866-506-3826 is an escalated XBOX support number where they all speak English.


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  1. mike says:

    Is there a repository somewhere of all the phone numbers that get ported to India?

  2. Caduceus says:

    Krossover to Kotaku.

  3. MDSasquatch says:

    A shorter list might be a repository of the numbers that stay here!

  4. Bay State Darren says:

    I think its a very sad comment on our times when access to English-speaking personnell is considered an executive perk.

  5. G0lluM says:

    I cancelled Xbox Live in early January when it came up for renewal. The non-English speaking CSR I was talking with was very hard to understand. Nevertheless, I thought I had successfully canceled my account and got an email to that effect from Microsoft. Now here comes my Feb. Mastercard statement and what do I see? An Xbox Live membership charge for $49.99!

    Now I want to speak to someone in English but the number above gets me to an automated system that only allows me to enter an open ticket # or dial an extension. Any way to beat the IVR automated system and get to carbon-based life form using this number?

  6. Zack Brown says:

    I am speaking to an english representative now, and i did use the 4 my xbox number not this one as they were closed. i called back a few times to speak to an english speaker and it only took i think two tries and they will be replacing my controller. THANKS MICROSOFT! =]