titles on my “new” 360. This will fix the issue of your family, friends, and even you (when you’re not signed in online), not being able to play the original downloads (that you paid for to begin with!).

    Granted, this is still a bunch of bs, and a huge waste of time, but it works. That is… if you can get MS to add points to your profile (to make up for the ones you have to buy over again with the new profile)… I don’t know how I did it – just kept on complaining (and yelling… only a little).

  219. paullyjunge says:

    I’ve seen a couple of, “You deserved this, because you bought DRM’d media”

    1. All video games are DRM’d. You can’t play XBOX games on Nintendo, Playstation.

    2. The same case applies for XBLA games.

    3. The simple workaround until they fix this issue is to log in whichever user downloaded the content on a spare controller then you can play the games. Annoying, but you are able to still play the games, which is paramount to the situation.

  220. G-Dog says:

    And this is why I don’t feel bad when I buy mod chips.

  221. mk1gti says:

    I just noticed this the other day when I was attempting to play some ‘Drawn Together’ episodes I had downloaded before my console ‘bricked’. Now they are not available and now I’m wondering if I will have to pay all over again to get access to something I’ve already bought. Really makes me reconsider becoming a luddite. And no, this is not the only tech product problem that has brought me to this conclusion.

  222. matttt says:

    Don’t even get me started on the M$ $rew. I’m all too familiar with how they walk all over even the most loyal of customers.

    My problems with Microsoft start Summer ’06 when my XBOX Live account was wrongfully closed due to a billing error. I fought for 2 weeks (I checked my bill, 5 hours of toll free calling to M$ that week) to get my Gamertag restored; I was bounced around between India and the United States and told different things by different people. One kind American tech support agent admitted that this was a problem they knew about but there was no easy way available to restore my account. He even offered his cell phone number to try and help fix my problem off the clock, but when I called back later he was not able to help me. In the end I had to get a new Gamertag, thus losing all the achievements and gamesaves from my old account. Fast forward to spring 2007, before the new 3 year Warranty ruling. I fought long and hard to get my system fixed after it Red Ringed, only to give up after 4 hours of cell phone calls back and forth explaining my situation over and over again. In the end neither of my problems were solved and I bought a new system, only to find myself in DRM hell.

    I tried to give it a go in round 3, went through the same crap the article’s subject went through (explaining the situation repeatedly, going through useless troubleshooting) and even escalated through 2 or 3 levels of management only to be told that their policy doesn’t cover users who “choose” to buy a new system, even though my “choice” was brought about by their faulty manufacturing in the first place.

    Microsoft, I hope you’re reading this blog and all the comments from your customers who WANT to play your games but can’t stand dealing with your horrible business practices.

  223. Buran says:

    @Randy: I’m not a guy but you’re welcome. :) The Blu-Ray playback comes with it, while the MS console doesn’t have HD playback unless you pay extra, and with HD-DVD dying there’d be no point.

  224. Buran says:

    @unhappymatt1: So those of us who bought something that doesn’t break down every 5 minutes are idiots and need to leave the country? Good thing you’re not in charge.

  225. RedSonSuperDave says:

    Kevin, are you ME? Did you hack my brain or steal my life or something? I am in a practically identical situation.

    At the end of September, my launch 360 got the 3RLOD. M$ was decent about replacing it, but ever since I got it back, my 10400 M$ points’ worth of downloadable content doesn’t work offline. Now, for something like the Halo 3 map pack, this is understandable, but to require that I be plugged into a hi-speed Internet connection to play single-player offline-only game content such as the Shivering Isles expansion is nothing short of ridiculous, and an unreasonable imposition considering that I don’t have such a connection at my own home. If I want to play MY games on MY console, I have to take it over to a friend’s house and use his Internet connection.

    Like you, Kevin, I have been steadily getting the runaround from M$’s so-called “customer service” departments. It was especially infuriating when I asked the guy if I could just get the points refunded and he said that “we used to do that but we don’t anymore”. Oh, great, you have an instant solution to my problem, but you’re not allowed to let me use it. Not to mention the inexcusable incompetence on the part of the useless CS reps who lied to me nearly every time I called them, telling me that the issue was fixed and all I had to do was delete everything off my hard drive, then delete and recover my gamertag (“AtmaDave” if anybody cares) and then everything would be working again. So now, in addition to not having my DLC functioning properly for the past FIVE MONTHS, each and every saved game that I used to have is now gone.

