Sprint Muses Unlimited, Flat Rate Pricing Plan

The days of hoarding over your cellphone minutes like Ebenezer Scrooge over pieces of coal could be over if Sprint follows through with a plan to offer a flat-rate, unlimited voice call plan. It’s but one “nuke” in the new CEO’s brain arsenal of tricks designed to disrupt the industry and regain market share for the beleaguered cellphone service. “If we can’t be different, we can’t win,” says CEO Dan Hesse.

The current cellphone minute system is an abomination. Just per minute pricing would be okay, but you’re supposed to “know” how much you’re going to call in a month, and then get harshly penalized for going over. Flat-rate, unlimited pricing would be great, and it’s just crazy enough that it could pull in subscribers and force the other providers to follow suit.

Sprint CEO aims for winning strategy [USA Today via Broadband Reports]

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