State Farm customers get to file their taxes for free with Turbo Tax. [State Farm]


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  1. WhirlyBird says:

    I used this offer, and I already have my refund!

  2. dmolavi says:

    i filed my taxes using this offer three days ago. no hitch, no gotchas, no cost.

  3. savvy999 says:

    This was previously posted in a Morning Deal about a month ago.

    I owe, so I ain’t filing until April 14th :(

  4. bmwloco says:

    Uh huh… and now State Farm knows exactly how much you make, where your money comes from, and the deductions you claim.

    Sweet! If you work for State Farm…

  5. steveliv says:

    @bmwloco: not the case… you merely have to follow a link after logging into your policy online, and it takes you to the Intuit TurboTax website where you actually complete your taxes. State Farm doesn’t see any of your info, and i’m pretty sure tax information is confidential so TurboTax can’t or won’t sell that type of information. In any case, i was able to use the deluxe version, and e-file federal and two states at no charge, what a deal! refunds are already on their way :)

  6. kmn842 says:

    I took advantage of this too, and I already have my refunds. Total cost: $0. Thank you State Farm :)

  7. That One Caveman says:

    Glad I could send this your way.

  8. jmsbmck says:

    Doing taxes online is NOT a good idea. Now, alllll your info is out there just waiting for the next big data breach.

    Hacking my credit card number from DSW? No big deal.
    Hacking my SSN#, address, bank account info, AGI? BIG, BIG deal.

    It’s well worth it to spend the $20 to buy the software and do it on my own computer.

    My $.02

  9. ptkdude says:

    Just go to and you can file for free, including efile. No need to go through anyone else. This is, of course, provided you can file the 1040EZ form.

  10. rockstarjoe says:

    I did this too, free federal and state! State Farm is pretty great.

  11. forever_knight says:

    @ptkdude: or IRS free file, which turbo tax is a member. so not just for 1040EZ folk. but you must have an AGI of less than $54k for the free version.

  12. boston515 says:

    Is this for both state and federal taxes?