    Supposedly, “Geoff” at their Global Escalation Issues Department is going to call me tomorrow and fix my problem once and for all, even if it means refunding my points. I’m not exactly holding my breath.

  226. RedSonSuperDave says:

    @robinandtami: So really this is only an issue if your internet connection is down, or if you take your 360 someplace where there is no internet. Seriously…. how often does that happen?

    Well, for me, roughly 95% of the time. Since neither I nor my significant other have a high-speed Internet connection at our house, if I want to play games that I bought over a year ago, it’s take my 360 to my buddy’s house (where I first bought the games) or do without. This is unacceptable. There were no such restrictions on this content when I first purchased it, it’s not fair that I now have to abide by these restrictions thanks to M$’s own mistake that they have already admitted was their fault.

    My license should have been switched to my new 360 the day it left the repair facility. It shouldn’t take five months and wasting hours on the phone speaking to incompetent Durkastanis who need me to phonetically spell out complex words like “David” and “Florida” to fix this problem.

  227. AnTi PRO says:

    This SAME exact thing is happening to me right now. I’ve had to call Microsoft back TWICE so far after they said they’d call me back and still nothing is fixed.

  228. PSN: Lp47 says:

    Why do you guys even put up with this RROD crap, just go buy a PS3 or Wii with .? what ever failure rate.

  229. lhomme77 says:

    Man, I’d considered a 360, but M$ has done nothing but go down the drain hardcore in the past year. Holding the reins as a leader in the PC market lets you get away with some crap, but jeez. I’ve recently been convinced that I don’t ever really want to deal with their products anymore. And in the past 6 months, I’m doing just fine without them.

  230. unhappymatt1 says:

    You Sony fanboys remind me of a fat man I saw at Burger King. He was complaining about his Whopper. How the Big Mac tasted better, how it was dry, how the soda was watered down etc. All the while gobbling down the two sandwiches the slob bought. As with you, I’m sure he came back for more. Either the leviathan was a glutton for punishment or he simply liked to hear himself complain.

  231. Trencher says:

    Meh, I had the same thing happen and it doesnt bother me to much that I gotta stay logged into Xbox Live to use the downloaded games.. I work in Customer service/Tech Support so i understand where MS is coming from. If they dont have a fucking solution they dont have a fucking solution.. Do you think those reps really want to sit and listen to you wine and bitch about how you cant access your games while your offline. If they could fix your problem they would but other then refunding you (which in my idea would be the smart choice) there’s nothing really anything that can be done… dont blame CS for the faults of the DRM.

  232. RedSonSuperDave says:

    @Trencher: Do they want to sit an listen to me “wine” about my problems? They damn well better, it’s their JOB. I don’t BLAME them for the faults of the DRM, but I damn sure expect them to do something about it. “We already filed the paperwork last month, sit there and wait and maybe the problem will get fixed” is NOT customer service.

  233. Ultra_Violence says:

    I had exactly the same issue as Kevin. Xbox had me set up a silver membership and then they refunded me all my spent microsoft points to re-purchase all my market place content. Time consuming but ultimatly it worked out fine. . .

    Until my 2nd Xbox failed. And then I had to go through it all again.

    A redesign of the core Xbox system is needed. Or a PS3.

  234. N1ghtjar says:

    I had the exact same issue with my replacement 360 & it was over come.
    This is how you do it (with M$ of course)

    1. Create a temp gametag (with all it intails)
    2. M$ will credit the new Xbox live membership with all the points needed to redownload all the games you bought, they gave them to me in blocks of 1000
    3. Delete all the download games off your HDD
    4. Buy the full verions & redownload everything to your new 360 & new gametag
    5. Once done all your content will work fine
    with your old account
    6. When I was done I deleted my temp gamertag, I think they said it stays active for 6 months????

    This is the confirmed fix be me Nightjar from personal experience

  235. jocaju says:

    Wait… I’m not familiar with LIVE at all, but from what I read in order to play your games from LIVE you must be online all the time?

  236. CharlieSeattle says:

    @MercuryPDX: Yes you can re-download your content on the PS3 store. It works, I’ve tested because of upgrading my HD in my PS3 to a larger one. PS3 got it right the first time, and oh no red ring of death, and I leave it running all the time doing folding at home. I’ve worked at MS, and they put out garbage.

  237. CharlieSeattle says:

    There’s a simple solution to this, simply file a small claims court lawsuit against MS, and make sure you have the time you spent on this well documented.

  238. cflury says:

    They have a program to deal with this issue, he needs to call up and ask for “Points After Repair” program. Did this to me and worked like a charm. There are some hoops to jump through but worth it in the end.

  239. I have to retract my last comment about Crystal Quest. They did actually issue an update for this game last week that repairs the broken DRM content and allows people logged in on a new 360 to setup the paid for downloadable content from this game now.

  240. Starsmore says:

    Wow. People don’t read. They don’t do the points anymore. As it is, I need to call them right now so I can get on that list to get dicked around for a year waiting for someone to do CTRL + H on my old console serial number.

    Of course, I actually do call them, and the guy I speak to this morning is all “Oh, you just need to recover the gamertag!”

    Everything save-related is saved to a Memory Unit, so shouldn’t be that bad… we’ll see…

  241. DustoMan says:

    So I’m probably in the minority here, but why can’t you just stay logged into Live? The console is MENT to be plugged it at all times. As long as you are signed in… what’s the issue? I got a RROD so I sent my console in, got it back, plugged my HDD back in and got back to playing. No issues.

  242. Starsmore says:

    I’m probably in the minority here, but why can’t you just stay logged into Live?

    Well, in order for me to play Rock Band, I have to move my XBOX360 into the other room, which doesn’t have a broadband connection, because there’s no room for the drums and such in my bedroom.

    Which means when I’m playing Rock Band, I’m offline, and I can’t play any of the songs I’ve paid for.

  243. Starsmore says:

    Doublepost to reply to myself, just to say that nope, recovering the GamerTag doesn’t do a damn thing either… shouldn’t have been surprised, really.

  244. Small claims court. Sue them for the price to repurchase all of your content.

    More than likely, they will come to a settlement with you. 1) They don’t want to hire/send a lawyer to your county to deal with the court; 2) They know a county judge will have little understanding of DRM and will side with you (I bought it, why can’t I use it); 3) It’s a public relations nightmare in just a few phone calls.

  245. Osi says:

    The answer is extremely simple. If your state has a lemon law that covers almost anything, file under lemon law. Also file fraud charges with the local AG, and open report with the police station for “Bait and switch” charges.

    A crime was committed here, it’s about time you treat it as such.

  246. RaepGoblin says:

    User error, never give your trust to Microsoft.

  247. murph says:

    Great…I am in the same boat and also emailed Major Nelson who put me in touch with Frank. I am supposed to call him back tonight.

    Although in my case, one of the MS Support Reps had me delete my profile and then recover my Gamertag in order to try and fix this problem. This had the WONDERFUL side effect of “breaking” every one of my saved games, which he failed to mention to me ahead of time. Better still, this was not a level 1 guy who told me this but someone it had been escalated to. I lost hours and hours of gameplay. Had to make all my Rock Band character and band all over again.

    Just refund the $^#*@ MS Points!!

  248. Osi says:

    User error, never trust DRM.

    There, I fixed your User Error.

  249. Starsmore says:

    Here’s the insane thing. When my XBOX360 was repaired, they were able to update the warranty information registered to my GamerTag before they even sent the new console out to me.

    Logic dictates that if they are updating the warranty information, they should be updating the licensing then, too. Of course, Punjab or whoever from India didn’t have an answer to that in his script. And then when I told them they dropped the ball and needed to make things right, tried to offer me the 1-month free card that Repair sent me in the first place.

    Told him I wanted a month free in compensation for this licensing fubar… guess I’ll call Tier 3 Escalations and see if any of this made it into the system.

  250. murph says:

    Seriously, X360 should be wiping the floor with PS3. But thanks to crappy hardware and even worse customer service, it’s a dogfight.

  251. Sixxtwo says:

    How hard could it be to flash the serial# back into the bios and be done w/ it? Dell has a serial # changer, Microshaft should have easy means to do this!

    Even after you get it back. Drop in MS provided CD; let end user connect to XBLA account and transfer old serial to new device Bam! or a damn menu under the XBL that provides this service. done.

    If MS can ban an xbox for having 12v fans by network bios polling…bla bla bla =D


  252. shafnitz says:

    So it seems that Kevin’s probably has been resolved, probably due to the publicity received here. What about the rest of us? I’m still having the same problems and MS Support continues to give me the run-around after two months. So what do we do? I have a proposition. I would like to collect a list of names and gamertags of people who are currently stuck with broken DRM because your 360 needed to be repaired. I have setup a thread on my website’s forums for this purpose.
    Please take the time to add your name and gamertag to the list if you’re in the same boat as myself and many other 360 users out there.
    Something needs to be done.
    Link: Xbox 360 DRM Broken After Repair

  253. Starsmore says:

    @shafnitz: Where are you hearing this?

  254. Starsmore says:

    @shafnitz: Cuz I’ll love to have that on hand for when I call Tier 3 Escalation later today.

  255. Starsmore says:

    This gets even better! I just called Tier 1 to check on my licensing escalation. Yup, that got kicked up, 20-30 days for someone to CTRL+H all my XBL Contact..

    ..wait, one month free? No, sir, we have no records of that!

    Yeah, I’m just gonna call Tier 3 when I get home. This is ridiculous.

  256. Rusted says:

    I was an Xbox potential customer……

    Think I’ll pass.

  257. RedSonSuperDave says:

    Maybe it’s just coincidence that I posted my story here last night, but once “Geoff” or Borat or whatever his name is DIDN’T call me back this morning as he promised, I called the “escalated customer service” number I got off this site, and they told me that as of 1:22 PM this afternoon, my DLC license transfer has gone through. I’m afraid I wasn’t exactly polite to the guy, as that was approximately the dozenth time I have heard that, but sure enough, he was telling the truth.

    The day after I post my story on Consumerist, I get my DLC back. Yeah, I can finally play Shivering Isles without being connected to the Internet, five months after my 360 died.

    Coincidence? Luck?

  258. maxpower360 says:

    I was in the same boat as this. Its good to see an article that talks about this (I think this is a bigger problem then is let on).

    I don’t use live a lot, if I download anything its just for playing here and there. My Xbox 360 dies in July 07. I got it back at the end of July. It was long after I realized I couldn’t play the 7 or 8 games that I had downloaded (let a lone the Call of Duty 2 maps that I had downloaded and payed for).

    After a number of calls to xbox live support about erase the games, delete your gamer tag and redownload it, and then redownload the games. Well considering I’m only on a 256k dsl, it does take a while. I let the xbox rep go. This happen like twice I had to go through all the steps. Nothing ever worked. I was little surprised that they thought it would. After searching Xbox’s forums I found a guy that said I needed to get the points.
    So I called again, explained all I had done. The guy was actually here in the USA and the process went much faster. He said we need to submit a claim to get your points back. He asked all the games that I paid for (some I didn’t but got free full version). He then said he had to run it buy his supervior. Then it kind of got strange, he had to test my gamertag to see if he could put the points into it. For what ever reason that didn’t work. So he said I had to create a new Gamer Tag, and a new e-mail address to go with it. I did. It still didn’t work (what ever test to put points in) he said I probably can’t do it because it never had any points in it. So I had to buy points to put it in this account. (so I bought 500 points). He said okay it should work. I’ll give you a call back in a couple of weeks and walk you through it (it then sounded like it was going to give me codes or something). I said Okay.

    Over a month went buy and I never heard anything I went through the process again. I explained the whole deal to some manager this time. She didn’t know why the guy did some of those things, but this is when she told me they don’t do the points any more. I said okay so now what. She had to fill out some form so that they could switch over the S/N in there computer to allow me to download things back on my Xbox 360. I said how long is this going to take. She said well probably closer to a month, and she joked about how thats the Government. So I waited, never heard anything. This was during Sept and Oct. Finally I called again in Dec, I waited forever, got somebody and told them the story. The girl said yes I see that you have that submited. I asked for a manger, she said it would be about 30 mins. I said Okay I’ll wait. I waited about 35 mins and never got through and hung up. I have never heard anything from them!!! This is big problem!

  259. unhappymatt1 says:

    Still complaining I see. I dont have time for this shit. I’m going over to Team X-BOX. Y’all terarted.

  260. RedSonSuperDave says:

    @unhappymatt1: Matt, do you practice or does it come naturally? The vast majority of those who are complaining about M$’s unethical business practices and incompetent customer service employees are not SONY fanboys, we’re XBox 360 fanboys. We’re just unhappy that the system we love so much (despite its shoddy construction and indifferent customer support) is plagued with these easily-preventable flaws.

    Having played all three next-gen (or should it be this-gen by now) consoles, in my opinion, the 360 has by far the best library of games and also the superior controller. I love my 360, I just have some problems with the people who make it.

    Look at my goddamn gamertag. If I was a Sony fanboy, would I play over 15000 achievement points’ worth of games just so I could go on a forum and pretend to be complaining about my system? That’s some deep cover right there.

  261. Android8675 says:

    @edrift101: BUT I NEED my Rock Band tunes. *whimper*

  262. shafnitz says:

    I received an e-mail from him stating that his issue had been resolved. At least it was from someone claiming to be him.

    I’m not getting much response on my list, however. I was hoping more people would be willing to help.

  263. unhappymatt1 says:

    @REDSONSUPERDAVE:I guess you personally know the people who make 360s huh? In my experience they have excellent CS. Where does all the complaining get you? Get a life. Light a candle instead of cursing the darkness.

  264. unhappymatt1 says:

    @REDSONSUPERDAVE: By the way I checked up on you. Your gamertag DOES NOT EXIST on X-Box Live. Just as I suspected, you’re BOGUS.

  265. unhappymatt1 says:

    @REDSONSUPERDAVE: Sorry my man, my mistake. I just read your previous posting. You don’t have an internet connection. How unfortunate.

  266. DustoMan says:

    @Starsmore: Well if you find that you are playing Rock Band that much… it’s time for a wireless solution.

  267. Starsmore says:

    @DustoMan: See, I shouldn’t have to spend any more money to be able to play the songs that I already paid for. That’s my point.

  268. RedSonSuperDave says:

    @unhappymatt1: By the way I checked up on you. Your gamertag DOES NOT EXIST on X-Box Live. Just as I suspected, you’re BOGUS.

    You’re telling me that the gamertag “AtmaDave” doesn’t exist on Live? Check again. Jeez, try googling it or something. If I don’t exist, how do I have a service record at

  269. KingPsyz says:

    yeah… live is SOOOOOOOOOOOO superior to PSN that they couldn’t even manage something as basic as PSN’s download policy. UNlimited downloads on up to 5 units. And with a 30% failure rate of the 360 that’s pretty generous.

  270. jem7 says:

    This is a bunch of BS FUD. Content is only connected to the gamertag, not the box. And for a RROD you don’t have to talk to anyone on the phone for any amount of time, you take 2 minutes to fill out a form online and they send you a box to send it back in, you get the new one in 2 weeks. I just did it a month ago. Snap on the hard drive from the old one and it’s just like new, all at no cost.

  271. KingPsyz says:

    considering the ammount of people that have reported otherwise for the last 2 years, I’m gonna have to say no. This isn’t BS it’s a clear sign of bad customer service and a complete disregard to their most vocal supporters.

    The only thing that puzzles me is why and how so many burned by Microsoft and their shoddy design and production keep coming back for more. Many of you paying out of pocket for multiple boxes. And people complain of the PS3 being too expensive… at least you only need to buy one of them.

    If my PS3 broke due to a widely known and publicised design flaw and they refused to fix it or made me go through the run around for months on end til I got a properly running refurbished model only to force me to buy a new box. I wouldn’t. End of story, I’d take my business somewhere else.

    So someone please tell me why in a rational manner, not in fanboi speak, why is it those of you who have had to buy multiple 360s to get over and around the inherent design flaws keep coming back for more? And in the same vein, can I have some money? I’ll send you a plastic box that may or may not allow you to plkay games on it. You’ll have about a 66% chance it will work out for you.

  272. KingPsyz says:



  273. OfficeDespot says:

    Okay, I don’t know if anyone has brought this into the mix, so here goes.

    There are two ways to purchase games.

    1: Via the XBL console
    2: Via the “Buy It” nag/prompt within the game itself.

    That said, my offline gaming experience has been: if I’ve purchased a game via the XBL console I can play it sans internet connection. If I’ve purchased the content via the “Buy It” nag/prompt inside the game, I’m S.O.L without the a network connection.

    So it seems like the purchasing should ONLY be done via the XBL console.

  274. DemonI81 says:

    @wallapuctus: It seems to me then that giving points to redownload isn’t an option if you have to change your gamertag to do so. You should not have to lose your content or your achievements due to M$’s incompetence.
    As was said earlier, call the BBB, the United States Atorney General, and a lawyer… please, stop this stuff from happening, press charges.

  275. wqp says:

    Exact same problem, originally got my 360 RROD unit replaced in January, called maybe mid-Jan on the DRM problems..was told to wait 30 days, called back, they say 30 days (somehow they’d lost my info or some such)…this is really funny, the guy actually said “don’t worry it’ll be done on April 5th or I will be fired!”…guess I should’ve asked for his pink slip after my hour on hold with the next brick in the customer service firewall today?